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Xtool P2 55W vs Omtech 130W Laser Cutter: Which is Best 4 u?

Laser Cutting & Engraving machines have become increasingly popular for makers, crafters, artists, and small businesses. Two of the top desktop CO2 laser cutter models on the market are the Xtool P2 55W and the Omtech 130W laser cutter. But which one is right for you? This Comprehensive comparison outlines the key factors to consider when deciding between the Xtool P2 & Omtech 130W.

Overview of Xtool P2 55W Laser Cutter

The Xtool P2 is a feature-packed 55W CO2 laser engraving and cutting machine. Key details include:

  • 55W laser power – Allows cutting up to 18mm thickness on wood and 20mm on acrylic
  • Dual 16MP smart cameras – Enables curved surface engraving, multi-point engraving, and automatic height adjustment
  • 26 x 14 in bed size – 50% larger work area than comparable models 
  • 600mm/s max engraving speed – Works up to 6x faster than lower watt laser cutters
  • Compatible with conveyor attachment – For engraving objects up to 118 in long
  • Riser base available – Increases max object height to 8.4 in
  • Class 4 laser – Requires safety precautions during operation

The Xtool P2 comes with user-friendly XCS software and has WiFi/Ethernet connectivity. It’s an Intelligent, high-precision laser engraver & cutter suitable for businesses, schools, and makerspaces.

Xtool P2 55W vs Omtech 130W Laser Cutter: Which is Best 4 u?

Overview of Omtech 130W Laser Cutter

The Omtech 130W Laser Cutter engraver and cutter packs serious power and performance. Key features:

  • 130W Laser Cutter power – Cuts up to 0.4 in thickness on wood, acrylic, glass, Leather & more
  • 35 x 55 in bed size – Extra large work area for big projects
  • 23.6 ips max engraving speed 
  • Front, back, and side pass-through – For long workpieces up to 59 x 2 in  
  • Dual honeycomb and slat bed – Accommodates a wide variety of materials
  • USB and Ethernet connectivity – For file transfer and Lightburn software
  • Class 4 laser – Safety precautions required during use 

This industrial-grade 130W laser cutter is built for high-volume production. It’s ideal for manufacturing, fabrication shops & other commercial applications.

Laser Power

The most important factor determining cutting ability is laser power. More power equals deeper and faster Cuts.

Xtool P2: 55W laser power

Omtech 130W: 130W Laser Cutter power

The Omtech 130w laser cutter has over 2X more power than the Xtool P2. This allows it to cut thicker and denser materials that the P2 can’t handle. 

However, 55W is sufficient laser power for most hobbyists and small businesses cutting thinner woods, acrylics, cardstock, leather, and engraving metal. Unless you require cutting capacity above 18mm wood, the P2’s laser power will likely meet your needs.

Work Area Size

The work area determines the max size of materials you can cut or engrave.

Xtool P2 55W vs Omtech 130W Laser Cutter: Which is Best 4 u?

Xtool P2: 26 x 14 in 

Omtech 130W: 35 x 55 in

The Omtech boasts a much larger work area. Its 35 x 55 in bed can accommodate full sheets of plywood, acrylic, and other standard materials. 

The P2’s smaller 26 x 14 in bed may require you to frequently stop and reposition larger pieces. Consider maximum material sizes you expect to cut when choosing between these work areas.

Camera and Software

The Xtool P2 has dual 16MP cameras and includes XCS software with advanced features like:

Xtool P2 55W vs Omtech 130W Laser Cutter: Which is Best 4 u?
  • Curved surface engraving
  • Multi-point engraving
  • Intelligent shape recognition
  • Auto focus and height adjustment

The Omtech does not have onboard cameras. It includes RDWorks software focused on core cut/engrave functions. Users must purchase Lightburn separately to access comparable camera-driven features as XCS.

For most users, the P2’s integrated cameras and software provide a better user experience out of the box. But the Omtech’s open software compatibility gives you options to upgrade capabilities down the road if needed.


Cutting Speed

Xtool P2 55W vs Omtech 130W Laser Cutter: Which is Best 4 u?

Xtool P2: Up to 600mm/s engraving speed

Omtech 130W: Up to 23.6 ips (600mm/s) engraving speed

Both machines have identical max engraving speeds of 600mm/s. Engraving speed determines how quickly you can decorate, mark, or etching designs onto materials.

The P2’s sturdy construction enables it to reliably reach these fast speeds for productive engraving. The Omtech 130W Laser Cutter is also engineered for high speeds to take advantage of its 130W laser during cutting and engraving.

Connectivity and Control

The Xtool P2 has WiFi, USB, and Ethernet connectivity along with an intuitive touchscreen control panel. 

The Omtech 130W Laser Cutter uses USB and Ethernet connections. It utilizes an LCD display control panel with buttons to control the laser.

Both systems allow transferring files via USB drive. The P2’s wireless control options provide added flexibility but the Omtech’s industrial panel is built to withstand constant use.

Consider whether wireless control or resilient physical buttons suit your workflow better.

Materials Supported for Engraving and Cutting

Both the Xtool P2 and Omtech 130W CO2 laser cutters can engrave and cut a wide variety of non-metallic materials like wood, acrylic, leather, glass, and more. The 130W laser power of the Omtech allows it to cut thicker and denser materials than the 55W P2.

Certainly, here’s the table with the provided data:

MaterialEngravingCutting with Xtool P2Cutting with Omtech 130W
WoodYesUp to 18mmUp to 0.4 in
AcrylicYesUp to 20mmUp to 0.4 in
PlasticsYesThin sheetsThick sheets
FabricsYesThin fabricsThick fabrics
RubberYesThin rubberThick rubber
CorkYesThin corkThick cork

The P2’s 55W laser can cut thinner materials while the Omtech 130W handles thicker engraving and cutting on dense materials. Focus on the thickness you need to cut when choosing between the laser powers.


Pass-Through Capacity

Pass-through lets you cut or engrave extra long materials by feeding them through continuously.

The Xtool P2 requires adding an automatic conveyor attachment to enable pass-through functionality. This gives a max processing length of 118 inches.

The Omtech 130W laser cutter has built-in front, rear, and side pass-through. It can handle materials up to 59 x 2 inches long through the front/back and 38.2 x 0.8 inches via the side.

If you regularly need to cut or engrave long pieces over 3-4 feet, the P2 with conveyor or Omtech’s extra long front/back pass through are great options to boost productivity and reduce interruptions.

Maximum Workpiece Height

Xtool P2: 2.7 in height (8.4 in with riser)

Omtech 130W: No specified max height but sufficient for standard thicknesses

The P2’s fixed lens height limits its max engraving height to 2.7 inches. Adding the riser base accessory boosts this to 8.4 inches to accommodate thicker objects.

As an industrial CO2 laser cutter, the Omtech 130W Laser Cutter can handle standard material thicknesses with ease. While maximum height isn’t specified, it can certainly engrave and cut full-sized objects higher than 8 inches. 

Consider the tallest and thickest pieces you’ll be working with when choosing between the two models.

Safety Features

High power CO2 lasers require strict operation safety precautions. Both the Xtool P2 and Omtech 130W Laser Cutter incorporate robust safety features:

Xtool P2 55W vs Omtech 130W Laser Cutter: Which is Best 4 u?

Xtool P2

  • Class 4 laser (requires eye protection)
  • Automatic lid lock 
  • Emergency stop button
  • Enclosed design
  • Fire safety kit available 

Omtech 130W 

  • Class 4 laser (requires eye protection)
  • FDA compliant 
  • CE certified
  • Air assist
  • Exhaust ventilation  
  • Water flow sensor
  • Automatic shutdown

While optional for the P2, an exhaust fan and water cooling are built into the Omtech. Required safety gear like approved glasses must be worn for both. If correctly operated, either laser provides industrial grade safety.

Cost Comparison

  • Xtool P2: $4499
  • Omtech 130W: $7049

The Omtech 130W Laser Cutter costs over $2500 more than the Xtool P2. The extra cost primarily comes from its larger work area and higher laser power.

Both machines can be run as a business expense for those looking to monetize their laser cutting and engraving work.

For personal hobby use, the P2 provides sufficient performance at a more affordable price point for most makers and DIYers.

Verdict: Xtool P2 vs Omtech 130W

So which CO2 laser cutter is better for you?

For small businesses, hobbyists, and most personal use, the Xtool P2 is the best choice. It’s designed for home and workshop use with advanced features, safety systems, and excellent cutting ability at a reasonable price. 

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For larger scale production shops and heavy commercial use, the Omtech 130W laser cutter is worth the higher price. Its 130W Laser Cutter power, larger work area, and industrial design enable heavy-duty cutting and high output.

Focus on your budget, production needs, and material sizes when choosing between these two top-tier CO2 laser cutters. Both Xtool and Omtech build high quality machines that when operated properly can meet a wide range of engraving, cutting, and marking needs.

Key Comparisons

SpecsXtool P2Omtech 130W
Laser Power55W130W
Work Area26 x 14 in35 x 55 in
Max Engraving Speed600mm/s600mm/s
Max Material Height2.7 in (8.4 in w/ riser)Not specified, >8 in
ConnectivityWiFi, USB, EthernetUSB, Ethernet
Pass ThroughRequires conveyor attachment,Built-in front, rear, and
up to 118 inside, up to 59 x 2 in
SoftwareXCS w/ camera featuresRDWorks, Lightburn compatible
Safety FeaturesClass 4 laser, auto lock,Class 4 laser, air assist,
e-stop, enclosureexhaust, sensors


When selecting between the Xtool P2 and Omtech CO2 130W laser cutters, consider your budget, work area needs, safety diligence, and cutting requirements. The P2 suits most personal and small business use with its 55W power and smart camera features. For max power and large workpieces, the Omtech 130W Laser Cutter industrial model excels. Both are quality machines capable of precise, high-quality laser cutting and engraving. Carefully weigh their respective strengths and applicable features to determine the best 130W laser cutter option for your needs and workflow.

How thick of material can the Xtool P2 laser cutter handle?

The P2 can cut up to 18mm thickness on wood and 20mm on acrylic with its 55W laser.

What materials can I cut with the Omtech 130W laser?

The 130W laser can cut wood, acrylic, glass, leather, plastics, fabrics, rubber, and other non-metallic materials up to 0.4 inches thick.

What software does the Xtool P2 use?

The P2 comes with XCS software that includes advanced camera-driven features for curved surface engraving and more.

Does the Omtech 130W have an exhaust system?

Yes, the Omtech has an integrated exhaust fan and vent to efficiently remove smoke/debris produced during laser cutting.

How big of a work area does the Xtool P2 have?

The P2’s work area dimensions are 26 x 14 inches, giving good space for most hobbyist applications.

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