You are currently viewing xTool P2 Specs Review: What are the capabilities of xTool P2

xTool P2 Specs Review: What are the capabilities of xTool P2

The xTool P2 is the latest flagship model in xTool’s line of CO2 laser cutter engravers. With upgraded capabilities over previous models, the xtool p2 specs make it an incredibly versatile machine suitable for personal hobbyists as well as small businesses.

In this in-depth review, we’ll take a close look at the xtool p2 specs & features to understand the capabilities of this machine. Read on to find out if the xTool P2 is the right Laser Cutter for your needs.

Overview of xtool p2 specs

Here is a quick rundown of the key xtool p2 specs:

  • Laser power: 55W
  • Work area: 26.8 x 14.2 inches
  • Max engraving speed: 600 mm/s
  • Max engraving height: 2.75 inches (8.4 inches with riser)
  • Dual cameras: 16MP + Wide Angle
  • Supported materials: Wood, acrylic, MDF, leather, glass, slate, coated metals, anodized aluminum, cardboard, paper, fabric, rubber, and more
  • Connectivity: WiFi, USB, Ethernet
  • Software: xTool Creative Space (XCS)
  • Footprint dimensions: 30 x 27 x 16 inches
  • Weight: 110 lbs

Next, let’s look at some of these xtool p2 specs and features more closely to see why this machine stands out from its competitors.

Exploring the xtool p2 specs and Capabilities

Powerful 55W CO2 Laser Tube

The xTool P2 comes equipped with a 55W CO2 laser tube—a significant upgrade from previous xTool models.

The increased laser wattage enables the xTool P2 to cut thicker and denser materials with ease in a single pass. Based on xtool p2 specs, it can cut:

  • 18mm thick black walnut
  • 20mm clear acrylic
  • 3mm basswood at 35 mm/s (6 times faster than 20W diode laser!)

The 55W power empowers the P2 to take on projects and materials that weaker laser tubes struggle with.

Large 26.8 x 14.2” Work Area

xTool P2 Specs Review: What are the capabilities of xTool P2

With its oversized work table, the xTool P2 provides one of the largest work areas in its class at 26.8 x 14.2 inches.

The expansive work zone allows enough space to take on sizable projects. You’ll save time by engraving multiple pieces in one session instead of working in batches.

Compared to smaller machines, the P2’s substantial work area increases what you can create.

Dual Smart Camera Recognition

The xTool P2 incorporates not just one, but two intelligent camera systems:

xTool P2 Review: The Smartest Laser Cutter We've Ever Tested
  • Close-range 16MP camera for precision engraving
  • Wide-angle 16MP camera for workspace monitoring

The close-range camera partners with the laser head to provide accurate etchings down to a 0.03mm resolution. Meaning fine details and small text turn out crisp and defined.

Meanwhile, the wide-angle camera gives you an overall perspective of the entire work bed. View your material placement as you prepare a job for straightforward setup. xtool p2 specs

This dual camera system sets the P2 apart from competitors with single lens cameras. The xTool p2’s improved vision capabilities allow for accurate placing of intricate patterns.

600mm/s Max Engraving Speed

When it comes to rate of operation, the xTool P2 outpaces rivals with cutting-edge engraving velocities.

xTool P2 Review: The Smartest Laser Cutter We've Ever Tested

The max engraving speed tops out at a rapid 600mm/s. Quick etch times empower the P2 to power through projects with ease.

At top speeds, you can finish more pieces per hour compared to slower devices. Increased hourly production is the result of faster processes. xtool p2 specs

8.4” Max Material Height

Out of the box, the xTool P2 accommodates materials up to 2.75 inches (72mm) thick thanks to the included riser. This allows you to etch items like drinking glasses, vases & other objects.

xTool P2 Review: The Smartest Laser Cutter We've Ever Tested

For even taller pieces up to 8.4 inches high, you can purchase the supplemental P2 riser base. This handy add-on unit is perfect for next-level etching jobs on containers, bottles, sculptures & broad surfaces.

With expandable material options, the sky’s the limit for the variety of objects you can engrave.

Automatic Conveyor Feeder

Tackle extra-long materials up to 118 inches with the automatic conveyor feeder accessory.

This motorized intake system seamlessly transports oversized mediums through the P2 for automatic engraving processes. xtool p2 specs

The automated feed mechanism prevents alignment issues & marking discrepancies associated with manual maneuvering of lengthy pieces.

Streamline production times and maximize cutting precision on supersized stocks like tabletops, doors, sign boards, and more with this must-have timesaver.

Rotary Attachment

Cylindrical etching adds an artistic flair using the optional RA2 Pro rotary tool.

xTool P2 Review: The Smartest Laser Cutter We've Ever Tested

Spin pens, tumblers, mugs, glasses, and custom creations to apply wraparound designs effortlessly.

The spring-loaded chuck securely grips pieces from 0 to 180mm in diameter. Further expand the scope of engravable objects with this versatile rotary engraving module. xtool p2 specs

Class-Leading Software Functions

The xTool P2 ships with xTool Creative Space (XCS)—intuitive design software unlocking next-gen laser cutting features.

Standout XCS capabilities include:

Image Auto Tracing

Quickly renders artwork, photos, sketches, etc. into editable laser files.

Object Recognition

Scans multiple shapes to instantly apply identical patterns onto each piece.

Curved Surface Engraving

Renders a 3D model to flawlessly etch cylindrical and irregular shapes.

Powerful software tools augment creativity & maximize workflow efficiency.

What Materials Can You Cut or Engrave?

Given its versatile 55W CO2 laser tube, the xTool P2 can handle engraving, cutting, and marking a wide assortment of materials.

xTool P2 Review: The Smartest Laser Cutter We've Ever Tested

Here’s a sampling of the many mediums the P2 can decorate:

  • Wood – Natural woods, MDF, plywood
  • Plastics – Acrylics, polycarbonate, ABS, PET, foam boards, styrene models
  • Fabrics – Leather, felt, denim, cotton, silk
  • Paper/Cardstock – Delicate designs on printable medium
  • Stone – Marble, granite, slate, stone crafts
  • Glass/Crystal – Etch drinkware, plateware, mirrors, vases
  • Metals – Anodized aluminum, powder coated metals, stainless steel (cermark required)
  • Rubber – Stamp rubber, mouse pads, foam sheets
  • Food – Customize chocolate molds and cake toppers

Thanks to its remarkable intensity, the xTool P2 adapts to practically any hobby medium you throw its way. Delicate materials like paper and fabric pose no issue for the controlled precision of its 55W laser.

Who is the xTool P2 Best Suited For?

With game-changing upgrades over previous generations, the feature-packed xTool P2 fittingly occupies a spot as one of the top CO2 laser engravers on the market. xtool p2 specs

Which 40W CO2 Laser Engraver Machine is Best in 2024?

Given its commercial-grade power and generous work area, the P2 is a prime selection for:


Creative makers longing for next-level personalization effects need look no further. The xTool P2 empowers hobbyists to elevate ordinary objects into dazzling keepsakes & professional-quality crafts.

Online Sellers/ Etsy Shop Owners

Offer customers tailored merchandise that’s sure to impress. The P2 efficiently handles batch production thanks to abundant work space, conveyor feeding, and object recognition technology.

Small Businesses/ Startups

Streamline in-house production of branded goods, promotional items, plaques, signage, packaging designs and more with the xTool P2.

For startups and lean teams, this flexible unit pulls double duty for prototyping and small batch manufacturing.


Learning centers can engage students with hands-on laser cutting projects fitting various skill levels and interests—from art to engineering. xtool p2 specs

xTool P2 Specs Review: What are the capabilities of xTool P2

The enclosed P2 is safe for all ages while the wifi/Ethernet connection enables remote monitoring. Teachers can supervise projects in progress through the live camera preview.

Some ways the xTool P2 can enhance STEM and vocational programs:

  • Teach physics concepts through laser optics experiments
  • Explore graphic design principles by creating laser engraved products
  • Foster cooperation through group engraving challenges
  • Provide career exposure with in-demand fabrication skills
  • Spark entrepreneurship with student-run engraving businesses

For education and community workshops, the user-friendly xTool P2 offers dynamic hands-on learning across multiple disciplines. Students can acquire creative confidence and technical savvy to carry forward in further academics or professional roles.

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With such all-encompassing abilities, the xTool P2 suits virtually any laser application. It’s an easy recommendation for hobbyists & small businesses alike seeking a professional-grade laser cutting solution. xtool p2 specs

Additional xtool p2 specs Worth Noting

Beyond the headline capabilities covered already, let’s touch on some other handy xtool p2 specs that enable this unit’s effectiveness:

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Rugged Metal Frame

The reinforced steel chassis and aviation-grade aluminum gantry lend durability and stiffness. During High Velocity motion, the laser head may be positioned with incredibly precise accuracy because to its robust structure.

Enclosed Body

The fully enclosed form factor blocks stray laser emissions for increased safety. The compact, self-contained design also reduces noise and contains material debris.

LED Workspace Illumination

The adjustable overhead LED light illuminates your workspace to monitor jobs in progress. Dimmable settings prevent overexposure when dealing with photosensitive materials. xtool p2 specs

Integrated Exhaust Fan

Rapidly evacuate smoke and fumes out of the chamber through the built-in 145 CFM exhaust fan. For enclosed spaces, add the supplemental smoke purification unit for clean, filtered air.

Emergency Stop Button

Immediately halt laser firing to stop accidents via the integrated emergency stop button. An electrical supply switch also cuts power to the laser source as a redundant safety cutoff.

WiFi Enabled

The onboard WiFi makes remote operation a breeze through a wireless network connection to the XCS software on your chosen smart device.

What Comes in the Box?

XTool P2 Cost: Is It Really Worthwhile Investment In 2023?

The well-equipped xTool P2 package includes:

  • xTool P2 laser engraver
  • Water circulation pump
  • Exhaust fan
  • Full-spectrum laser safety goggles
  • Hex wrenches, clippers, and tweezers toolkit
  • Power cord
  • Ethernet cable
  • Camera calibration paper
  • Sample materials
  • User manual

With the primary accessories included along with the unit itself, you’ll have everything necessary operate the xTool P2 right out of the box.

For even greater capabilities, add supplemental components like the workbed riser, conveyor feeder, rotary add-on and fume purification system.

Comparing xtool p2 specs to Similar Laser Cutters

How does the full feature set of the xTool P2 compare to competitive options in the market? Here is a specifications showdown against two rival CO2 laser cutter/engravers—the Glowforge Pro and FSL Muse:

SpecsxTool P2 specs Glowforge Pro specsFSL Muse specs
Laser Power55W40W25W
Work Area26.8 x 14.2”25 x 20”12 x 20”
Max. Cut Thickness20mm acrylic12.7mm acrylic6mm acrylic
Max. Speed600 mm/sec500 mm/sec300 mm/sec
Rotary AxisYes (4-in-1)NoYes (3-in-1)
Dual CameraYes (16MP)NoNo
SoftwarexTool Creative SpaceGlowforge AppRetinaEngrave

Across critical categories like laser wattage, work area, max cutting depth, and speed, the exceptional xtool p2 specs eclipse the output potential of either machine.

Factor in the dual-camera vision system, onboard software advantages, and economical pricing—the well-appointed xTool P2 prevails as a cut above competitors.

For the optimal blend of power, performance, and value among professional-grade CO2 laser engravers, look no further than the xTool P2.

Conclusion – A Versatile Powerhouse in a Compact Footprint

The innovative xTool P2 consolidates robust 55W laser intensity and large 26” x 14” work zone into a conveniently sized 34” x 27” footprint.

Automated assist features such as the conveyor feeder, rotary module & smart camera controls amplify efficiency for ambitious laser cutting applications.

Across the board, the standout xtool p2 specs empower the P2 as an elite laser cutter/engraver ready for big ideas. This nimble machine handles an exceptionally wide range of materials thanks to exceptional adjustable parameters.

For creative entrepreneurs and discerning makers drawn to next-gen laser technology, the feature-rich xTool P2 won’t disappoint. This unified powerhouse unites rapid speed, commercial durability & professional-tier software into an accessible package.

When evaluating all that the xTool P2 brings to the table, it earns a wholehearted recommendation as today’s premier benchtop CO2 laser cutter.


What thickness of wood can the xTool P2 laser cut?

The 55W laser in the xTool P2 can slice through solid wood up to 18mm thick in a single pass. With multiple passes, thicker lumber up to 25mm can be processed.

Can I connect the xTool P2 engraver to my smartphone?

Yes, the built-in WiFi enables wireless connectivity to smartphones and tablets running the xTool Creative Space app for untethered control.

Does the xTool P2 laser need ventilation?

The onboard exhaust fan vents smoke and debris out of the P2’s enclosed body. For indoor use, adding the supplemental smoke purifier provides further filtration.

What file types does the xTool P2 software support?

The xTool Creative Space software is compatible with DXF, PNG, JPG, BMP, SVG files. It also can auto-trace Imported images into editable drawings.

How long is the warranty period for the xTool P2?

The xTool P2 comes with a 1-year warranty on parts, with extended coverage available. The laser tube itself is warranted for 1500 working hours.

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