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10 Easy Tips- How to Use xTool F1 Laser Engraver

How to Use xTool F1:

The xTool F1 is an incredibly fast and portable laser engraver perfect for businesses, schools, makers, and hobbyists. With speeds up to 4000mm/s, dual laser system, and compact 11lb design, the xTool F1 makes laser engraving and cutting available anywhere. This article provides a complete guide on how to use the xTool F1 laser engraver.

Unboxing and Setting Up the xTool F1

xTool F1 Reviews - The Fastest Portable Laser Engraver

When you first receive your xTool F1 laser engraver, here is what comes in the box:

  • xTool F1 laser engraver
  • Power adapter and power cable
  • USB cable
  • Triangular prism working panel
  • L-shaped positioning piece
  • Lint-free cloth
  • Grease and material pack
  • User manual

To set up the xTool F1:

xTool F1 Reviews - The Fastest Portable Laser Engraver
  1. Attach the power cable and USB cable to the ports on the back of the machine.
  2. Install the xTool Creative Space software on your computer from This free software controls the laser engraver.
  3. Place the xTool F1 on a flat, stable surface with adequate space around it.
  4. Insert the triangular prism working panel which holds small items being engraved.
  5. Power on the xTool F1 using the switch on the back. The logo light will turn on.
  6. Connect the xTool F1 to your computer with the USB cable.
  7. Launch the xTool Creative Space software and connect to the laser engraver.
10 Easy Tips- How to Use xTool F1 Laser Engraver

Once connected, you can start creating designs and using the laser!

Creating Designs with the Software

The xTool Creative Space software lets you easily create designs to engrave or cut. Here’s how to create your first project:

10 Easy Tips- How to Use xTool F1 Laser Engraver
  1. Import an image like a JPG, PNG, SVG, etc.
  2. Use the vector drawing tools to create text, shapes, or logos.
  3. Size and position the design on the virtual workspace.
  4. Select the material you will be using like wood, acrylic, leather, etc. This auto-configures laser settings.
  5. Choose your processing type: engrave or cut.
  6. Adjust settings like speed, power, and number of passes.
  7. Preview the toolpath to ensure proper layout.
  8. Send the complete design to the laser engraver.

The user-friendly xTool software makes it simple to go from idea to finished engraved/cut project in minutes! How to Use xTool F1

Focusing the Laser

Proper laser focus is crucial for high-quality engraving and cutting results. The xTool F1 offers auto-focus or manual options:

Auto Focus

  1. In the xTool Creative Space software, enter the material thickness.
  2. Initialize the auto focus sequence on the laser engraver.
  3. The laser head will automatically lower and position based on the material thickness to achieve perfect focus.

Manual Focus

  1. Place the material in the laser engraver.
  2. Turn the manual adjustment knob on the xTool F1 to raise and lower the laser head.
  3. Watch the red and blue indicator lights on the lens.
  4. When the red and blue lights converge to a focal point, the proper engraving height is set.

The auto focus feature makes it easy to get perfect focus quickly before engraving or cutting.

Laser Engraving with the xTool F1

Once your design is created and focused, you are ready to laser engrave! Follow these steps:

10 Easy Tips- How to Use xTool F1 Laser Engraver
  1. Ensure the emergency stop button on the xTool F1 is not pressed in.
  2. Place your material inside the machine on the included triangular base.
  3. Close the protective lid.
  4. On the computer, click the “Process” button in xTool Creative Space software.
  5. Press the blinking blue button on the xTool F1. This will start the laser engraving process.
  6. The machine will first project a low-power laser outline to preview the engraving area.
  7. After a few seconds, the laser will begin engraving your design.
  8. When complete, the xTool F1 will beep and the laser will turn off.
  9. Open the lid and remove your engraved material!

It’s that easy to do professional quality laser engraving with the xTool F1!

Cutting Material with the xTool F1

The 10W blue diode laser in the xTool F1 has the power to cut through materials up to 2mm thick. Here is the process:

  1. Replace the triangular base with the flat metal baseplate.
  2. Attach the exhaust port to vent smoke/debris outside.
  3. Place your material on the baseplate and close the lid.
  4. Set the laser mode to “Cut” and adjust settings as needed.
  5. Click process and press the blue button to start cutting.
  6. Allow time for the laser to cut all the way through the material.
  7. Remove your cut material.
10 Easy Tips- How to Use xTool F1 Laser Engraver

Always take safety precautions when laser cutting by wearing gloves and glasses. The xTool F1 makes it easy to go from design to cut part in just minutes!


Tips and Tricks

Here are some top tips for getting the most out of your xTool F1 laser engraver:

  • Stay nearby when operating in case any problems occur.
  • Keep the work area clean and free of flammable materials.
  • Test settings on scrap pieces of material first to dial in the perfect laser settings.
  • Use the air purifier and exhaust system to keep fumes away.
  • Clean the focus lens regularly with the included lint-free cloth.
  • Apply grooves or grease if the lid is difficult to raise and lower.
  • Utilize the safety features like the emergency stop button if needed.
  • Check for firmware and software updates for new features and improvements.

Following these best practices will keep your xTool F1 operating flawlessly for years of laser engraving and cutting. How to Use xTool F1 How to Use xTool F1 How to Use xTool F1 How to Use xTool F1

Accessories for the xTool F1

xTool offers various accessories to expand the capabilities of the xTool F1:

  • Desktop Air Purifier – Eliminates smoke and fumes for cleaner indoor operation.
  • Exhaust Fan – Vents exhaust air and particles outside.
  • Rotary Attachment – Allows engraving on cylindrical items.
  • Slide Rail Extension – Expand the Y-axis working area.
  • Fume Extractor – Removes debris when cutting materials.
  • Camera Module – Monitors and controls laser engraver remotely.

These add-ons provide even more options and customization for specialized applications.


Safety Tips for the xTool F1

Despite its power, the xTool F1 has many built-in safety features:

  • Never leave the laser operating unattended.
  • Keep the work area clear of combustible materials.
  • Wear the included safety goggles when operating.
  • Use the air assist and exhaust to reduce risk of fires.
  • Ensure the safety lid is closed when engraving or cutting.
  • Press the emergency stop button if any problems arise.
  • Keep children and pets away from the machine during use.
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By following basic laser safety guidelines, the xTool F1 can be used safely both at home and commercially.

Finding the Perfect Materials

With the ability to engrave and cut over 300 materials, you have endless options for projects with the xTool F1. Here are some top materials to try:

Wood – Birch, maple, basswood, plywood. Makes beautiful engraved gifts, décor, and crafts.

Leather – For engraving wallets, bags, jewelry, and etching custom designs.

Plastics – Acrylic, ABS, PETG are perfect for acrylic signs, decals, models.

Metals – Stainless steel, aluminum, and coated metals like anodized aluminum provide sleek, stylish laser engraving.

Glass – Wine glasses, mugs, mirrors, and vases can be engraved or etched.

Food Items – Customize cakes, cookies, chocolate, and fruits with engraved designs.

With the xTool F1, any material you imagine can become a unique laser engraved creation!

Common Questions about the xTool F1

Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about using the xTool F1 laser engraver:

How do I install the software?

Download and install the xTool Creative Space software from It works on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.

What file types does the software support?

You can import JPG, PNG, BMP, SVG, DXF, and other common image formats.

Can I engrave metal with the xTool F1?

Yes, the infrared laser is perfect for engraving stainless steel, aluminum, gold, silver, and more.

How precise can the engraving details be?

The xTool F1 can engrave fine details down to 0.3mm thanks to the high precision galvanometers.

What maintenance does the laser engraver need?

Keep the lens clean, apply silicone grease if the gantry is sticky, and perform software/firmware updates.

What should I do if there is a mechanical problem?

Press the emergency stop button immediately and contact xTool support at

Unleash Your Creativity with the xTool F1!

With incredible speed, dual laser power, and portable size, the xTool F1 makes professional laser engraving and cutting available to everyone. From custom gifts and décor to starting a laser engraving business, the possibilities are endless with this remarkable machine. By following this guide on how to use the xTool F1 laser engraver, you will be creating laser engraved works of art in no time!

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