You are currently viewing xTool P2 vs Omtech Pro 2440: Which CO2 Laser Engraver is Best in 2024?

xTool P2 vs Omtech Pro 2440: Which CO2 Laser Engraver is Best in 2024?

xTool P2 vs Omtech Pro 2440: Choosing the right CO2 laser engraver can be a daunting task with so many options on the market. Two of the most popular desktop CO2 laser engravers in 2024 are the xTool P2 and Omtech Pro 2440. But Which one is the best option for your needs?

In this comprehensive comparison guide, we’ll examine the key features, capabilities & performance of the xTool P2 and Omtech Pro 2440 laser engravers to help you determine which is the superior machine. By evaluating aspects like laser power, work area, speed, software, connectivity & more, you’ll have all the details necessary to select the best CO2 laser for your application.

Overview and Specs

First, let’s take a high-level look at the basic specs for each laser engraver:

xTool P2

  • Laser Power: 55W
  • Work Area: 26.8” x 14.2”
  • Max Speed: 600mm/s
  • Dual 16MP Cameras
  • Auto Focus
  • Curved Surface Engraving
  • Auto Passthrough Compatible
  • Riser Base Compatible

Omtech Pro 2440

  • Laser Power: 80W or 100W
  • Work Area: 24” x 40”
  • Max Speed: 1,000mm/s
  • Red Dot Pointer
  • Auto Focus
  • Integrated Water Chiller
  • Four-Way Pass Through Doors

Both engravers offer powerful CO2 lasers, large work areas, high speeds, and nice features like auto focus. But the xTool P2 adds dual cameras, curved surface engraving, and modular expandability. The Omtech touts higher laser wattages, four-way pass through, and a built-in chiller. xTool P2 vs Omtech Pro 2440

Keep reading as we explore the capabilities & performance of these two popular laser engravers in greater detail.

Laser Power and Cutting/Engraving Ability

xTool P2 vs Omtech Pro 2440: Which CO2 Laser Engraver is Best in 2024?

One of the most important factors in a laser engraver is the power and diameter of the laser tube. More power enables deeper cuts & faster operation.

The xTool P2 utilizes a long-life 55W laser tube capable of cutting up to 18mm black walnut or 20mm acrylic in a single pass. It can engrave basswood at 35mm/s. This combination of power and speed makes it highly versatile for cutting and engraving wood, leather, acrylics, rubber & more. xTool P2 vs Omtech Pro 2440

Meanwhile, the Omtech Pro 2440 is equipped with either an 80W or 100W laser tube. The higher 100W power level enables it to cut wood up to 40mm thick, acrylic up to 33mm thick. Engraving is lightning-fast at up to 1,000mm/s. Materials like wood, MDF, leather, plastics, cardboard, and more are no match for the Omtech’s cutting and marking abilities.

If your priority is getting through thicker materials as efficiently as possible, then the extra 25-45W of power on the Omtech Pro 2440 gives it the edge. But the xTool P2 is no slouch in the cutting department either – most users will find its 55W laser more than sufficient for everyday engraving, personalization, and prototyping tasks. xTool P2 vs Omtech Pro 2440

Winner: Omtech Pro 2440 (thanks to 80W/100W laser power levels)

Work Area Size and Capacity

When selecting a laser engraver, you need to consider the size of materials and objects you’ll be working with. A larger work area gives you more flexibility & capacity.

The xTool P2 touts one of the largest work areas in its class at 26.8” x 14.2” – approximately 50% bigger than comparable models. This expansive work zone handles everything from jewelry pieces to game boards, commemorative plaques, keepsake boxes, and much more. xTool P2 vs Omtech Pro 2440

But the Omtech Pro 2440 is even more spacious. Its work bed measures a full 24” x 40” for engraving area of 600mm x 1000mm. The extra several inches of width and even more length can accommodate larger wood panels, acrylic sheets, metal plates, and big custom jobs. If workspace is a priority, the Omtech Pro 2440 is hard to beat. xTool P2 vs Omtech Pro 2440

And both engravers have special features to allow engraving extra long materials. The xTool P2 works seamlessly with an auto passthrough conveyor accessory expanding capacity to 118”. Likewise, the Omtech Pro 2440 is designed with four-way pass through doors to handle oversized workpieces. xTool P2 vs Omtech Pro 2440

So when it comes to enveloping bigger applications, the Omtech Pro 2440’s larger native work zone gives it a slight advantage. But the xTool P2 holds its own with the second largest capacity paired with auto passthrough possibilities.

Winner: Omtech Pro 2440 (for its larger 24”x40” work area)

Speed and Throughput

When you have a lot of engraving or cutting work queued up, speed and throughput are important efficiency factors. The faster your laser can crank through materials, the quicker you can complete jobs.

xTool P2 vs Omtech Pro 2440: Here the xTool P2 holds a technological advantage with its high-quality stepper motor boosting top engraving velocity to 600mm/s. This extreme pace allows it to blaze through materials noticeably faster than the competition. Basswood, leather, and other common materials are no match for the xTool P2’s lightning engraving and cutting speeds. xTool P2 vs Omtech Pro 2440

Although no slouch itself, the Omtech Pro 2440 tops out at 1,000mm/s thanks to its fast hybrid servo motors. Putting more power behind its bigger 80W or 100W laser tube does sap some pure speed capability. Yet at up to 1,000mm/s, the Omtech Pro 2440 still outpaces most CO2 laser engravers in its class. xTool P2 vs Omtech Pro 2440

If your goal is to produce high volumes by churning through designs and materials at breakneck speeds, then the xTool P2 has a measurable advantage. But the Omtech Pro 2440 counterbalances with more laser intensity for similar throughput. For most applications, owners should find the engraving and cutting speeds highly acceptable on both machines.

Winner: xTool P2 (for its max 600mm/s engraving speed)

Beam Precision and Accuracy

Precision and accuracy are obviously vital for laser engraving and cutting. Deviations as small as half a millimeter can mean the difference between a perfect mark and a ruined material.

xTool P2 vs Omtech Pro 2440: Which CO2 Laser Engraver is Best in 2024?

xTool P2 vs Omtech Pro 2440P: Both the xTool P2 and Omtech Pro 2440 aim for utmost engraving and cutting precision. The xTool P2 uses a set of dual 16MP cameras with advanced imaging algorithms to construct detailed 3D models of the work surface. It can engrave curved items with the same accuracy as flat ones thanks to this modern technology. Vision precision reaches down to an incredible 0.3mm for unbelievable accuracy. xTool P2 vs Omtech Pro 2440

Not to be outdone, the Omtech Pro 2440 implements a coaxial red beam guidance laser. This red pointer intuitively shows the user exactly where the CO2 laser will contact the material. Combined with autofocus, it also eliminates setup guesswork & manual adjustments. Engraver owners praised the red beam for making positioning adjustments easier than ever.

The bottom line is that both laser systems take precision very seriously. The xTool P2 relies on high-megapixel cameras and software intelligence to dynamically adapt to shapes and alignments. At the same time, the Omtech Pro 2440 uses classic red beam illumination to clearly display engraving paths. Both achieve remarkable accuracy, but the xTool P2’s sub-millimeter precision gives it a narrow win. xTool P2 vs Omtech Pro 2440

Winner: xTool P2 (for 0.3mm vision precision)

Cutting vs Engraving Ability

CO2 laser engravers need the versatility to not only engrave designs, logos, and text onto materials, but also cut completely through wood, acrylic, leather, and composites. Engravers that can’t cut well seriously limit functionality.

xTool P2 vs Omtech Pro 2440P: Luckily both the xTool P2 and Omtech Pro 2440 prove themselves adept at both cutting and engraving. As previously mentioned, the 55W xTool P2 cuts up to 18mm wood or 20mm acrylic in one pass. It zips through 3mm basswood at a rate of 35mm/s. The higher-wattage Omtech Pro 2440 cuts even thicker materials thanks to its 80W or 100W laser tubes. It slices through 30mm (80W) or 40mm (100W) wood, with acrylic topping out at 29mm (80W) or 33mm (100W).

Engraving follows a similar pattern. The speedy xTool P2 can raster designs and textual content at up to 600mm/s, while the Omtech Pro 2440 engraves effortlessly at 1,000mm/s. Both can mark leather, anodized aluminum, glass, ceramic, coated metals, plastics, rubber, and a wide assortment of other materials. xTool P2 vs Omtech Pro 2440

With its boosted laser power, the Omtech Pro 2440 holds an advantage when cutting thicker stuff. Yet the xTool P2 actually engraves faster for increased throughput. In sum – the Omtech cuts deeper, while the xTool engraves quicker. And both handle a wide Variety of materials. xTool P2 vs Omtech Pro 2440

Winner: Tie (Tradeoffs with max cutting depth vs engraving speeds)

Supported Materials and Applications

A key consideration when purchasing a CO2 laser engraver is understanding what materials it can and can’t process. Different substances require unique parameters, settings, and accessories to cut & engrave successfully.

xTool P2 vs Omtech Pro 2440P: As Chinese company xTool’s first desktop laser system, the P2 uses a 10.6um CO2 laser specifically designed for wood, acrylic, leather, MDF, paper products, fabric, glass, rubber, ceramics, anodized aluminum, and coated metals. It excels at engraving Personalized designs onto hard materials, as well as slicing completely through thinner items. xTool P2 vs Omtech Pro 2440

Comparatively, the larger Omtech Pro 2440 made by US-based manufacturer OMTech handles an even more diverse collection of common materials like wood, acrylic, fabrics, leather, rubber, cardboard, paper, foam, MDF, stone, plastics, and composites. If you need a laser cutter/engraver for a broad assortment of applications from custom woodworking and leather crafting to specialty fabrication use-cases, the Omtech Pro 2440 is a great standard bearer. xTool P2 vs Omtech Pro 2440

Winner: Omtech Pro 2440 (for its flexibility with an immense variety of materials)

Work Area Height and Clearance

A taller work area that accommodates larger objects expands the possibilities for laser engravers. Being able to process three-dimensional items like glasses, mugs, vases, electronics, awards, and other unusual shapes adds value.

xTool P2 vs Omtech Pro 2440: Which CO2 Laser Engraver is Best in 2024?

xTool P2 vs Omtech Pro 2440P: Here the cleverly designed xTool P2 enjoys a big advantage over traditional flatbed laser cutters. On its own, the xTool P2 can handle materials up to 2.7 inches (72mm) tall on its bed – sufficient for most personalization tasks. But pair it with the optional riser base accessory, and that clearance extends dramatically to 8.4 inches (275mm)! Now you can customize items as diverse as large trophy chalices, wooden toolbox lids, and so much more. xTool P2 vs Omtech Pro 2440

While the Omtech Pro 2440 work area doesn’t raise quite as high, its spacious 40” length helps compensate. Without accessories, it can cut 30mm (80W model) or 40mm (100W model) thick wood boards – admirable vertical range. And its removable laser head aids in accommodating uncommon shapes . But there’s no direct equivalent to the xTool P2 riser base’s 8+ inch clearance. xTool P2 vs Omtech Pro 2440

If working with taller flasks, electronics enclosures, awards, and other lofty objects is essential, then the xTool P2 paired with its riser module wins out. Nonetheless, both CO2 laser systems handle average materials up to a few inches thick very well.

Winner: xTool P2 + Riser Base (for 8.4” height capacity)

Software, Connectivity, and Control

Streamlined software, wireless connectivity, and intuitive controls are imperative on advanced laser engraving systems. Complicated interfaces lead to ramp up delays & mistakes.

xTool developed proprietary engraving software called XCS specifically for the P2 laser cutter. The Windows-based XCS program imports images, traces vector outlines, and sets material options with just a few clicks. It also adds helpful features monthly based on user feedback . XCS connects via WiFi, Ethernet, or USB. Many enthusiasts consider it among the most user-friendly laser engraver software available. xTool P2 vs Omtech Pro 2440

Omtech relies on tried-and-true third-party programs like LightBurn, RDWorks, and CorelLaser to power the Pro 2440 laser cutter. These pieces of software are cloud-connected and offer robust toolsets for slicing designs & controlling laser parameters. The Omtech engraver links to computers wirelessly via WiFi or directly through USB cables. It features an Intuitive touchscreen control panel. xTool P2 vs Omtech Pro 2440

Both solutions provide Impressive software control coupled with wireless connectivity for Incredible flexibility. For first-time users, xTool’s native XCS software solution likely enjoys a slight ease-of-use advantage. But Omtech counterbalances with the familiarity of established laser cutting programs. It’s too close to call a definitive winner in the software department.

Winner: Tie (XCS vs LightBurn/RDWorks/CorelLaser software)

Physical Footprint and Dimensions

Where will you ultimately place a laser engraver for daily usage? Not all hobbyist workshops or businesses have unlimited floor space. A giant laser cutter footprint can pose accommodating or placement issues. xTool P2 vs Omtech Pro 2440

xTool P2 vs Omtech Pro 2440: Which CO2 Laser Engraver is Best in 2024?

With exterior dimensions of 26.8” wide by 14.2” deep by 18” tall (without riser), the xTool P2 strikes a nice balance of paring down its footprint without shrinking the internal work zone too far. It squeezes significant working clearance into a enclosure roughly the size of a large desktop microwave thanks to thoughtful engineering. Such a compact design shouldn’t monopolize too much counter or cabinet space. xTool P2 vs Omtech Pro 2440

In contrast, the Omtech Pro 2440’s expansive 24” x 40” working envelope necessitates more generous external dimensions. At nearly 165” wide (100W model) by 138” deep by 104” tall, it’s markedly bigger than the xTool P2 in a side-by-side visual face-off. Extra floor acreage will definitely be required to host the Omtech Pro 2440 laser cutter. How much room your shop environment has to dedicate is a crucial consideration. xTool P2 vs Omtech Pro 2440

Unless you have extra floor area to leverage, the tidy xTool P2 saves quite a bit desktop real estate relative to other CO2 lasers. If you need capacity and power without an overbearing presence, it makes a lot of sense. Nevertheless, the Omtech Pro 2440’s imposing dimensions are no surprise for a device with its sizeable work capabilities. xTool P2 vs Omtech Pro 2440

Winner: xTool P2 (for its significantly smaller desktop footprint)

Support for Rotary Accessories

A rotational engraving attachment opens avenues for customizing cylindrical pieces stretching up to 7” across. However, a CO2 laser cutter or engraver must support the accessory.

Great news – both the xTool P2 and Omtech Pro 2440 work flawlessly with compatible rotary tool assemblies. For the xTool P2, xTool’s own RA2 Pro rotational mechanism optimizes the laser engraver for accepting mugs, glasses, candles, wood dowels, lipstick tubes, wine bottles, and comparable round itmes easily up to 7” diameter. Precision stepper motors allied to image mapping algorithms enable remarkable results. xTool P2 vs Omtech Pro 2440

On the Omtech Pro 2440 side, popular rotary attachments from Neje, DKShineIn, and others connect seamlessly to unlock similar cylindrical item customization. Printed calibration rulers help dial in perfrect object alignment for distortion-free engraving around the entire circumference. If you anticipate adding drinkware, cosmetic containers, or light fixtures to your laser customization workload, either the xTool P2 or Omtech 2440 has you covered. xTool P2 vs Omtech Pro 2440

Winner: Tie (Both work great with rotary setups)

Camera Assistance and Image Processing

A built-in camera paired with intelligent imaging algorithms elevates laser engravers like the xTool P2 to new heights of speed, precision, and consistency. Automatic vision processing trounces error-prone manual manipulation and calibration steps.

xTool P2 vs Omtech Pro 2440: Which CO2 Laser Engraver is Best in 2024?

Easily the xTool P2’s biggest differentiator is its set of dual 16MP cameras working in concert to construct detailed 3D renderings of objects placed inside the work area. This imagery enables projecting the laser engraving pattern atop curved bottles, glasses, electronics shells & comparable items with incredible accuracy. It’s also the secret sauce behind perfectly registering double-sided engravings across cylindrical pieces. Few other laser systems even attempt this level of workflow streamlining. xTool P2 vs Omtech Pro 2440

The Omtech Pro 2440 doesn’t currently include native camera hardware or hosting software to construct 3D models of target objects. It instead sticks to tried-and-true manual measurement, mechanical alignment, and red diode illumination to assist positioning curved pieces on rotational attachments. This classic methodology works reasonably well but lacks the hands-off automation or double-sided prowess of the xTool P2. Upgrading to auxiliary camera addons helps but doesn’t fully close the gap.

Unequivocally, the xTool P2’s dual high-resolution cameras provide it with substantial intelligence advantages when processing three-dimensional or cylindrical workpieces. If curved surface engraving is a priority, xTool is miles ahead of Omtech and everyone else right now. Expect competitors to scramble catching up in coming years. xTool P2 vs Omtech Pro 2440

Winner: xTool P2 (for dual 16MP camera and curved surface engraving abilities)

Expandability and Accessories

Truly exceptional laser engravers don’t lock users into fixed configurations or strictly stock setups. Instead, they provide sensible expansion capabilities through addons & accessories that augment functionality.

As a next-generation solution brimming with high-tech innovations, the xTool P2 maintains plenty of headroom for augmentations that stretch its talents even further. We already highlighted its riser base lifting clearances from 2.7 to 8.4 vertical inches. The auto passthrough conveyor breaks typical dimension barriers to handle materials up to 118” long. xTool even offers its own RA2 Pro rotary kit for drinking glasses and cylindrical etching jobs. xTool P2 vs Omtech Pro 2440

Not to be outdone, Omtech touts its Pro 2440 CO2 laser as one of the most accessory-friendly engravers available. It works interchangeably with familiar brands like Neje, DKSHINEIn, and Ortur to accept third-party rotary attachments, fans, pumps, filters, and fume extractors as seamless upgrades. The open Omtech platform welcomes creativity in customization.

Both Omtech and xTool support expanding capabilities through optional add-ons tailored specifically to each laser cutter/engraver model. Yet the xTool P2 offers notably more proprietary first-party accessories like its riser and conveying systems that meaningful advance core competencies. If having access to an ecosystem of bolted-on modules holds significance, the xTool P2 narrowly triumphs. xTool P2 vs Omtech Pro 2440

Winner: xTool P2 (wider assortment of proprietary accessories)

Safety Features and Considerations

Any powerful Class 4 CO2 laser demands prudent safeguards to avert accidental damage or harm. From automatic access controls to airflow monitoring to fire prevention, today’s top engravers incorporate comprehensive measures guarding users.

Safety starts with the xTool P2’s rugged metal chassis featuring six strong magnets plus two mechanical locks keeping the lid firmly shut during operation. Its laser-filtering window blocks emissions leakage, while a built-in sensor continuously verifies compressed air assist levels. Of course, a standard emergency stop button kills power instantly. But our favorite protection feature is the optional fire alarm and suppression equipment identifying flickers before they escalate and reacting with CO2 neutralization. xTool P2 vs Omtech Pro 2440

Comparably, Omtech equips its Pro 2440 laser cutter with similar safety mechanisms like magnetic/mechanical lid locks, power cutoffs, and e-stop switch access. It too discourages operation with an open cover. But Omtech currently lacks an equivalent automatic fire suppression system. However it does suit environments demanding strict emission standards with Class 1 laser tube options. Impressive safety prowess across the board. xTool P2 vs Omtech Pro 2440

Considering their reinforced sealing, poweroffs, airflow detection, and fire prevention capabilities, both the xTool and Omtech desktop CO2 laser engravers fulfill their safety responsibilities admirably. Tight security gives a narrow advantage to the xTool P2. Nonetheless, prudent operation and risk avoidance represent users’ best lines of defense. xTool P2 vs Omtech Pro 2440

Winner: xTool P2 (with its auto fire suppression kit compatibility)

Noise Output

Working beside loud equipment introduces fatigue and distraction over long time periods. Laser cutters and engravers cranking up to 1000mm/s pumping 25+ watts of energy can get quite noisy. Lower sound signatures keep shops pleasant and prevent hearing damage with extended exposure. xTool P2 vs Omtech Pro 2440

In terms of noise, owners characterize the xTool P2 as calmer than competitors with equivalent power levels thanks to intelligent component placements optimizing airflow while minimizing turbulence. Maximum decibel readings observe the xTool P2 tapping out around just 68 dB during intense operation. Such reasonable noise feedback won’t overcome nearby conversations, music, or ambient shop sounds. xTool P2 vs Omtech Pro 2440

Reviews peg the Omtech Pro 2440 at similar moderate noise emissions not out of line from other open-frame CO2 lasers when cutting. Its onboard exhaust fan outputs a bit more whoosh when accelerating air and particulates compared to the xTool P2’s airflow. Yet reasonable operator precautions like over-ear hearing protection easily negate risks when exposure times near an hour or more. xTool P2 vs Omtech Pro 2440

Both machines admirably mute mechanical and cooling noises to acceptable levels, especially for closed-door shops and businesses. Between the two options, the xTool P2 manages its sound footprint a couple decibels better. But frankly, either solution brings comparable, modest noise signatures unlikely to disturb home or small commercial situations.

Winner: xTool P2 (with 2-3 dB quieter operation)

Purchase Cost Considerations

Let’s wrap up our evaluations with one of the most important comparisons for any product – cost. From base system MSRPs to accessory extras and warranty coverage, what investment must be made to put these workhorse CO2 laser engravers into service?

xTool P2 vs Omtech Pro 2440: Which CO2 Laser Engraver is Best in 2024?

As Chinese manufacturer xTool’s inaugural laser release packed with bleeding-edge technological advances, the P2 commands strong pricing fitting its roster of premium features. Just the standalone xTool P2 55W laser engraver with its generous bed dimensions, 600mm/s velocity, dual camera intelligence and extensive metal housing retails around $4,299. From there you can tack on another $500 for the riser base or $1400 for the auto conveyor module. xTool protects the full package with a one-year warranty. xTool P2 vs Omtech Pro 2440

Stateside player Omtech has earned glowing market reception for its Pro 2440 laser cutter series spanning over a decade of reputable refined generations. The range-topping Omtech Pro 2440 100W laser engraver flagship with its spacious work area, blistering 1000mm/s pace, and robust 80-100W power starts at $7599. Omtech grants an industry-leading two years of coverage on the CO2 laser itself, plus another year blanketing remaining components. xTool P2 vs Omtech Pro 2440

When evaluating the bottom line investment amount, both properietary solutions command buyer loyalty through premium craftsmanship. The xTool P2 stretches dollars further on its base configuration packing ultra-modern capabilities that outpace the competition. Yet Omtech counterbalances with rock-solid construction quality and better warranty duration. Choosing a winner depends on your budget flexibility & confidence in cutting-edge technologies versus established market players.

Winner: Tie (Competitive pricing & protection plans fitting their hardware innovations/pedigrees)

xTool P2 vs Omtech Pro 2440 Comparison Chart

SpecsxTool P2Omtech Pro 2440
Laser Power55W80W or 100W
Work Area Size26.8” x 14.2”24” x 40”
Max Engraving Speed600mm/s1000mm/s
Max Material Thickness20mm acrylic, 18mm wood33mm acrylic, 40mm wood
CamerasDual 16MPNone
Curved Surface EngravingYesNo
Auto FocusYesYes
ConnectivityWiFi, Ethernet, USBWiFi, USB
SoftwareProprietary XCSCompatible with LightBurn, RDWorks, etc
Dimensions27” x 14” x 18”165” x 138” x 104”
Built-in AccessoryWater ChillerWater Chiller
PriceStarts at $4,299Starts at $7,599

Verdict: Which is the Best CO2 Laser Cutter / Engraver for 2024, the xTool P2 or Omtech Pro 2440?

So in the final tally, is the pioneering xTool P2 or venerable Omtech Pro 2440 the supreme CO2 laser cutter/engraver for 2024? Let’s recap key scorecard categories:

  • Laser Power – Omtech Pro 2440
  • Work Area Size – Omtech Pro 2440
  • Speed – xTool P2
  • Precision – xTool P2
  • Cutting vs Engraving – Tie
  • Materials – Omtech Pro 2440
  • Clearance – xTool P2
  • Software/Connectivity – Tie
  • Dimensions – xTool P2
  • Rotary Expandability – Tie
  • Camera Integration – xTool P2
  • Accessories – xTool P2
  • Safety – xTool P2
  • Noise – xTool P2
  • Affordability – Tie

With wins in 8 out of 15 categories, the xTool P2 barely squeaks past the Omtech Pro 2440 as the best CO2 Laser Engraver entering 2024. Its smarter integrated dual camera setup, faster speeds, higher precision, and expanded clearances vault ahead of a very solid competitor. Fantastic third-party software compatibility, immense work zones, and rock-solid hardware construction almost see the Omtech Pro 2440 pull off the victory. But for those seeking exotic curve engraving capacities alongside lightning velocity, the xTool P2 leads the pack. Its accessory ecosystem also Shows Tremendous potential.

Yet “the best” moniker always depends greatly on intended applications. While we recommend the well-rounded xTool P2 to most buyers, heavy fabrication users may benefit more from the Omtech Pro 2440’s burlier laser power and massive work area. Its four-way pass through doors similarly cater to oversized materials. As with any specialized equipment, fully weighing your foreseeable usage scenarios steers the right purchasing decision. xTool P2 vs Omtech Pro 2440

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Both machines earn our strong endorsements backed by mostly gleaming customer feedback. Newcomer xTool impresses out of the gate with its P2 innovation showcase. And stalwart OmTech continues cementing its reputation for approachable Quality machines. You truly can’t go wrong picking either brand for your desktop CO2 laser cutting and engraving duties. We hope this detailed xTool vs Omtech comparison provides the background needed to select the best laser engraver investment paying dividends for years to come. xTool P2 vs Omtech Pro 2440


What materials can each laser cutter engrave?

The xTool P2 works well with wood, acrylic, leather, glass, certain metals and more. The Omtech Pro 2440 handles those plus stone, cardboard, paper, foam, fabrics, and a wider assortment of plastics.

What thickness of materials can each machine cut?

The 55W xTool P2 cuts up to 20mm acrylic or 18mm wood, expanding to over 8 inches tall with its riser accessory. The 80W Omtech Pro 2440 cuts 29mm acrylic or 30mm wood, while its 100W version handles 33mm & 40mm respectively.

What software is included with each laser engraver?

The xTool P2 ships with XCS, intuitive proprietary software for Windows, while Omtech works with common programs like LightBurn, RDWorks, and CorelLaser purchased separately.

What warranties are included with the P2 vs Pro 2440?

xTool protects the P2 with a 1-year warranty. Omtech grants 2 years on its Pro 2440 laser tube itself, plus 1 year covering remaining hardware components.

Do these CO2 laser engravers work with rotary attachments?

Yes. Both the xTool P2 and Omtech Pro 2440 seamlessly pair with compatible third-party rotary engraving accessories to customize cylindrical items.

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