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How good are xTool Lasers? How Important are these Machines!

xTool lasers have been making waves in the personal & professional laser cutting and engraving Industry with their high-quality machines that deliver exceptional performance. xTool is a relatively new player in the laser machine market, but they have quickly built a reputation for reliable, feature packed laser cutters & engravers. 

In this extensive guide, we will take a close look at the complete range of xTool lasers to help you understand what makes them Stand out and how good they really are. We’ll explore all the key factors like power, speed, accuracy, software, safety features & more across xTool’s co2 laser, diode laser & laser engraver products. Read on to Learn everything you need to Know about xTool Lasers!

Overview of xTool Lasers

xTool lasers offers CO2 lasers, diode lasers, laser engravers and other accessories/attachments to meet different cutting, engraving and markup needs. Their laser machine line-up includes:

  • xTool D1 Pro: A higher accuracy desktop CO2 laser engraver and cutter
  • xTool P Series: Smart CO2 laser cutter and engraver machines 
  • xTool F Series: Portable and fast diode laser engravers
  • xTool S Series: Enclosed high-power diode laser cutters 
  • xTool M Series: Hybrid diode laser and blade cutting machines

In addition, xTool Lasers provides various attachments like rotary tools, riser bases, air assist kits, smoke purifiers and more to enhance the capabilities of their laser machines.

Now let’s look at the specific details of each major xTool Lasers.

xTool D1 Pro Desktop Laser Engraver & Cutter

The xTool D1 Pro is xTool lasers premium desktop CO2 laser machine built for DIYers, small business owners and professional users looking for higher accuracy. 

Key Specifications

Here are the key specs of the xTool D1 Pro CO2 laser:

  • Laser power: 20W or 10W options
  • Engraving accuracy: 0.01mm 
  • Max engraving speed: 400mm/s
  • Work area size: 430 x 400mm
  • Supported materials: Wood, leather, acrylic, paper, cardboard, glass, ceramics, coated metals, etc. 
  • Safety features: Advanced flame detection, emergency stop button, overheat/overcurrent protection
  • Software: XCS (free), LightBurn (paid)
  • Connectivity: WiFi, USB, TF card
  • Compatible OS: Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android

Unparalleled Quality with Meticulous Inspection

The xTool D1 Pro desktop CO2 laser is built using high-grade aluminum alloy, steel and quality components. Each machine undergoes over 20 rigorous tests by xTool lasers 80+ person quality inspection team. This obsession with quality allows xTool Lasers to confidently offer industry-leading laser cutters.  

Superior Accuracy for Precision Cutting & Engraving

Accuracy is where the xTool D1 Pro excels compared to lower-end hobbyist CO2 laser engravers. It achieves 0.01mm engraving accuracy for creating Super fine details. The precision is enabled by robust all-steel wheels, precision synchronous belts & Innovative motion control algorithms.

Faster Speed of 400mm/s

With its optimized high-speed algorithms, the xTool D1 Pro CO2 laser can operate at up to 400mm/s engraving and cutting speed. This allows you to take on more customer orders or projects in Shorter times. The quick speed is particularly helpful when engraving or cutting large areas.

Interchangeable Laser Modules from 10W to 20W

The xTool D1 Pro introduces industry-first easily swappable CO2 laser modules. You can switch between the 20W and 10W modules to match your cutting or engraving needs. The higher 20W power is great for efficiency and cutting while the 10W offers cost savings for mainly engraving uses.

Abundant Safety Features

xTool Lasers takes safety very seriously given the power of laser beams. The D1 Pro is equipped with multiple protections:

  • Automatic flame detection and suppression when using xTool’s Fire Safety Set
  • Emergency stop button
  • Gyroscope balance sensing
  • Overheat, overcurrent and error detection

These safety mechanisms minimize risks and give you peace of mind.

Wide Range of Accessories

To enhance the capabilities of the xTool D1 Pro even further, xTool Lasers offers a number of compatible accessories:

  • Riser bases – For cutting and engraving thicker materials
  • Air assist kit – Reduces burnt edges during laser cutting
  • Enclosures – For safety and noise reduction
  • Exhaust fan & purifier – Keep work area clean during laser operation
  • Rotary attachment – Engrave cylinders and glasses
  • Honeycomb work panel – Prevents back-side burning

Suitable Applications

With its good blend of engraving finesse, cutting power and generous work area, the xTool D1 Pro 20W CO2 suits a wide variety of personal and professional applications:

  • Create arts & crafts pieces
  • Customize wood, acrylic and metal gifts
  • Engrave custom designs on glasses, mugs, jewelry etc.
  • Cut leather, paper, cardboard and other materials
  • Start an engraving or gift customization small business

So if you need a desktop CO2 laser machine that can handle engraving and cutting with better precision, speed and reliability than hobbyist machines, the xTool D1 Pro 20W is an excellent choice.

xTool P Series CO2 Laser Cutters & Engravers

The xTool P series takes their CO2 laser cutter technology to the next level with larger work areas, higher power and intelligent features. Let’s examine the specs and capabilities of the xTool P2 model.

xTool P2 55W Smart CO2 Laser Cutter & Engraver

  • Laser power: 55W
  • Max engraving speed: 600mm/s
  • Cutting capacity: 18mm walnut, 20mm acrylic (single pass)
  • Work bed size: 26 x 14 inches (larger than competitor models)
  • Dual intelligent cameras: Enable automatic focus, batch processing, 3D object scanning and more
  • Safety features: Class 1 laser, flame detection system, automatic lid locking, emergency stop button
  • Notable features: Curved object engraving, long object auto-passthrough, engraves up to 8″ thick objects with riser

Unrivaled Cutting Strength & Speed

The 55W CO2 laser tube on the xTool P2 can cut through dense 18mm wood or 20mm acrylic in just one pass. And it achieves blazing fast 600mm/s engraving speed for next-level productivity – you can get jobs done faster.

AI-Powered Smart Cameras

The xTool P2 introduces not just one, but two intelligent cameras to take automation to new heights:

  • Close-up camera – For highly precise 0.3mm accuracy engraving
  • Panoramic camera – Provides a wide workspace view for easy material positioning

These allow you to automatically focus on materials, scan 3D objects for curved surface engraving, batch process multiple pieces without re-positioning and more.

Curve Surface Engraving

The dual camera vision system enables the P2 CO2 laser to scan uneven and round objects, construct 3D models and engrave curved surfaces accurately. This allows you to easily customize items like bottles, mugs, vases etc.

Extra-Long Material Support

Need to cut or engrave a 5+ foot long object? No problem – the xTool P2 can automatically convey extra long materials up to 118 inches when equipped with the conveyor feeder accessory.

Abundant Safety Engineering

Safety is paramount, so the P2 CO2 laser cutter packs robust precautions:

  • Class 1 laser certification
  • Automatic lid locking
  • Integrated flame detection system compatible with auto fire suppressor
  • Emergency stop button
  • Overheat, overcurrent and error alerts

These make operating the powerful xTool P2 safe for homes, schools, offices and more.

Broad Compatibility

You can cut wood, acrylics, MDF, leather, fabric, cardboard and engrave on glass, coated metals, slate, etc. with ease using the xTool P2’s 55W CO2 laser tube. It handles 100s of material types.

Who Is It For?

With its professional-level performance, large work area and AI camera capabilities, the xTool P2 55W CO2 laser cutter & engraver is a great fit for:

  • Laser cutting and engraving businesses
  • Schools makerspaces
  • Fabrication workshops
  • Custom wood workers
  • Engraving studios
  • Architects
  • Sign makers
  • Industrial designers

So whether you need a fast laser cutter for volume production or want automation features like AI cameras and rotary attachments, the xTool P2 intelligently powers up your laser cutting.

xTool F Series Portable Diode Laser Engravers

The xTool Lasers F series consists of innovative handheld diode laser engravers designed for portability and super fast speed. Let’s look at why the flagship xTool F1 stands out.

xTool F1 – World’s Fastest Portable Laser Engraver

  • Laser types: 10W blue & 2W IR diode lasers
  • Max engraving speed: Incredible 4,000mm/s
  • Key features: Closed-loop high precision galvo system, auto/manual focus, built-in air filtration
  • Engraving accuracy: Up to 0.00199mm
  • Materials: Wood, acrylic, glass, metals, leather, paper, stone, silicone, fabrics, etc.
  • Popular uses: On-the-go customization, gifts, jewelry, accessories, art & décor

Thanks to its industry-leading galvo laser scanning system, the xTool F1 achieves unmatched engraving and cutting speeds up to 4,000mm/s – 10X faster than traditional laser engravers.

Lightning Fast Laser Galvo System

At the heart of xTool F1’s revolutionary performance is its closed-loop galvanometer laser scanning system. It uses precision X-Y axis mirrors & advanced algorithms to steer the laser beam with incredible speed and accuracy across the work surface.

This enables the xTool F1 portable laser engraver to raster patterns and vector outlines faster than you can imagine – up to 4000mm/s rapid engraving is possible. The swiftness lets you customize multiple products in minutes right in front customers too.

Dual Laser Diode Sources

Uniquely, the xTool F1 equips both:

  • 10W high power blue laser diode (for cutting and deep engraving)
  • 2W infrared laser diode (for metals and plastics)

This versatile laser combo allows you to mark, engrave and cut over 100 different material types including wood, acrylic, glass, stainless steel, stone, leather, fabrics, rubber and more.

Closed Case With Air Cleaning

The xTool F1 features a sealed casing to contain noise, light and fumes emitted during the laser engraving process. An integrated fan and filter clean the air to keep the internal components debris-free while keeping your workspace odor-free.

Automatic & Manual Focus Modes

Setting the proper laser nozzle focus distance is made easy with auto and manual modes. In auto mode, just enter material thickness and the nozzle height is automatically adjusted. For precision control, a manual adjustment knob provides fine 0.01mm increments.

Idea For:

  • Engraving gifts & jewelry on-the-go
  • Adding custom names/IDs on electronics
  • Personalizing leather goods
  • Customizing glasses, bottles, gadgets
  • Unique art pieces and home decor
  • Small crafts business

With its crazy fast speed, smart air filtration system and condensed size, the xTool F1 portable laser opens up lots of possibilities for personalized custom goods.

xTool S Series – High Power Diode Laser Cutter

The xTool S series enclosed diode laser cutters deliver robust cutting power and capabilities for makerspaces, fab labs and production environments. Let’s look at the flagship…

xTool S1 – 40W beast!

  • Laser power: Interchangeable 40W & 20W laser modules
  • Max cutting thickness: 18mm plywood (40W), 10mm plywood (20W)
  • Speed: Zippy 600mm/s
  • Work bed dimensions: 20″ x 13″ (large!)
  • Dual laser inputs: 40W blue diode + optional 2W IR diode
  • Notable features: Auto-focus, fire protection system, modular laser swapping

Serious Cutting Power & Performance

The xTool S1 is equipped with a 40W blue laser diode capable of slicing through dense 18mm thick plywood in a single pass. This robust cutting ability sets it apart from under powered hobbyist diode lasers.

And when equipped with the optional extra 2W infrared laser, you get all-metal engraving capabilities too. This makes the xTool S1 arguably the outright most versatile and powerful enclosed diode laser cutter in its price range.

Customized Configurations

A standout feature of the xTool S1 laser cutter is its modular and customizable design. You can outfit your machine with:

  • Interchangeable laser modules – Easily swap between 40W, 20W or 2W laser units to suit your needs
  • Automatic conveyor system – For processing oversized materials up to 10 feet long
  • Riser base – To cut and engrave taller objects
  • Rotary add-on – For engraving glasses, mugs and cylinders
  • Air assist kit – For smoother laser cuts

This flexibility helps you get the most value out of your xTool S1 laser investment.

Smart Features For Ease of Use

Ease of use is enhanced by thoughtful touches like:

  • One-click auto-focus – Just click a button for automatic laser nozzle height adjustment
  • Position preview system – See where your design will engrave for precise alignments
  • Enclosed metal body – For safety and noise/smoke containment

Because of conveniences like these, first-time laser operators can still achieve great results with the xTool S1 diode laser.

Who Is The xTool S1 Best Suited For?

With its robust 40W cutting power, flexible modular design and 21st century smart features, the xTool S1 40W laser machine is a terrific fit for:

  • Fab labs
  • Maker spaces
  • Light production shops
  • Wood working projects
  • Laser cutting startups & small businesses

If you require serious diode laser cutting chops for wood, acrylics, MDF plus optional metal engraving, the xTool S1 40W laser cutter delivers terrific bang for buck.

xTool M1 Series – Hybrid Laser & Blade Cutters

For ultimate cutting versatility from a single compact machine, xTool Lasers offers the xTool M Series – combo laser and blade cutting systems.

xTool M1 10W Overview

  • Dual functionalities: 10W 450nm laser engraver & knife blade cutter
  • Key specs: Diode laser power, 400mm/s speed, 370 x 300mm work area
  • Benefits: Precision of laser + delicate cutting of knife blade
  • Applications: Stationery, leather goods, paper crafts, light wood work

2 Machines In 1 For Limitless Possibilities

The xTool M1 brings together the precision marking of lasers and intricate cutting ability of blade knives – all in one budget-friendly machine! This Liberates you to accommodate a huge range of production tasks.

10W Blue Light Laser Module

At the heart of the xTool M1 laser capabilities lies its 450nm wavelength blue light diode laser. This 10W laser makes swift work of tasks like engraving custom designs on glassware and other merchandise or cutting dense materials like wood and acrylic.

Its intense focused beam and xTool Lasers specialized compression technology ensure excellent edge quality during cutting applications. And you can engrave fine details thanks to the ultra-compact 0.08 x 0.08mm beam diameter.

Delicate Blade Cutter For Films, Fabrics, Paper

For materials too delicate for lasers like tissue papers, vinyl films and fabrics which can burn or discolor, the xTool M1 swaps to its blade cutter toolhead. This allows intricate customization of faux leather, scrapbook papers, stencils, appliques, foam sheets, magnetic sheets and more – without risk or special handling.

Built-In Camera For Simplicity

An integrated 16MP camera enables nice features that make using the xTool M1 laser & blade cutting machine easy for first-timers:

  • Live video preview – Frame your work materials precisely within the cutting zone
  • Auto-focus – Choose material type & thickness and auto laser nozzle adjustment takes care of the rest

Smart Safety Touches

Operating powerful lasers calls for prudent safety engineering. The xTool M1 looks out for you with:

  • Enclosure containing laser beam
  • Automatic power shutoff when lid is opened
  • Built-in smoke/dust extractor
  • Class 1 FDA laser safety rating
  • Emergency stop button

These measures allow you to focus on creating without worries.

Unleash Your Creativity

The blending of laser and blade cutting transforms the xTool M1 into a mini-production house for all kinds of applications:

  • Customize shoes, bags, wallets, leather goods
  • Create arts & crafts
  • Personalize electronics cases
  • Design paper invitations, decorative cards, origami
  • Cut stencils for painting, sandblasting
  • Make DIY home decor items

With over 300 compatible materials, this 2-in-1 machine empowers your imagination and home-based business.

Are xTool Lasers Any Good? – Conclusion

So in summary – yes, xTool Lasers machines deliver fantastic value and capabilities for hobbyists, makers & professionals looking for good quality, feature rich laser cutters & engravers.

Across all xTool lasers CO2, diode and hybrid lasers, you see thoughtful touches that enhance functionality, production value and ease of use.

This includes advanced features like:

  • Interchangeable laser modules
  • AI-powered dual cameras
  • Huge work areas
  • Auto-focus
  • Positioning preview systems
  • Modular accessories like rotary attachments
  • Safety engineering certifications

While pricing is higher than generic Chinese lasers, xTool lasers machines justify it with better construction, cutting power, faster speeds, precision optics and smart innovations.

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So rather than sacrificing quality or production value for price, xTool lasers delivers excellent price-to-performance that makes them a top choice for personal, education and business laser applications.

xTool Lasers Specifications Chart

MachineLaser TypePowerMax SpeedWork AreaThicknessSafety FeaturesKey Highlights
xTool D1 ProCO220W, 10W400mm/s engraving430 x 400mmDepends on laser power and applicationFlame detection, emergency stop button, overprotection alertsInterchangeable CO2 laser modules, high accuracy
xTool P2CO255W600mm/s engraving26 x 14 inchesUp to 20mm cutting; more with riserClass 1 laser, flame detector, emergency stopDual AI cameras, rotary, conveyor attachments
xTool F1Diode10W blue, 2W IR4,000mm/s engravingSmall handheld unitBetter for engravingEnclosed with air filterUltra-fast portable engraver for on-site customization
xTool S1Diode40W blue, +2W IR optional600mm/s20 x 13 inchesUp to 18mm cut (40W model)Metal chassis, flame detectorPowerful cutter and engraver; modular flexibility
xTool M1Diode + blade10W blue diode laser, + blade knife10,000mm/min engraving, 400mm/s blade cutting370 x 300mm16mm max heightClass 1 laser rating, ventilation system, auto shut-off sensor2-in-1 laser engraver and precision blade cutter


What materials can I cut with xTool lasers?

xTool lasers CO2 lasers can cut wood, acrylics, leather, cardboard, fabric, and mat board. Their high-powered diode lasers cut woods, plastics, acrylics, MDF boards, fabrics, and some metals like stainless steel.

How thick of material can xTool lasers cut?

Their top-end P2 CO2 laser can cut 20mm acrylic or 18mm wood. The 40W S1 model diode laser can slice through 18mm plywood in one pass. Thickness capabilities depend on factors like laser power, work area clearance and assistance air flow.

Are xTool Lasers machine easy to use for beginners?

Yes, xTool lasers equips their laser cutter/engraver machines with useful features for simplicity like automatic focusing, positioning preview modes, enclosed chassis, and user-friendly software. These help firsttimers get up and running faster.

Can I engrave cylindrical items with xTool lasers?

Yes, when paired with xTool lasers RA2 Pro rotary attachment accessory, compatible models like the P2, S1 and D1 Pro machines support engraving glasses, mugs, wine bottles and other cylindrical objects.

Do I need any special installation or venting for xTool lasers?

xTool lasers CO2 and diode laser machines come equipped with integrated cooling fans and fume exhaust components. Many can simply duct the exhaust pipe out a window for ventilation. For indoor setups, an accessory smoke filtration unit is recommended.

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