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Glowforge Pro vs xTool M1 Bundle: Which One Is Best for You?

Makers, craftsmen & hobbyists may use laser cutters to cut, engrave and etch patterns into a variety of materials, including wood, leather, acrylic & more. The xTool M1 bundle and the Glowforge Pro are two of the most well-liked Choices on the market. But which one suits your demands the best?

To assist you in selecting the laser cutter that best suits your needs in terms of price and projects, this comparison of the essential features, capabilities, and differences between the xTool M1 bundle and Glowforge Pro is provided.

Overview of the xTool M1 Bundle

xTool specializes in beginner-friendly and affordable laser engravers and vinyl cutters. The xTool M1 is their flagship 2-in-1 model offering both laser engraving and blade cutting.

The xTool M1 bundle includes:

  • xTool M1 laser engraver/vinyl cutter
  • Air assist kit
  • RA2 Pro rotary attachment
  • Riser base with panel
  • US power cord

Key features of the xTool M1 bundle:

  • Laser power: 10W or 5W options.
  • Cutting area: 11.8″ x 11.8″ laser, 14.2″ x 11.8″ blade.
  • Engraving area: 15″ x 11.8″.
  • Maximum material thickness: 1.5mm laser, 1.5mm blade.
  • Size and weight: 22″ x 17.7″ x 9″, 22 lbs.

The xTool M1 has a 10W CO2 laser capable of cutting and engraving materials up to 1.5mm thick. The built-in blade can cut softer materials up to 1.5mm thick as well. It has a max engraving speed of 250mm/s.

Benefits of the xTool M1 bundle:

  • 2-in-1 laser engraver and vinyl cutter.
  • Large 15″ x 11.8″ engraving area.
  • Rotary attachment for cylinders.
  • Riser base expands height capacity.
  • Air assist kit for better smoke control.
  • Easy “drag-and-drop” engraving software.

The xTool M1 bundle costs $2,274 direct from xTool. This is an affordable package with accessories for enhanced capabilities right out of the box.

Glowforge Pro vs xTool M1 Bundle: Which One Is Best for You?

Overview of the Glowforge Pro

The Glowforge Pro is the top-of-the-line model from Glowforge, which manufactures user-friendly laser cutters and engravers. The Glowforge is marketed as an industrial-grade laser cutter packed with premium features for small businesses and professional makers.

Some key features of the Glowforge Pro:

  • Laser power: 45W CO2 laser with 12x cutting speed.
  • Cutting area: 11″ deep x 19.5″ wide.
  • Engraving area: 20″ wide.
  • Maximum material thickness: No limit with the Pro Passthrough slot.
  • Air filtration: Dual filter system.
  • Connectivity: WiFi, Ethernet, USB.
  • Software: Cloud-based and accessible from any device.
  • Size and weight: 16.1 x 10.4 x 16.9″, 48 lbs.

The Glowforge iscapable of cutting materialsup to 1/2″ thick depending on the material being cut. It can engrave on surfaces up to 2″ thick. The Pro Passthrough slot allows you to create infinitely long projects by sliding material through continuously.

Key benefits of the Glowforge Pro:

  • Powerful 45W laser can cut thicker and denser materials.
  • Pro Passthrough slot accommodates oversized projects.
  • Enhanced cooling system allows all-day use.
  • Automatic laser alignment and focus for precision.
  • Cloud-based software works on any device.

The Glowforge Pro costs $6,995 direct from Glowforge. This is the most expensive model but suited for heavy users and small businesses.

Laser Cutter Uses

How do you plan to use your new laser Cutter? Your intended applications will help determine which model best fits your needs. Here are some typical uses for laser cutters like the xTool M1 bundle & Glowforge Pro:

Glowforge Pro vs xTool M1 Bundle: Which One Is Best for You?
  • Cutting, scoring, and engraving wood products
  • Cutting and engraving acrylic sheets and objects
  • Engraving designs, logos, and patterns on metals
  • Cutting and etching glassware and mugs
  • Customizing leather goods like wallets, bags, and clothing
  • Creating personalized decorations, gifts, jewelry, and art
  • Making custom signage, labels, and rubber stamps
  • Designing intricate toys, models, and 3D objects

The Glowforge’s 45W laser can cut thicker wood, leather, acrylic compared to the xTool M1’s 10W laser. But the xTool M1 Bundle offers blade cutting for thin Woods and vinyl.

Consider which features will be most beneficial for your planned projects. More laser power? Larger work area? Rotary capabilities? Blade function? This will help narrow down your choice.

Laser Cutter Capabilities

Let’s compare the core specs and capabilities of the xTool M1 bundle and Glowforge Pro head-to-head:

SpecsxTool M1 BundleGlowforge Pro
Laser power10W CO245W CO2
Max. cut thickness1.5mm laser, 1.5mm blade1/2″ (12.7mm)
Max. engrave thickness1.5mm laser2″ (50.8mm)
Cutting area (W x D)11.8″ x 11.8″ laser19.5″ x 11″
Engraving area (W x D)15″ x 11.8″20″ x Unlimited
Rotary attachmentYes (RA2 Pro)No
Blade functionYesNo
Air filtrationSingle exhaustDual passive
Camera previewStill imageLive
SoftwareApp or desktopCloud based
Wireless connectivityWiFiWiFi
Dimensions (W x D x H)22″ x 17.7″ x 9″16.1″ x 10.4″ x 16.9″
Weight22 lbs48 lbs

Laser power

  • The Glowforge’s 45W laser can cut thicker and harder materials than the xTool’s 10W laser. But the xTool 10W is sufficient for most hobbyist needs.

Cutting area

  • The xTool M1 has a slightly larger laser cutting area, while the Glowforge has a much bigger 20″ wide engraving capacity.

Rotary attachment

  • The xTool M1 bundle includes a rotary tool for engraving cylindrical objects. The Glowforge does not have rotary capabilities.

Camera preview

  • The Glowforge shows a live camera view of the laser position. The xTool M1 shows a still photo preview.
Glowforge Pro vs xTool M1 Bundle: Which One Is Best for You?

Both the Glowforge and xTool M1 bundle provide good laser cutting and engraving functionality for hobbyists and small businesses. The Glowforge edges out the xTool in laser power and extra features. But the xTool M1 costs far less while still offering engraving, cutting, and blade functions.


Cutting and Engraving Samples

Here are some examples of projects made with the Glowforge Pro and xTool M1 to demonstrate their cutting and engraving capabilities:

xTool M1

  • Engraved logo and quote on a wood clock face.
  • Cut wooden whale silhouette.
  • Delicate cut paper flower bouquet.
  • Engraved pet tag in stainless steel.

Glowforge Pro

  • Precision cut wooden inlay puzzle.
  • Deep engraving on a leather journal cover.
  • Clean etched design on a pint glass.
  • Intricate mandala design engraved on wood.
Glowforge Pro vs xTool M1 Bundle: Which One Is Best for You?

Both laser cutters can produce stunning results across many materials like Wood, acrylic, leather & metal. The Glowforge creates deeper Cuts and etchings thanks to the 45W laser Power. But the xTool M1 can still engrave detailed designs with its 10W laser.

Software, Connectivity, and Ease of Use

A laser cutter’s software and connectivity impact your user experience. Here is how the Glowforge Pro and xTool M1 compare:

Glowforge Pro vs xTool M1 Bundle: Which One Is Best for You?
  • xTool software – Desktop app for Windows/MacOS or mobile app. Provides drag-and-drop engraving and limited design features.
  • Glowforge software – Cloud-based and accessed through devices/browsers. Design projects, arrange artwork, preview prints.
  • xTool connectivity – WiFi, USB.
  • Glowforge connectivity – WiFi, Ethernet, USB.
  • xTool camera – Provides still photo previews.
  • Glowforge camera – Live preview shows engraving/cutting in real time.
  • Installation and setup – Both are relatively easy to set up. xTool M1 bundle comes fully assembled.
  • Customer support – Glowforge provides phone and email support. xTool offers email support.

The xTool M1 has sufficient engraving software but fewer design tools. The Glowforge delivers a more full-featured and robust software experience through the cloud-based web app. Both lasers are straightforward to install and operate.

Noise Levels

Laser cutters produce noticeable noise levels while operating, which is something to consider if you have noise restrictions. Here is how the Glowforge and xTool M1 compare:

  • xTool M1 – <60 decibels operating noise. Comparable to a normal conversation.
  • Glowforge Pro – 60-70 decibels operating noise. Similar to a vacuum cleaner.

The xTool M1 runs slightly quieter than the Glowforge. But both produce noise similar to typical household appliances and shouldn’t be disruptively loud. Closed doors and walls can further muffle noise levels as needed.


Safety Features

Laser cutters require certain safety features and precautions. Here are some of the key safety elements of the Glowforge Pro and xTool M1:

Air filtration

  • Both models have air exhaust systems to remove smoke/debris – dual filtration on the Glowforge Pro vs single exhaust on the xTool.


  • The xTool M1 has an enclosed design for safer containment of the laser. The Glowforge Pro is open.

Class 1 laser

  • Both the Glowforge and xTool M1 use Class 1 enclosed lasers for reduced hazard.

Blue light filter

  • The xTool M1 lid has a blue light filter for eye protection. The Glowforge lid does not filter light.

Fire prevention

  • Sensors help detect flames or unsafe conditions. The air exhaust removes flammable gases.

The xTool M1’s enclosed body offers better laser light containment. But both models employ adequate ventilation, Class 1 lasers, and sensors to promote safe operation. Proper placement and supervision are still critical.

Cost Comparison

The Glowforge Pro is a premium professional-grade laser cutter, while the xTool M1 kit offers an affordable starter bundle. Here’s how their costs break down:

  • xTool M1 bundle – $2,274 (10W laser, accessories)
  • Glowforge Pro – $6,995 (45W laser)

The xTool M1 bundle costs about 3x less than the top-tier Glowforge Pro. Even the base xTool M1 10W model is only $1,599, more than $5,000 cheaper than the Glowforge.

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Of course, the xTool M1 has a less powerful laser and fewer features than the Glowforge. But it provides good functionality for personal use at a much lower price point. The xTool M1 bundle adds helpful extras like the rotary attachment and air assist kit for not much more money.

For startups and hobbyists on a budget, the affordability of the xTool M1 makes it an attractive option compared to the premium price of the Glowforge Pro. xtool m1 vs glowforge

Final Verdict

xTool M1 Bundle

Best for: Beginners, hobbyists, and casual makers.

Key strengths:

  • Combines laser engraver and vinyl cutter.
  • Good cutting/engraving area for the price.
  • Helpful starter bundle includes rotary tool and accessories.
  • Very affordable starting price.
  • Simplified engraving software.
  • Enclosed design for safety.

Price: $2,274

Glowforge Pro

Best for: Businesses, professional creatives, and makers with high output needs.

Key strengths:

  • Very powerful 45W laser.
  • Large 20″ engraving capacity.
  • Unlimited material length with Pro Passthrough.
  • Robust cloud-based software.
  • Automatic laser alignment and focusing.
  • Industrial capability and performance.

Price: $6,995

For hobbyists and casual makers get excellent functionality at a reasonable price from the xTool M1 bundle. It has ample work area and options for both laser engraving and blade cutting.

But businesses and professionals requiring high-volume laser cutting and engraving, the Glowforge Pro justifies its premium price tag with powerful performance and robust features. The xTool is not built to handle heavy daily use in a production environment.

Consider your budget, projects, and needs. For most home craft workshops, the xTool M1 has sufficient capabilities at a wallet-friendly price. But power users may benefit from investing in the premium power and reliability of the Glowforge Pro. xtool m1 vs glowforge


How accurate are the lasers for detailed designs?

Both offer great precision – the Glowforge Pro laser has a hair-thin 0.01mm accuracy, while the xTool M1 laser has 0.08mm accuracy.

Can you use these indoors without ventilation?

No, you should not operate any laser cutter indoors without proper ventilation/filtration – both models require exhaust systems.

What materials can you cut or engrave?

Woods, acrylics, leather, paper, cardstock, glass, metals, plastics, rubber – the laser wattage affects the thickness you can cut.

What software do you need to operate them?

The Glowforge uses its own cloud-based software, while xTool utilizes its own desktop and mobile apps.

Do these laser cutters work with iOS, Android, Mac and Windows?

Yes, both the Glowforge Pro and xTool M1 are compatible with all major operating systems.

Glowforge Pro vs xTool M1, Glowforge Pro vs xTool M1 xtool m1 vs glowforge

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