You are currently viewing XTool P2 vs OMTech 150w Laser Engraver: Find Ultimate Beast!

XTool P2 vs OMTech 150w Laser Engraver: Find Ultimate Beast!

XTool P2 vs OMTech 150w Laser Engraver Head to Head Comparison:– Lasers engravers have become an increasingly popular tool for artists, crafters, entrepreneurs & hobbyists to use for cutting, engraving & marking materials like wood, plastic, glass, leather & more. Two of the top contenders on the market are the XTool P2 and the OMTech 150w laser engraver. But which one comes out on top? In this article, we’ll compare the key features and capabilities of the XTool P2 & OMTech 150w to help you determine which laser engraver fits your needs and budget.

Overview of the XTool P2 Laser Engraver

The XTool P2 is a smart desktop CO2 laser cutter and engraver with some standout features that sets it apart from many alternatives on the market. Here are some of the key details about the XTool P2:

  • Laser Power: 55W CO2 air-cooled laser tube
  • Work Area: 26.8 x 14.2 inches (680 x 360 mm)
  • Max Engraving Speed: Up to 600mm/s
  • Max Engraving Height: 2.75 inches (72mm), expandable to 8.4 inches with optional riser base
  • Dual Cameras: 16MP panoramic and close-range cameras for scanning objects and precision engraving
  • Notable Features: Curved surface engraving, auto-focus, enclosed design, compatible with conveyor attachment and rotary attachment
  • Software: XCS workflow software
  • Price: $4499

The XTool P2 is a very high-tech laser engraver with its built-in dual cameras and curved surface engraving capabilities. The 16MP cameras allow you to scan objects to engrave and provide an accurate live preview of the work area. This also enables the P2 to engrave on curved surfaces by creating a 3D rendering of the object, something unique among desktop laser engravers. With 55W of power, it can cut through materials up to 18mm thick in a single pass.

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Overview of the OMTech 150w Laser Engraver

The OMTech 150w laser engraver is a professional-grade 40” x 63” CO2 laser cutting and engraving machine. Here are the key specifications:

XTool P2 vs OMTech 150w Laser Engraver: Find Ultimate Beast!
  • Laser Power: 150W CO2 water-cooled laser tube
  • Work Area: 40 x 63 inches (1000 x 1600 mm)
  • Max Engraving Speed: 23.6 ips (600 mm/s)
  • Max Engraving Height: 0.4 inches (10mm)
  • Pass-Through: Front, back, and side pass-through capabilities
  • Software: RDWorks, compatible with LightBurn
  • Price: $10,840

With its extra large work area and 150W laser tube, the OMTech 150w laser engraver is built for high production engraving and cutting. It can cut through 0.4” materials at high speeds. The three-way pass-through allows you to work with oversized materials by sliding them through as you go. It comes with an air assist pump and exhaust blower fan for cleanly cutting materials.

XTool P2 vs OMTech 150w Laser Engraver: Detailed Comparison

SpecificationXTool P2OMTech 150w
Laser Power55W CO2150W CO2
Work Area Size26.8 x 14.2 in40 x 63 in
Max Engraving Speed600mm/s600mm/s
Max Engraving Height2.75 in (72mm)0.4 in (10mm)
Max Engraving Height (with accessories)8.4 in (with riser)N/A
Laser SourceAir-cooled CO2 glass tubeWater-cooled CO2 glass tube
Positioning Accuracy0.01mm0.001mm
Cooling MethodAir or water (chiller required)Water
CamerasDual 16MP (panoramic & close-up)None
Curved Surface EngravingYesNo
Operating ModesEngraving, cutting, raster, vectorEngraving, cutting, raster, vector
ConnectivityUSB, WiFi, Ethernet, USB Flash DriveUSB, Ethernet, USB Flash Drive
Power Requirements110V/220V, 50Hz/60Hz, 10A110V/220V, 50Hz/60Hz, 15A
Supported MaterialsWood, acrylic, plastics, MDF, leather, paper, glass, coated metals, anodized aluminum, marble, slate, stone, rubber, and moreWood, acrylic, plastics, MDF, leather, paper, glass, coated metals, anodized aluminum, marble, slate, stone, rubber, and more
Pass-ThroughWith conveyor attachmentFront, back, side built-in
SoftwareXCS (proprietary)RDWorks, LightBurn compatible
OS CompatibilityWindows, Mac, iOS, AndroidWindows, Mac
CertificationOEMDesigned in USA
Warranty1 year2 years (exclusions apply)

XTool P2 vs OMTech 150w: Detailed Comparison

Now let’s take a closer look at how the XTool P2 and OMTech 150w laser engravers stack up against each other in some key categories:

XTool P2 vs OMTech Laser Power

XTool P2OMTech 150w
55W CO2 laser 150W CO2 laser

The OMTech has nearly 3x more laser power than the XTool P2. The extra power allows it to cut faster and deeper through thick materials.

XTool P2 vs OMTech Work Area Size

xTool P2 Review: The Smartest Laser Cutter We've Ever Tested
XTool P2OMTech 150w
26.8 x 14.2 inches40 x 63 inches

The OMTech has a significantly larger work area, over 4x the engraving surface of the XTool. Its 40×63” bed can accommodate large-scale projects.

XTool P2 vs OMTech Max Engraving Speed

xTool P2 Review: The Smartest Laser Cutter We've Ever Tested
XTool P2OMTech 150w

Both engravers have the same maximum engraving speed specification of 600mm/s. In real-world use, the extra power of the OMTech may allow it to maintain higher speeds when cutting thicker materials.

XTool P2 vs OMTech Max Engraving Height/Thickness

XTool P2OMTech 150w
2.75 inches, expandable to 8.4” with riser0.4 inches

The XTool has greater vertical clearance to accommodate engraving thicker objects right out of the box. With the riser base, it can expand to engrave up to 8.4” thick materials. In contrast, the OMTech maxes out at 0.4” depth.

XTool P2 vs OMTech Cameras

xTool P2 Review: The Smartest Laser Cutter We've Ever Tested
XTool P2OMTech 150w
Dual 16MP cameras No camera

One of the XTool’s biggest differentiators is its built-in dual 16MP cameras. It can scan objects to engrave and provide an accurate live video preview. The cameras also enable curved surface engraving by creating 3D renderings of objects. The OMTech lacks any integrated camera.

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XTool P2 vs OMTech Curved Surface Engraving

XTool P2OMTech 150w

The XTool P2’s cameras allow it to engrave on curved surfaces like glasses, mugs, and vases. This is currently a unique capability among desktop CO2 laser engravers in this class. The OMTech does not offer curved surface engraving.

XTool P2 vs OMTech Software

XTool P2OMTech 150w
XCS workflow softwareRDWorks, LightBurn compatible

The XTool comes with XCS, their own workflow software tailored for the P2. The OMTech uses RDWorks but is also compatible with LightBurn, a popular third-party laser cutting/engraving software.

XTool P2 vs OMTech Pass-Through

XTool P2OMTech 150w
Compatible with conveyor attachmentFront, back, side pass-through

The OMTech has dedicated pass-through cutting capabilities to handle oversized materials. The XTool does not have built-in pass-through, but can use the conveyor attachment for auto-feeding longer materials up to 118 inches.

XTool P2 vs OMTech Price

XTool P2OMTech 150w

The XTool P2 retails for less than half the price of the OMTech 150w laser engraver. The lower price point does come with some tradeoffs in power and work area size compared to the industrial-level OMTech unit.

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Safety Features

  • Both engravers have safety features like enclosed design, emergency stop button, and lid locks
  • The XTool is also compatible with a fire safety set for flame detection and suppression


  • The OMTech 150w laser is certified and designed in the USA
  • XTool is a Chinese company but they note their P2 model is OEM certified

XTool P2 vs OMTech 150w: Which is Better For You?

So which of these CO2 laser engraving machines is right for your application? Here’s a quick summary:

The XTool P2 is the better choice if you:

  • Want smart features like the dual cameras and curved surface engraving
  • Will frequently engrave small to medium-sized projects
  • Need to engraver taller objects up to 8 inches
  • Have a max budget around $5000

The OMTech 150w is the better option if you:

  • Require maximum laser power and large work area
  • Plan to take on large-scale engraving/cutting projects
  • Need speedy throughput for production workloads
  • Want an industrial-grade machine with proven reliability
  • Have the budget for a $10,000+ machine

The XTool P2 offers incredible technology features for the price point. For larger production jobs, the OMTech 150w’s brute power may be worth the premium. Evaluate your budget, workload, and feature needs to determine if the sleek smarts of the XTool P2 or the brawn of the OMTech 150w is the best fit laser engraver for your shop or workspace.

:Frequently Asked Questions:

Can the XTool P2 or OMTech laser cut metal?

Neither laser can cut through metal. They are designed for cutting and engraving softer materials like wood, acrylic, leather, paper, plastics, glass, rubber, and more. For metal cutting, you would need a fiber laser which starts around $15,000+.

What materials can you engrave with these laser engravers?

Popular materials that both the XTool P2 and OMTech 150w can engrave include wood, acrylic, plastics, MDF, bamboo, leather, paper, cardboard, glass, marble, slate, anodized aluminum, stone, rubber, and more. The P2’s curved surface engraving also expands options for engraving rounded objects.

What software do the laser engravers use?

The XTool P2 comes with XCS workflow software. For the OMTech, it includes RDWorks software and is also compatible with LightBurn. Many users prefer to use LightBurn, which generally provides a better user experience than the stock RDWorks software.

Do you need any additional accessories or safety equipment?

It’s recommended to use a dust boot/extractor fan and wear a respirator mask when operating any laser. A standalone air filter unit is also a good idea to improve air quality. For the P2, a water chiller is required since it has an air-cooled laser tube. OSHA recommends adding a fire extinguisher and smoke/CO alarm when operating lasers.

Can you engrave metal or cut thick metal?

You cannot directly engrave or cut bare metals with a CO2 laser like the XTool P2 and OMTech 150w. To mark metal, you need anodized or coated metals where the laser interacts with the surface coating rather than the metal itself. For cutting thick metal, you would need an industrial-grade fiber laser.

What is the difference between engraving and cutting with a laser?

Engraving is using the laser to mark or etch the surface of a material. Cutting is using the laser to fully penetrate through the entire thickness of the material. The XTool P2 and OMTech 150w can perform both engraving and cutting, but are limited in how thick of materials they can cut through.

Can you operate the laser engravers outdoors?

It is not recommended to operate CO2 laser engravers outdoors due to their sensitivity to drafts and difficulties controlling fumes safely. Some users have experimented with DIY enclosure tents, but use extreme caution if attempting outdoor operation.

Choosing the Right Laser Engraver for You

Determining whether the feature-packed XTool P2 or the robust OMTech 150w is the right laser engraver comes down to considering your budget, work area needs, typical project sizes, and desired features like curved engraving. For low to mid production shops, the P2 offers tremendous value and capabilities. Larger industrial shops needing to crank out high volumes of laser work will benefit from the OMTech’s brawny 150W power and expansive work area. Carefully weigh these key factors as you evaluate which of these two leading CO2 laser engravers is the best investment for your shop or workspace.

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