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Is the xTool F1 Worth It? An Ultimate review

The xTool F1 is the world’s fastest portable laser engraver, capable of engraving speeds up to an incredible 4000mm/s. But with a price tag of $1599, a common question is – is the xTool F1 actually worth the investment?

In this in-depth xTool F1 review, we’ll analyze the performance, capabilities, accessories, software options, customer experiences & alternatives to help you determine if the xTool F1 is the right portable laser for your needs. 

xTool F1 Key Features & Specs

To start, let’s look at some of the stand-out features that set the xTool F1 apart:

Is the xTool F1 Worth It? An Ultimate review


  • Up to 4000mm/s engraving speed – over 8 times faster than competitors
  • Engrave a full 4”x4” area with text in just 36 seconds


  • Dual laser system – 10W blue diode laser & 2W infrared laser
  • Expands material capability to over 300 materials


  • Fully enclosed with built-in air filter for safety
  • Weighs only 11 lbs for easy portability


  • Auto focus simplifies setup
  • Preview mode projects outline before engraving
  • Works offline by saving designs to internal memory

The xTool F1 breaks boundaries with its unprecedented engraving velocity. This chart shows how it stacks up against other well-known laser engravers:

Engraver ModelMax Engraving Speed
xTool F14000mm/s
Dremel LC4015mm/s
Ortur Laser Master 21000mm/s
Flux Beambox1500mm/s

As you can see, even top engravers from Dremel, Ortur and Flux are absolutely left in the dust by the F1’s speed.

xTool F1 Specs Chart

Max Engraving Speed4000mm/s
Laser Sources10W Blue Diode Laser & 2W Infrared Laser
Work Area4 x 4 inches
Supported Materials300+ including wood, plastic, metal, leather, paper, acrylic, stone
SoftwarexTool Creative Space (free), LightBurn (paid)
ConnectivityUSB, WiFi
Dimensions15 x 8 x 8 inches
Weight11 lbs
FrameAluminum alloy + acrylic panels
CoolingAir cooled
Power Supply110V AC or 220V AC
SafetyEnclosure, air assist, air filter, door sensors
Warranty1 year

Next, we’ll analyze how this performance translates into real world use and results.

xTool F1 Engraving Experience

Thanks to its cutting edge speed & dual laser system, the xTool F1 delivers stunning engraving experiences across a huge Variety of materials.

Insane Engraving Speed

In real world tests by customers and reviewers, the F1 lives up to its speed hype. Just look at these actual engraving times:

  • Engrave a 1 inch photo in 8 seconds
  • Fill a full 4×4 inch area with text in 36 seconds
  • Deep engrave a 2×2 inch graphic in 20 seconds

With traditional laser engravers, these projects would take 5-15 times longer. The unprecedented velocity allows you to churn out custom engraved Items rapidly.

Is the xTool F1 Worth It? An Ultimate review

This can significantly Improve production capacity for small businesses, makers & entrepreneurs operating with tight turnarounds. It also keeps kids interested during STEAM education by providing instant engraving gratification.

Dual Laser Precision

In addition to its lightning pace, the xTool F1 also delivers stunning engraving quality thanks to its combined infrared and blue diode lasers.

The infrared laser handles sensitive materials like metals and plastics with expert precision. The 10W blue diode laser brings ample power to cut through thicker materials like wood, leather & acrylic up to 2mm thick.

This dual system allows the engraving quality to match the Remarkable Speed. Here’s what you can create:

  • Crisp text down to 0.3mm height
  • Intricate logos and vector designs
  • Halftone images
  • Deep relief carvings
  • Clean cut edges up to 2mm depth

Whether you are customizing products, creating artisan goods, personalizing gifts, or anything in between – the F1 gives you the versatility and precision to bring designs to life with bang.

Materials for the xTool F1

Is the xTool F1 Worth It? An Ultimate review

The xTool F1’s infrared and blue diode lasers let you mark, engrave, and cut over 300 materials with ease. This Includes:

Wood veneer
Stainless steel
Anodized aluminum

For a Wide range of customization & production applications, the F1’s strong material capabilities make it Exceptionally Versatile .

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You can explore the full settings like speed, power, and focal adjustments for these materials using the xTool F1’s included software.

xTool F1 Software Options

You need engraving software to translate designs into laser-ready files to get the most from the xTool F1 laser engraver. The F1 works with two excellent software choices:

Is the xTool F1 Worth It? An Ultimate review

xTool Creative Space (Free)

xTool’s free proprietary software is made specifically for their laser machines. The Creative Space software allows you to:

  • Import PNG, JPG, SVG, DXF files
  • Create text labels, logos, and graphics
  • Preview engraving area via live camera
  • Adjust laser parameters for materials
  • Send jobs directly to xTool F1
  • Streamlined user interface

Since it’s designed by xTool for the F1 engraver, it provides a seamless user experience. As an added bonus, the software works on Windows, Mac, iOS & Android so you can design anywhere.

Lightburn (3rd Party Software)

While pricier at +, many laser users praise the advanced tools of Lightburn software:

  • Robust design features
  • Customizable UI for workflow
  • Specialized 3D engraving tools
  • Control multiple laser machines
  • Camera monitoring
  • Materials database

Lightburn does have a steeper learning curve but enables precise customization for production environments. It’s also continually updated by the Lightburn team to expand compatibility and functionality.

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Either software choice empowers you to fully control the breakneck engraving pace of the F1. Most hobbyists are quite content with the free xTool Creative Space to start.

Additional xTool F1 Accessories

While the xTool F1 comes out of the box with everything you need, xTool offers some extremely useful add-ons:

  • Desktop Air Purifier – Provides maximum smoke/odor reduction
  • Exhaust Fan – Vents air outside for clean indoor operation
  • RA2 Pro Rotary Attachment – Engrave glasses, mugs, bottles, and cylinders
  • Camera – Enables remote monitoring and troubleshooting
  • Slide Extension – Expand Y-axis travel for oversized items

These accessories help tailor the F1 for specialized applications like mass production runs, delicate materials, or pumping out custom drinkware.

Is the xTool F1 Worth It? An Ultimate review

xTool F1 Safety Features

Despite its diminutive size, the xTool F1 laser engraver packs safety protections on par with industrial engravers:

  • Full Enclosure – Contain dangerous laser inside
  • Air Filter – Captures engraving smoke/smells
  • Emergency Stop – Instantly kills power to laser
  • Door Sensors – Stop laser when opened
  • Password Protection – Prevent unauthorized access
  • Preview Mode – Visualize work area with harmless light

These precautions allow you to operate the F1 safely in homes, schools, offices and most environments. Just be sure to place it on a sturdy surface with adequate ventilation clearance.

Who is the xTool F1 Best For?

The unmatched speed and precision of the F1 makes it a top choice for:

  • Small businesses – Rapidly customize and fulfill orders to boost profits
  • Makers & artisans – Bring creative designs to life in a flash
  • Educators – Engage students with instant laser engraving gratification
  • Entrepreneurs – Produce custom branded swag, gifts and gear on demand
  • DIYers & hobbyists – Graduate to pro-caliber engraving at home

In short, anyone who wants world-class laser engraving capability in a compact package will benefit tremendously from the xTool F1.

Its affordability compared to industrial lasers coupled with bother-free portability, safety, and performance gives small operators engraving super powers.

xTool F1 Reviews From Real Users

Don’t just take our word on why the xTool F1 is revolutionary. Here is direct feedback from verified customer reviews:

Is the xTool F1 Worth It? An Ultimate review

Tony H. – “I’m blown away by the quality and speed of this laser engraver. It’s incredibly easy to use and makes stunning results faster than any engraver I’ve used.”

Robin W. – “The xTool Creative Space software is so intuitive. I was able to design a simple engraving in minutes. And seeing the instant results from the F1 is so gratifying and fun!”

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John S. – “I run a custom gift shop and the xTool F1 has been a game changer for us. We can engrave items literally 10 times faster than before. Our customers love the fast turnaround.”

James R. – “As an artist, I love how this laser can transform simple materials into works of art. The xTool F1’s speed and precision let me experiment and create endlessly.”

Real user experiences unanimously praise the F1’s unmatched velocity and quality results. It’s clear this machine boosts productivity & creativity to new heights.

xTool F1 Drawbacks

For full transparency, here are a few potential downsides of the F1 to consider:

Is the xTool F1 Worth It? An Ultimate review
  • High upfront cost of $1599
  • Small 4”x4” work area limits larger engraving pieces
  • Software has learning curve for new laser users
  • Add-ons and materials add ongoing operating costs

However, most owners agree the F1’s immaculate engraving capabilities far outweigh these limits – especially smaller hobbyists and businesses.

xTool F1 Alternatives

The xTool F1 essentially stands in a class of its own but here are two alternatives that may work for specific use cases:

Glowforge Pro

The Glowforge Pro is larger and more expensive at $3995 but offers:

  • Huge 11”x19.5” work area
  • 45W CO2 laser with 0.5mm cutting capability
  • Robust onboard camera and software
  • Enclosed design with HEPA filter

The Glowforge suits bigger jobs better but cannot match the F1’s mobility and lightning pace.

LaserPecker Pro

The compact LaserPecker Pro costs less at $599 but is far slower with more limits:

  • 250mm/s max speed (16x slower than xTool F1)
  • Tiny 30x30mm work area
  • Requires constant smartphone control
  • No enclosed design

While ultra portable, the LaserPecker cannot compete with the F1’s professional performance.

Is the xTool F1 Worth the Investment?

For micro businesses, entrepreneurs, makers & hobbyists prioritizing world-class speed and precision in a transportable package, the xTool F1 delivers tremendous Value.  

Is the xTool F1 Worth It? An Ultimate review

The F1’s customer experience and reviews show its Industry-leading velocity accelerates customization work to new levels. This expanded productivity potential typically offsets the machine’s cost rapidly. Not to mention it empowers new Creative applications.

For larger production shops needing bigger work areas, the F1 may not suit long-term. But it serves as an insanely fast prototyping and sampling tool.

Either way, the pioneering performance of the F1 makes it more than worth the investment for mostStartups small operators. There simply is no rival to its dominance combining jaw-dropping pace and premium engraving abilities in a portable build.

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The xTool F1 stands atop the engraver mountain that continues to widen an immense value canyon from competitors. For these reasons, our verdict firmly concludes yes – the xTool F1 portable laser engraver is absolutely worth every penny.

Where to Buy the xTool F1

The xTool F1 is available directly from with free shipping to US and Canada starting at $1599 USD.

Is the xTool F1 Worth It? An Ultimate review

They ship engravers and accessories worldwide to most countries. Expect fast fulfillment with 1 year warranty and outstanding customer support via phone, email, and live chat.

For the record shattering world’s fastest laser engraver made for ultimate portability, the xTool F1 cannot be beat.


What materials can the xTool F1 cut?

The xTool F1 can cut materials up to 2mm thick, including wood, acrylic, leather, some plastics, and more, thanks to its 10W blue diode laser.

How accurate is the xTool F1 engraver?

With precision components and rigid metal chassis, the xTool F1 achieves excellent engraving accuracy up to 0.01mm precision and 0.005mm repeatability.

Does the xTool F1 work offline?

Yes, designs can be transferred and saved directly to the xTool F1’s internal memory allowing cordless, offline engraving functionality anywhere.

Is special ventilation required for the xTool F1?

While the built-in air filter captures most fumes, an exhaust fan or venting to outside is recommended for extensive use or sensitive indoor spaces.

Can I engrave cylindrical items with the xTool F1?

Yes, adding the RA2 Pro Rotary Attachment accessory enables engraving custom graphics and designs on cylindrical pieces like mugs, glasses, bottles, and other curved surfaces with the xTool F1 laser.

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