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xTool d1 Pro 20W vs 20W Atomstack Laser Engraver, Find Best

Laser engraving and cutting has grown tremendously among hobbyists and small business owners in recent years. With desktop atomstack laser engravers becoming more powerful while decreasing in price, it’s easier than ever to get started. But with so many options on the market, it can get overwhelming determining which model best fits your needs and budget.

In this comparison guide, we’ll be taking an in-depth look at two of the most popular 20W laser engraver models – the xTool D1 Pro 20W and the Atomstack X20 Pro. We’ll compare their specs, software, projects they can handle, available accessories, safety features, and more. By the end, you’ll know exactly which 20W atomstack laser engraver is the best choice heading into 2024 for all types of users.

Overview of xTool vs Atomstack Laser Engraver Brands

For those new to shopping for an atomstack laser engraver, let’s first give a quick background on xTool and Atomstack Laser Engraver as brands.

xTool d1 Pro 20W vs 20W Atomstack Laser Engraver, Find Best

xTool launched its first laser in 2019 after five years developing 3D printers. Located in Shenzhen, they focus specifically on laser cutting and engraving machines for personal & commercial use. xTool aims for unbeatable quality using high-end components & rigorous quality control testing.

Atomstack is also a Shenzhen-based company launched in 2015 specializing in laser engravers. With their own factory, they emphasis brand reputation and professional technology matched with excellent customer service. Atomstack laser engravers work with over 40 materials with laser power up to 20W.

Both Companies have established themselves as two of the most reputable atomstack laser engraver manufacturers. While Atomstack laser engravers only makes laser machines, xTool has a wider range of products but seems to put extra attention into their laser line. Now let’s see how their flagship 20W models compare.

Laser Power – xTool D1 Pro 20W vs Atomstack X20 Pro

The xTool D1 Pro and Atomstack X20 Pro both offer 20W of laser power. This puts them significantly above cheaper 5W-10W hobbyist models in terms of cutting ability, speed, and overall performance.

xTool d1 Pro 20W vs 20W Atomstack Laser Engraver, Find Best
  • 20W laser can cut thicker materials faster
  • More powerful than 5W-10W lasers
  • Engrave deeper and with more detail

The 20W diode laser on the D1 Pro and X20 use the latest compression shaping spot technology. Instead of one diode, it combines four 6W diodes with optical mirrors to generate the 20W output. This makes the laser beam extremely focused and precise, leading to clean & intricate engraves.

For most users, a 20W laser has all the power they’ll ever need. It strikes the perfect balance of hobbyist & commercial use at an reasonable price point. Unless you constantly work with thick metal, upgrade to a 20W atomstack laser engraver over lower-powered units.

Winner – Draw

Work Area Size Comparison

Desktop atomstack laser engravers have work areas ranging from just 8 x 8 inches to over 20 x 12 inches. The size dictates what size materials and projects you can engrave at one time.

Tool ModelDimensions
xTool D1 Pro 20W17 x 15.4 inches
Atomstack X20 Pro15.7 x 11.8 inches

The xTool D1 Pro wins out with almost 20% more engraving space. Its extra width and length accommodate larger pieces like full 15 inch laptop covers. The D1 Pro also fits 12 x 12 inch square items laid flat that the X20 Pro could not handle in one pass.

However, both models should satisfy most users needs with the ability to engrave standard page sizes like 8.5 x 11 paper or A4 sheets. If you specifically work with oversized items or plates, the D1 Pro’s extra room gives it an advantage. For anyone else, the X20 Pro has sufficient area.

Winner – xTool D1 Pro

Software Comparison – XCS vs Lightburn

Like any gadget, an atomstack laser engravers is only as good as its software. The user interface & included features play a monumental role in the overall experience.

xTool d1 Pro 20W vs 20W Atomstack Laser Engraver, Find Best

xTool uses their custom XCS program to run the D1 Pro. Developed in-house by their 60 person software team, it gets frequent upgrades to fix bugs and add capabilities. XCS has simple controls tailored for laser beginners but also satisfies advanced users.

Atomstack partners with Lightburn to power the X20 Pro. Arguably the most popular 3rd party laser software, it has tons of features that appeal to both novice and expert laser operators. The big perk of Lightburn is compatibility with over 250 laser cutter models if you ever upgrade machines.

We give Lightburn the slight edge for its maturity and name recognition. But XCS holds its own as intuitive, user-friendly software as well. Most importantly, both the D1 Pro and X20 Pro work with common programs like Illustrator and CAD for importing existing projects. Overall the software is a wash.

Winner – Atomstack X20 Pro

Cutting and Engraving Comparison

Let’s now look at arguably the two most important performance metrics – cutting power and engraving quality.

xTool d1 Pro 20W vs 20W Atomstack Laser Engraver, Find Best

Thanks to the 20W laser diode, both machines can cut through dense hardwood about 15mm thick with ease. They also make clean cuts through acrylic under 10mm thick. When equipped with the optional air assist compressor, cutting ability improves further for both models.

Engraving quality is also similar. They can handle detailed logo engraving jobs with the 0.08 x 0.1mm beam size. Grayscale support allows for depth variation within a single engraving for added dimension. And standard mode generates clean lines and texts even beginners could accomplish.

The xTool D1 Pro touts a higher top engraving speed of 400mm/s compared to the 300mm/s max on the Atomstack laser engravers. But both can modulate speed to prevent burning certain sensitive materials like paper and leather. For all but the most intricate jobs, either unit has exceptional cutting and engraving prowess.

Winner – Draw

Projects Comparison – What Can You Make?

A major decision factor is understanding what types of laser engraving and cutting projects each atomstack laser engraver allows. Here’s a sampling of items people typically make with 20W desktop lasers:

  • Custom wood signs, plaques, decor
  • Paper cutting: invitations, greeting cards, scrapbooking
  • Engrave and cut leather for wallets, bags, dog collars
  • Etch glass for drinkware, awards, windows
  • Personalize laptops, phones, and other tech gadgets
  • Precision engrave metals like stainless steel, aluminum, brass

Thanks to the 20W laser diode on both the xTool D1 and Atomstack X20, they can handle this full range of projects on wood, acrylic, paper, leather, glass, and metals. The work area size and speed differences we noted earlier favor the D1 for particularly large or intricate pieces. But overall, expect similar Creative Capacities from both laser machines. Atomstack Laser Engraver

One unique capability of the X20 Pro is multi-color metal engraving on stainless steel and anodized aluminum. By altering settings, the laser brings out different heat induced oxide colors ranging from light gold to deep blue. For customized metal objects, its a clever trick.

Winner – Draw

Accessories Comparison

Expandability via add-ons and accessories can determine how much value you get out of a laser long-term. Let’s examine what supplementary equipment is available for the xTool vs Atomstack laser engravers models.

xTool d1 Pro 20W vs 20W Atomstack Laser Engraver, Find Best

Air Assist – Compressed air to keep laser path clear of smoke/debris

Exhaust Fan – Remove dust, fumes from work area

Rotary Attachment – Engrave cylindrical objects

Risers – Raise machine for thicker materials

Enclosure – Contains noise and safety shield

Both companies offer comparable accessory kits to enhance safety and usability. The rotary add-on for engraving bottles, mugs, and other curved items is a particularly useful upgrade. Opt for an open-frame machine and make build an enclosure later over paying more upfront for an enclosed model.

Overall the accessory ecosystem is strong for both the D1 Pro and X20 Pro. Given atomstack laser engraver’s larger user community currently, they may have a slight upper hand in terms of 3rd party attachments down the road. But xTool is quickly catching up. Atomstack Laser Engraver

Winner – Atomstack X20 Pro

Safety Features Comparison

Safety is paramount, especially for an appliance with a 20W high-energy laser beam. Let’s examine how the xTool & atomstack laser engravers models protect you.

xTool d1 Pro 20W vs 20W Atomstack Laser Engraver, Find Best

Flame Sensor – Automatically detects fires and shuts down

Overcurrent Protection – Prevent electrical issues from damaging machine

Emergency Stop Buttons – Immediately halt laser if problem arises

Door Sensors – Stop laser when lid opens for maintenance

Smoke Extractors – Remove engraving fumes from work area

Well-Sealed Body – No laser leakage out of machine

The xTool D1 Pro comes equipped with advanced flame detection to identify sparks or combustion. If triggered, it engages the auto fire extinguishing system to rapidly put out the fire. The Atomstack X20 Pro lacks an integrated extinguisher but has comparable sensors.

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Overall both machines have above-average safety mechanisms compared to cheaper lasers. xTool seems to put extra emphasis on safety given their background in 3D printers. But follow all operating guidelines and both units provide exceptional protection. For true peace of mind, add accessories like enclosures and fume extractors. Atomstack Laser Engraver

Winner – xTool D1 Pro

Wired vs WiFi Connectivity

You’ll need to transfer engraving files from a computer to the laser engraver. Here are the connectivity options provided:

Tool NameConnectivity
xTool D1 ProWiFi, USB, USB Flash Drive
Atomstack X20 ProWiFi, USB Flash Drive

The D1 Pro includes WiFi for wireless file transfer which many users find extremely convenient. But the X20 Pro omits wireless networking – you must use a USB thumb drive to move files offline. This gives the xTool model greater flexibility in setup locations far from a router. Unless WiFi is a priority, USB drives work fine for simple needs. Atomstack Laser Engraver

Winner – xTool D1 Pro

Price Comparison

With superior specs almost across the board over the Atomstack X20, you would expect the xTool D1 Pro carries a steep premium. Surprisingly, that is not the case – both 20W laser engraver models sell for around $800 in early 2024 depending on sales or coupons available.

Given nearly identical pricing, the extra work area size, WiFi connectivity, and focus on safety all favor the xTool D1 Pro 20W as delivering greater overall value per dollar spent. It wins this head-to-head battle while offering similar engraving & cutting abilities. The D1 Pro 20W sits atop the 2024 rankings for best desktop atomstack laser engraver under $1500.

xTool D1 Pro 20W vs x20 pro atomstack laser engraver comparison chart

SpecsxTool D1 Pro 20WAtomstack X20 Pro
Laser Power20W20W
Work Area430 x 400mm400 x 300mm
SoftwareXCS (custom)Lightburn (3rd party)
Max Speed400mm/s300mm/s
ConnectivityWiFi, USB, USB driveUSB drive
AccessoriesAir assist, rotary, etc.Air assist, rotary, etc.
Safety FeaturesAuto fire stop, sensorsSensors
PriceUS $1,188.99US $799

Verdict – xTool D1 Pro 20W is Best 20W Laser Cutter for Most Users

Let’s summarize the key reasons why the xTool D1 Pro 20W Laser Engraver beats out the rival Atomstack X20 Pro:

  • Larger 430 x 400mm work area
  • Customized XCS laser software with wireless connectivity
  • Slightly faster top engraving speed (400 vs 300mm/s)
  • More focus on integrated safety mechanisms
  • Equal cutting power and engraving quality
  • Similar pricing but better overall value

The Atomstack X20 Pro is still an exceptional machine – especially for Lightburn software devotees or those wanting stainless steel multi-color engraving. But with remarkable performance rivalling lasers double the price, the xTool D1 Pro 20W sits at the top for 20W atomstack laser engravers in 2024. It balances beginner-friendly use with advanced cutting & engraving abilities.


Do I need any special skills to operate a 20W laser engraver?

No, the included software is made for beginners. As long as you can use basic design programs to create or import artwork, the laser will handle the rest with preset modes.

What materials can a 20W laser machine engrave or cut?

A 20W laser can mark wood, acrylic, leather, glass, coated metals, some plastics, cardboard, paper, fabrics, anodized aluminum, and more. It can cut completely through woods up to 15mm thick.

What does a higher laser power allow me to do?

More power leads to faster speed on all materials. It also widens the materials that can be sliced rather than only engraved. Most users don’t need more than 20W laser abilities.

Do I need any additional equipment for laser engraving?

You may benefit from an air assist pump for cleaner cuts, fume extractor for better air quality, and upgrades like rotary attachments. But the standalone 20W laser has everything needed built-in already.

How loud is a 20W desktop laser machine?

They operate around 60 decibels which is equivalent noise to a normal conversation. Precision components keep sound levels reasonable for a home office workshop environment.

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