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xTool p2 vs Thunder Laser Nova 24 CO2 Laser Engraver

Laser cutting & engraving machines have become Incredibly popular for artists, hobbyists & small businesses alike. With the ability to cut and engrave wood, acrylic, leather, glass & more with incredible precision, laser cutters open up many Ceative possibilities.

Two of the most popular desktop laser cutter models on the market are the xTool P2 and Thunder Laser Nova 24. Both provide cost effective professional level Performance. But which one is the best option for your Needs?

In this comprehensive comparison guide, we’ll examine the specs, features, capabilities and other factors of the xTool P2 & Thunder Laser Nova 24 to help you determine which is the ultimate laser cutter.

Main Differences Between the xTool P2 and Thunder Laser Nova 24

Before we dive into the details, let’s overview the key differences between these two laser cutters:

  • The xTool P2 has a more powerful 55W laser tube compared to the Nova 24’s 60W laser tube. This gives the xTool P2 faster cutting speeds.
  • The xTool P2 has a larger work area at 26.8″ x 14.2″ versus the Nova 24’s 23.6” x 15.7”.
  • The xTool P2 includes dual 16MP cameras for precision engraving while the Nova 24 has no camera.
  • The xTool P2 supports curved surface engraving with its 3D modeling camera. The Nova 24 does not offer this capability.
  • The Nova 24 is slightly less expensive than the xTool P2.

Now let’s take a deeper look at each laser cutter’s specs and features.

Laser Power and Work Area Size

xTool P2 Review: The Smartest Laser Cutter We've Ever Tested

The power of the laser tube is one of the most important factors determining cut speed and what materials the laser can cut through. The xTool P2’s 55W laser tube is marginally more powerful than the Nova 24’s 60W laser.

In terms of work area size, the xTool P2’s 26.8″ x 14.2″ bed is noticeably larger than the Nova 24’s 23.6” x 15.7” work area. The P2’s extra work space provides more room for cutting and engraving larger items or batch producing multiple smaller pieces.

Laser Power:

  • xTool P2: 55W
  • Thunder Laser Nova 24: 60W

Work Area Size:

  • xTool P2: 26.8″ x 14.2″
  • Thunder Laser Nova 24: 23.6” x 15.7”

Cutting and Engraving Speed

xTool P2 Review: The Smartest Laser Cutter We've Ever Tested

The laser power directly impacts the cutting and engraving speeds you can achieve. With its higher 55W laser, the xTool P2 can reach engraving speeds up to 600mm/s versus 500mm/s for the Nova 24.

For cutting, the xTool P2 can cut through 18mm black walnut and 20mm acrylic in a single pass. The Nova 24 is likely similar in its cutting capability, but maximum cut thickness will depend on factors like material type and laser power/speed settings.

Both the P2 and Nova 24 offer adjustable speed and power settings to optimize performance for different materials. But the xTool P2’s more powerful laser gives it faster maximum cutting and engraving speeds overall.

Max Engraving Speed:

  • xTool P2: 600mm/s
  • Thunder Laser Nova 24: 500mm/s

Cutting Capability:

  • xTool P2: Up to 20mm acrylic, 18mm black walnut in one pass
  • Thunder Laser Nova 24: Not specified, likely similar cutting capability

Camera and Software

One major advantage of the xTool P2 is its inclusion of dual 16MP cameras. The close-range camera syncs with the laser for precision engraving results without distortion. You can watch the complete workspace in real time thanks to the panoramic camera.

By creating 3D representations of things, this camera system allows the P2’s curved surface engraving capabilities. Additionally, it offers functions like automated picture tracing.

The Nova 24 does not include any integrated cameras. For software, xTool includes the XCS program with advanced features and frequent updates. Thunder Laser provides RDWorks Software.


xTool P2 Review: The Smartest Laser Cutter We've Ever Tested
  • xTool P2: Dual 16MP cameras
  • Thunder Laser Nova 24: No camera


  • xTool P2: XCS laser software
  • Thunder Laser Nova 24: RDWorks laser software

Focus and Precision

The xTool P2’s dual camera system gives it excellent precision and focus capabilities. It can achieve a precision of 0.3mm when engraving or cutting. The Nova 24’s precision is not specified, but is unlikely to match the P2’s camera-assisted performance.

The P2’s autofocus and live preview allow you to zero in on minute details with incredible accuracy. This high level of accuracy will be a significant selling factor for many consumers compared to more affordable laser cutters.


  • xTool P2: 0.3mm with dual camera system
  • Thunder Laser Nova 24: Precision not specified

Supported Materials Chart

The xTool P2 and Thunder Laser Nova 24 can both cut and engrave a wide variety of materials like:

xTool P2 Review: The Smartest Laser Cutter We've Ever Tested
MaterialxTool P2Thunder Laser Nova 24

The P2 may have greater capabilities for thicker materials thanks to its higher laser power. But both models should handle most common laser cutter materials without issues. You can find specific thickness and setting recommendations for different materials online.

Materials Supported:

  • xTool P2: All standard laser materials
  • Thunder Laser Nova 24: All standard laser materials

Noise Level

A quieter machine is always preferable for home or office use. Unfortunately neither xTool nor Thunder Laser publish specific noise ratings for these models.

Laser cutters do produce noticeable noise when operating, mostly from the cooling fans and exhaust system. Based on customer reviews, both the xTool P2 and Thunder Laser Nova 24 have noise output in the normal range for similar class laser cutters.

So noise levels are unlikely to be a major differentiator between these two models. If low noise is your top priority, look for laser cutters specifically engineered for quiet operation.

Noise Level:

  • xTool P2: Not specified, moderate noise per customer reviews
  • Thunder Laser Nova 24: Not specified, moderate noise per customer reviews

Connectivity and Control

Both the xTool P2 and Thunder Laser Nova 24 offer a range of connectivity options to control the laser from your computer.

xTool p2 vs Thunder Laser Nova 24 whos the Ultimate Supreme?

The P2 supports WiFi, USB and Ethernet connections for wireless or wired connectivity. The Nova 24 has Ethernet and USB ports. These standard connections allow you to easily send designs from your preferred graphic design software to the laser cutter.

For controls, both models include an LCD display panel on the machine itself. This lets you monitor engraving/cutting progress and machine status. The P2 also has an emergency stop button for quick shutdown if needed.

Overall, both laser cutters provide flexible connectivity and controls to smoothly operate the machine. The P2 may have a slight edge with the inclusion of WiFi and emergency stop button.


  • xTool P2: WiFi, USB, Ethernet
  • Thunder Laser Nova 24: USB, Ethernet


  • xTool P2: LCD display panel, emergency stop button
  • Thunder Laser Nova 24: LCD display panel

Safety Features

Operating a powerful laser cutter requires adequate safety measures. Both xTool and Thunder Laser built in features to help protect the user.

The xTool P2 has an enclosed design to prevent laser light and smoke leakage. It also automatically locks the lid when in use. And it has fire detection and suppression system compatibility for the ultimate protection.

The Nova 24 also has an enclosed design to contain smoke. Thunder Laser does not list any automatic locking or fire safety features for the Nova 24 model.

So the xTool P2 takes the lead in safety with its fire prevention capabilities and automatic lid locking. But both models do include the essential enclosure for safe operation.

Safety Features:

  • xTool P2: Enclosed design, automatic lid locking, fire safety system compatible
  • Thunder Laser Nova 24: Enclosed design

Supported File Types

You’ll need to produce designs in a compatible file format for your laser cutter to work with.

The xTool P2 and Thunder Laser Nova 24 support all the major design file types like JPG, PNG, GIF, DXF, SVG, PDF and more. This file format versatility allows you to prepare designs in virtually any graphics program.

Overall, both laser cutters are compatible with the full range of file types you’ll need to produce laser designs. There are no significant differences between the P2 and Nova 24 when it comes to supported files.

Supported File Types:

  • xTool P2: JPG, PNG, GIF, DXF, SVG, PDF, etc.
  • Thunder Laser Nova 24: JPG, PNG, BMP, PLT, DST, DXF, SVG, PDF, etc.


Where can I buy the xTool P2 and Thunder Laser Nova 24?

Expand the capabilities of your laser cutter with compatible accessories. Here are some of the top accessories available:

xTool P2 Accessories:

  • Automatic Conveyor Feeder – Engrave extra long materials up to 118”
  • Riser Base – Raise machine height to 8.4” for thicker materials
  • RA2 Pro Rotary Attachment – Engrave cylindrical objects
  • Smoke Purifier – Eliminate smoke and particles

Thunder Laser Nova 24 Accessories:

  • Camera – For positioning and monitoring jobs
  • 4” Laser Head – Expand cutting thickness
  • HR Head – For high resolution engraving
  • Rotary Attachment – Engrave cylindrical items
  • Lightburn Software – For advanced design and print capabilities

Both brands offer rotary attachments, with xTool offering the most robust model. The P2 also uniquely provides conveyor and riser accessories. And the Nova 24 offers enhanced laser heads and software not available from xTool.

So you have plenty of ways to expand either laser with functional accessories. The P2 may have a slight edge with its conveyor and riser base add-ons.

Durability and Reliability

Investing in a laser cutter represents a major purchase, so you want a machine built to last. Both the xTool P2 and Thunder Laser Nova 24 use metal frames and high-quality components designed for durability.

For warranty coverage, xTool P2 offers 18 months compared to 2 years from Thunder Laser. But real-world reliability will depend on proper maintenance and operating conditions.

Overall, both laser cutters earn positive marks for durability from customer reviews. Unless operated excessively beyond recommended usage, either model should provide years of reliable service. For longevity, follow all maintenance requirements like cleaning and replacing filters regularly.


  • xTool P2: Metal frame, high-quality components
  • Thunder Laser Nova 24: Metal frame, high-quality components


  • xTool P2: 18 months
  • Thunder Laser Nova 24: 2 years

Customer Support

Expert customer support can be invaluable if you ever experience issues with your laser cutter.

xTool provides technical support via email, live chat and phone. Support response times are generally prompt per customer reviews.

Thunder Laser also offers email, phone and live chat support with knowledgeable representatives, but some customers report slower response times.

Overall, both brands provide decent customer support access. But xTool may have a slight advantage with generally quicker response times based on reviews.

Customer Support:

  • xTool: Email, live chat, phone support
  • Thunder Laser: Email, live chat, phone support

Pricing and Value

The xTool P2 carries a higher price tag than the Thunder Laser Nova 24. Current pricing puts the P2 around $4,499 and the Nova 24 at $9,729 CAD (or around $7,200 USD).

However, the P2 comes out ahead in terms of value when you consider its more powerful laser, larger work area, dual camera inclusion, curved engraving capabilities, and advanced features like the conveyor and riser accessories.

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For buyers looking for professional-level performance in a desktop package, the xTool P2 delivers greater capabilities and features per dollar spent. The Nova 24 still represents a quality laser cutter at a lower price point, but the P2 is arguably a better investment for serious users.


  • xTool P2: $4,499
  • Thunder Laser Nova 24: $9,729 CAD ($7,200 USD)


  • xTool P2: Higher price but excellent value for advanced features and performance
  • Thunder Laser Nova 24: Lower price but fewer features; good value for budget-conscious buyers

xTool p2 vs Thunder Laser Nova 24 comparison Chart

SpecsxTool P2Thunder Laser Nova 24
Laser Power55W60W
Work Area Size26.8″ x 14.2″23.6” x 15.7”
Max Engraving Speed600mm/s500mm/s
Max Cut ThicknessUp to 20mm acrylic, 18mm woodNot specified
CameraDual 16MPNone
Precision0.3mmNot specified
ConnectivityWiFi, USB, EthernetUSB, Ethernet
Safety FeaturesEnclosed, automatic lid locking, fire detection compatibleEnclosed design
AccessoriesConveyor, riser base, rotary attachmentCamera, laser heads, rotary, software
Warranty18 months2 years
Price$4,499 USD$7,200 USD

Verdict: xTool P2 is the Ultimate Laser Cutter

Based on this detailed comparison, the xTool P2 stands out as the ultimate laser cutter between these two models.

While the Thunder Laser Nova 24 is a decent laser cutter at a lower price point, the xTool P2 justifies its higher cost with greater cutting power, work area, cutting/engraving speeds, precision, advanced camera capabilities, and thoughtful accessories.

Casual hobbyists will likely be satisfied with the Nova 24’s performance to handle basic laser needs. But demanding users, small businesses, and perfectionists will appreciate the xTool P2’s superior precision, speed, power, and professional-grade features.

For those seeking the ultimate laser cutting and engraving results from a desktop machine, the xTool P2 is certainly worth the investment. Its unmatched blend of performance, precision, flexibility & well-designed accessories makes the P2 the WINNER** of this laser cutter showdown.


What is the difference between the xTool P2 and the Thunder Laser Nova 24?

The xTool P2 is a diode laser cutter and engraver, while the Thunder Laser Nova 24 is a CO2 laser cutter and engraver. Although diode lasers are less powerful than CO2 lasers, they are also more accessible and less expensive. Although CO2 lasers are more potent and have the ability to cut through denser materials, they are also more costly & require more upkeep.

Which Laser machine is better for me?

The best machine for you will depend on your needs and budget. If you are looking for an affordable & easy-to-use machine for engraving and cutting thin materials, such as wood, acrylic & paper, then the xTool P2 is a good option. If you need a more powerful machine for cutting through thicker materials, such as wood, metal & glass, then the Thunder Laser Nova 24 is better.

What materials can the xTool P2 and Thunder Laser Nova 24 cut and engrave?

The xTool P2 can cut and engrave a variety of materials, including wood, acrylic, paper, cardboard, leather, and fabric. The Thunder Laser Nova 24 can cut and engrave a wider range of materials, including wood, metal, glass, acrylic, plastic, fabric, and leather.

What software is used with the xTool P2 and Thunder Laser Nova 24?

Both the xTool P2 and the Thunder Laser Nova 24 are compatible with a variety of laser cutting and engraving software, including LightBurn, LaserGRBL, and LaserWeb.

Where can I buy the xTool P2 and Thunder Laser Nova 24?

The xTool P2 and Thunder Laser Nova 24 can be purchased from the xTool and Thunder Laser websites, as well as from other authorized retailers.

What is the lifespan of the laser tube in the xTool P2 and Thunder Laser Nova 24?

The lifespan of the laser tube in the xTool P2 is approximately 10,000 hours. The lifespan of the laser tube in the Thunder Laser Nova 24 is approximately 15,000 hours.

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