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Xtool Vs Glowforge: Which Ir Laser Engraver Is Best in 2023?

Xtool Vs Glowforge:

Laser engravers and cutters have become increasingly popular for hobbyists, small businesses, and educational institutions. These versatile machines can engrave or cut designs into a wide variety of materials like wood, leather, acrylic, and more. Two of the most popular options on the market are the XTool D1 Pro and the Glowforge. But how do you choose between them?

This comprehensive comparison guide examines the key features, capabilities, advantages, and disadvantages of the XTool D1 Pro and Glowforge laser engravers/cutters. We’ll cover factors like laser power, work area size, software, safety features, connectivity, customer support, and more. Read on for an in-depth look at how these two machines stack up against each other.

Overview Comparison

Here is a quick overview table comparing some of the key specs between the XTool D1 Pro and Glowforge:

SpecsXTool D1 ProGlowforge
Laser Power10W ,20W or 40W40W or 45W
Work Area Size430x390mm (17×15.4″)495x279mm (19.5×11″)
SoftwareXCS (free)Proprietary (subscription)
ConnectivityUSB, TF Card, WiFiWiFi Only
Max Material Thickness140mm with risers50mm (2″)
Safety FeaturesFlame & gyroscope detectorsSensors for various safety
Customer SupportEmail, phone, onlineEmail, phone, online
Warranty1 year1 year (Pro model 2 years)
Xtool Vs Glowforge: Finding Best Ir Laser engraver Machine

As you can see from the overview, the XTool D1 Pro tends to have a lower price point but offers comparable specs to the Glowforge models. The Glowforge provides higher laser power but a smaller work area. Let’s dive deeper into the details…

Laser Power

Xtool Vs Glowforge: Finding Best Ir Laser engraver Machine
  • The XTool D1 Pro comes in two laser power variants – a 10W model starting at $499, a 20W model starting at $899 and 40W model starting at $1,299.
  • The higher the laser power, the faster and deeper you can engrave or cut materials.
  • The Glowforge also has two main models – the Basic 40W starting at $2,499 and Pro 45W starting at $6,995.
  • The Glowforge Pro 45W model provides the highest laser power, allowing for very fast engraving speeds and cutting of thicker materials.

For most hobbyists and small businesses, a 10-20W laser will be sufficient. But those needing to produce high volumes or work with thicker materials may benefit from the extra power of the 40-45W Glowforge models.

Work Area Size

Xtool Vs Glowforge: Finding Best Ir Laser engraver Machine
  • The XTool D1 Pro has a work area of 430x390mm or approximately 17×15.4 inches.
  • This is large enough for projects like customizing laptops, tablets, or mobile phones.
  • The Glowforge has a more asymmetrical work area shape with dimensions of 495x279mm or about 19.5×11 inches.
  • The XTool D1 Pro’s work area is slightly larger overall and can better accommodate square-shaped materials.

Consider the size and shape of projects you’ll be working on. The XTool D1 Pro can fit some larger square items, while the Glowforge suits longer rectangular pieces.


Xtool Vs Glowforge: Finding Best Ir Laser engraver Machine
  • The XTool D1 Pro uses XCS software, which is proprietary software developed by XTool and offered for free.
  • XCS works on both Windows and Mac and is designed to be easy to use even for novices.
  • The Glowforge requires their proprietary web-based software, which is accessible through a paid monthly subscription (starts at $45/month).
  • Glowforge’s software is accessed through cloud hosting and optimized for use on their machine.

XTool D1 Pro buyers will appreciate the one-time free software, while Glowforge offers the convenience of cloud-based software accessible anywhere. Consider your budget and preferences for installed vs. web-based software.


  • The XTool D1 Pro lets you transfer design files via USB, TF card, or WiFi.
  • Having the TF card option is advantageous since you can work offline without an internet connection.
  • The Glowforge uses WiFi only to connect to their web-based software, so an internet connection is required for operation.

The XTool D1 Pro provides more connectivity choices, especially for situations where WiFi is unavailable. The Glowforge relies solely on WiFi to access the software and controls.

Maximum Material Thickness

  • With the included components, the XTool D1 Pro can engrave or cut materials up to 30mm thick.
  • Adding optional risers allows working with materials up to 140mm thick.
  • The Glowforge can handle materials up to 50mm (2″) thick in its stock configuration.
  • The Pro model sells an add-on “Passthrough” slot for materials up to 6mm thick and unlimited length.

For larger items or thicker materials like wood carvings, the XTool D1 Pro with risers has a clear advantage on thickness capacity. But the Glowforge Pro Passthrough enables very long materials.

Xtool Vs Glowforge: Finding Best Ir Laser engraver Machine

Safety Features

  • The XTool D1 Pro touts robust safety features including a flame detector, gyroscope to detect tilting, and full enclosure.
  • An optional auto fire extinguisher add-on can automatically deploy CO2.
  • The Glowforge has an array of sensors to detect issues like bumping, overheating, and fan problems.
  • Both machines have Class 1 lasers except for the Pro which uses a Class 4 laser.

Safety is a priority for both manufacturers, but XTool seems to have gone above and beyond with unique safety detection innovations like the gyroscope and auto fire extinguisher.

Customer Support

  • XTool provides customer support via email, phone, and online documentation and videos.
  • Given they are a Chinese company, phone support is limited to China business hours.
  • Glowforge offers email, phone, and online support resources for their US-based customers.
  • Both companies generally have responsive customer service teams to assist with technical issues.

For US-based buyers, Glowforge can provide a bit more convenient support during US business hours. But XTool still offers decent email and online self-help options.


  • The XTool D1 Pro comes standard with a 1 year warranty.
  • Glowforge offers a 1 year warranty on the Basic model and 2 years for the Pro model.
  • Extended warranties can be purchased for an additional fee from both brands.

The warranties are fairly comparable, with Glowforge having a slight edge for their higher-end Pro model. Overall the warranty coverage is industry standard.

Xtool Vs Glowforge: Price

  • The XTool D1 Pro pricing starts at $499 for the 10W model, $899 for the 20W model and 40W model starting at $1,299.
  • There are also package deals available with accessories like air filters, exhaust fans, safety equipment, and materials.
  • The Glowforge pricing ranges from $2,499 for the Basic 40W to $6,995 for the Pro 45W model.
  • Additional costs may include the subscription software fee and accessories like filters.

There is no contest when it comes to price – the XTool D1 Pro provides exceptional value and similar specs at a fraction of the cost. The Glowforge pricing may be justified for high production volumes.

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Verdict: Which is Better for You?

The XTool D1 Pro is the clear budget-friendly option, offering robust capabilities for hobbyists and small businesses at an unbeatable price point. It provides higher maximum material thickness and more connectivity choices.

For those needing reliable high production volumes and very fast laser power, the extra cost of the Glowforge Pro may pay off in efficiency. And the Glowforge software offers convenient cloud-based access.

Think carefully about your budget, production needs, material sizes, and connectivity preferences. For most makers and small businesses, the XTool D1 Pro gives you 80-90% of the Glowforge experience at a far lower price making it a top value choice in this laser class.

Which is more powerful, xTool or Glowforge?

xTool lasers generally have more powerful lasers than Glowforge lasers. The xTool P2, for example, has a 55W laser, while the Glowforge Pro has a 45W laser. This means that xTool lasers can cut thicker materials and engrave more deeply than Glowforge lasers.

Which is easier to use, xTool or Glowforge?

Glowforge is generally considered to be easier to use than xTool. Glowforge has a more user-friendly interface and software, and it comes with a variety of pre-made designs and projects. xTool lasers require more technical knowledge to use, but they offer more flexibility and customization options.

Which is more affordable, xTool or Glowforge?

xTool lasers are generally more affordable than Glowforge lasers. The xTool P2, for example, starts at $1,999, while the Glowforge Pro starts at $2,999. However, Glowforge offers a monthly subscription plan that can make it more affordable for some users.

Which has better customer support, xTool or Glowforge?

Both xTool and Glowforge have good customer support. However, Glowforge is known for having more responsive and helpful customer support.

Which is better for beginners, xTool or Glowforge?

Glowforge is generally considered to be better for beginners than xTool. Glowforge is easier to use and has more pre-made designs and projects. xTool lasers offer more flexibility and customization options, but they require more technical knowledge to use.

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