You are currently viewing xTool M1 review: Explore the Best Epic Laser Engraver

xTool M1 review: Explore the Best Epic Laser Engraver

The xtool m1 review aims to provide an in-depth assessment of this revolutionary hybrid machine that combines a 10W laser engraver with a blade cutting module for materials like vinyl and paper. We will analyze its versatile functionality, ease of use, software features and supported materials to determine who can benefit most from the xtool m1 review.

Highlights of the xtool m1 review

Before diving into the comprehensive xtool m1 review, let’s first glance at some of the most impressive capabilities and specifications of this 2-in-1 laser engraving and vinyl cutting machine:

xTool M1 review: Explore the Best Epic Laser Engraver
  • World’s first desktop machine combining CO2 laser engraver and drag knife vinyl cutter
  • Powerful 10W laser with dual laser technology for deeper cutting
  • Laser spot size down to 0.08 x 0.08 mm for ultra-fine engraving
  • Cutting area of 385 x 300 mm (15 x 12 inches)
  • Built-in 16 MP camera for simplified image tracing and positioning
  • Intuitive xTool Creative Space software with AI functions
  • 300+ compatible materials including wood, acrylic, paper, leather, plastic, glass, metals, stone, fabrics, cardboard, etc.
  • Class 1 laser safety rating for household use

This versatile mix of features makes the xtool m1 suitable for hobbyists and professionals alike. Now let’s analyze them in more detail through this xtool m1 review.

xtool m1 review – Innovative Hybrid Technology

The standout feature of the xtool m1 review unit is undoubtedly its innovative hybrid technology that combines a 10W CO2 laser engraver with a blade cutting module in one machine.

This allows you to leverage the precision and depth of laser engraving for materials like wood, leather, acrylic, anodized metals, glass and coat them without any risk of burns, while using the blade for delicate substances prone to discoloration and melting – like paper, cardstock, vinyl films, fabrics etc.

So in a single desktop unit you get the versatility to cut, engrave and score over 300 materials conveniently. This dual-use also makes the xtool m1 review perfect for starting a small business.

Powerful 10W Laser for Deeper Cutting

The xtool m1 review features a 10W laser with an impressive dual laser technology. This combines 2 laser beams into one point, concentrating the heat energy for more efficient material penetration.

xTool M1 review: Explore the Best Epic Laser Engraver

As per xtool, this 10W laser can cut through 8mm basswood, 3mm acrylic and engrave on 0.5mm brass or 1mm aluminum metal plates in a single pass.

Such strong laser power along with the tight 0.08mm spot size also enables highly detailed engraving for bitmap images or vector files. This level of laser strength surpasses results from 5W or 7W modules on comparable machines.

So if you need clean deep cuts without charring the edges or ultra-fine engraving capabilities, the xtool m1 review’s 10W CO2 laser is highly recommended.

Enhanced Laser Safety Features

Since the xtool m1 review is designed as a desktop machine for home or office use, xtool has equipped it with some neat safety enhancements.

The enclosed housing automatically detects when the transparent lid is opened and pauses laser operation to avoid accidental exposure.

There is also an integrated air filter and exhaust fan system to trap dust and smoke particles produced when materials burn. The flexible exhaust tube can be easily connected to external vents for contaminant-free indoor operation.

Additionally, the acrylic viewing window has a blue light filter to protect your eyes. So the xtool m1 review generates hardly any fumes, odor or noise at just 60 dB – safe for kids and pets too with adult supervision.

Camera Assisted Positioning and Tracing

Ease of use was also a critical focus area for the xtool m1 review laser engraver design.

xTool M1 review: Explore the Best Epic Laser Engraver

Installing inside the machine, xtool has incorporated a high resolution 16 MP camera with an ultra-wide lens. This allows you to clearly preview your material surface to check placement, alignment and scaling.

The live view also enables a useful image tracing function – simply insert a photo or child’s drawing inside the laser engraver bed, select the part you want to replicate and the machine extracts it within seconds as a laser-ready file!

Such intuitive positioning and tracing functions make the xtool m1 review convenient for novice users too.

Optimized xTool Creative Space Software

The xTool Creative Space software bundled with the xtool m1 review unit has been specially optimized for this 2-in-1 laser engraver and cutter machine.

xTool M1 review: Explore the Best Epic Laser Engraver

It offers a seamless workflow – from design creation using elements and templates to one-click material fills with customized laser parameters. Batch production is also made simpler through duplication features.

xTool Creative Space allows easy file imports from diverse sources – SVG, DXF, JPEG, PNG, etc. You can download free project templates for wood branding, paper arts, holiday gifts, home decorations and other applications.

Advanced users can also customize the laser speed, power, points per inch, cut sequence and other parameters. Performance analytics provide insights to Improve the final engraving or cutting outcome.

The software regularly pushes firmware upgrades for the xtool m1 review unit and materials database updates for optimal laser settings. This maximizes your production Quality over time as you gain experience.

Ideal For All Creative Applications

The xtool m1 review’s exceptional flexibility through its hybrid CO2 laser engraver and blade cutter technology makes it suitable for an unimaginable range of applications.

anything you can think of that needs customized branding, etching, cutting or sculpting – the xtool m1 review can create it with ease.

xTool M1 review: Explore the Best Epic Laser Engraver
  • Personalized acrylic and wooden gifts
  • Pet tags and collars made of leather or plastic
  • Custom design phone cases out of plywood
  • Etch metal wallets as groomsmen gifts
  • Glass etching for doors, vessels or tableware
  • Intricate paper greeting cards and lampshades
  • Scrapbook albums and journal covers using fabric, felt or faux leather
  • Monogrammed garments made from cotton, silk or polyester

For all these use cases, you can leverage the precision and speed of the laser engraver, while relying on the blade cutter for materials that could burn or melt under high heat.

The xtool m1 review is also great for setting up a small business without high investments. It empowers you to make customized products like:

  • Engraved house address signs
  • Pet treat jars with cute designs
  • Placemats or coasters with family photos
  • Personalized luggage tags
  • Ornamental stone houseware like platters, utensils, coasters etc.

You can constantly expand your product portfolio as the xtool m1 review handles an incredible 300+ material types.

Assessing the Pros and Cons

In this xtool m1 review so far, it is evident that this innovative 2-in-1 machine is packed with advanced features at an affordable investment. However, no product is perfect. So let’s assess some of the key pros and cons based on actual customer feedback:


  • Unmatched versatility in materials, applications, personalization
  • Powerful 10W laser cuts deeper and engraves ultra-fine details
  • Camera assisted positioning simplifies image tracing
  • Hundreds of free design templates and project ideas
  • Enclosed housing with exhaust fan for indoor cleanliness & safety
  • Excellent value for money from features vs. price perspective


  • Small interior space may limit larger projects
  • Software has a learning curve for new laser users
  • No offline support, must connect to a computer
  • Focus issues noted for uneven surfaces like wood
  • Limited windows and android app functionality

Considering the high power CO2 engraving laser and digitally controlled Vinyl drag knife cutter packed together at under $1500, most reviewers agree that the xtool m1 review is an absolute bang for buck.

The limitations noted are also being actively improved through firmware and software updates from Xtool based on user feedback. So on the whole, this machine delivers excellent ROI.

Deciphering the Various xtool m1 Models

As the xtool m1 review’s popularity increased multifold through word of mouth over the past 2 years, xTool has expanded the series with a few more ‘flavours’ targeting different user needs.

xTool M1 review: Explore the Best Epic Laser Engraver

The core hybrid laser & blade engraver technology remains same. The variants primarily differ based on laser power, camera resolution and bundled accessories.

Let’s quickly examine the options:

1. xtool m1 10W

The machine we have reviewed so far packs the highest 10W laser power along with 3 key accessories – a rotational attachment to engrave on glasses, mugs etc., an air filtration unit and a premium materials pack to start projects sooner.

2. xtool m1 5W

This variant contains a 5W laser diode resulting in slower and less deeper engraver quality than the 10W counterpart. Rest of the features are identical. Only the basic starter kit is included.

3. xtool m1 Pro 10W

This upgraded version is equipped with higher resolution cameras for enhanced image captures. Additionally, it bundles a wider range of accessories like laser eye protection glasses, aluminum honeycomb panel for stability, leukos filter for resolving small details etc.

4. xtool m1 Max

As the flagship model in the xtool m1 review line-up, the Max version contains dual 10W diodes for a staggering 20W combined laser power – making it amongst the most powerful in its class for hobbyist engravers.

The Max model also incorporates a wider camera angle with automatic slide bar extension for accommodating bigger projects. It includes the full accessory kit too.

While the xtool m1 review unit packs an array of basic features, xTool has engineered some smart add-ons that can really elevate its capabilities. These accessories are worth considering for serious hobbyists or commercial producers.

xTool M1 review: Explore the Best Epic Laser Engraver

This neatly designed air compressor connects externally to the xtool m1 review housing. You can adjust the airflow pressure between 10–30 litres/minute.

The concentrated air jet blows away any charred debris and molten material from the laser path. This enables much cleaner engraves and cut edges. It also prevents accumulation on the lens which can degrade laser power over time.

Flat surfaces like wood and acrylic sheets have a tendency to slightly burn at the engraved edges as heat dissipation is slower.

With hundreds of small holes beneath your material, the aluminum metal surface of the honeycomb panel is provided. This distributes and sinks away heat rapidly to minimize scorching and uneven textures.

This unique accessory fits into the laser module to provide exceptional concentrating power and spot circularity from the protruding conical lens pieces.

As a result, the leukos lens can resolve intricate details down to 0.005 inches during high precision engraving. With materials like anodized aluminum, it also Improves edge quality.

While the xtool m1 review’s flat working surface allows engraving over a height of 2 inches, installing this rotary tool attachment opens up a whole new range of applications.

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Four specific rotary tools tailor the xtool m1 for spinning cylindrical, spherical, conical and custom ring-shaped objects up to 7 inches diameter. Imagine customizing glassware, mugs, vases, bottles, bowls etc.

For engravers intending to use the xtool m1 review machine for mass production without pausing work overnight, this external smoke filter is a vital safeguard.

It connects easily to the rear vents of the xtool m1 housing and effectively purifies the exhaust fumes using activated carbon and HEPA filtration. The pure air can then be safely released indoors.

Pricing Overview

The xtool m1 review machine starts at affordable pricing under $1500 considering its features.

xTool M1 review: Explore the Best Epic Laser Engraver
  • The base xtool m1 10W model with essential accessories is available for $1299.
  • The higher-spec Pro version with additional supplements retails around $1699.
  • The top-end Max model with dual 10W lasers and complete kits sells for approximately $2799.

There are always seasonal discounts plus value bundled kits to enhance capabilities further. So analyze your usage expectations before finalizing an xtool m1 package. The expandable nature offers protection for future too.

Technical Specifications Summary

To conclude this comprehensive xtool m1 review, it will be useful to summarize the vital statistics and technical parameters that define this high-performance laser engraver and cutter machine:

Key FeaturesSpecifications
Laser Details10W CO2 laser diode with dual laser technology for 5W optical power output
Spot Size: 0.08 x 0.08mm
Engraving Speed: 250 mm/s (bitmap), 160 mm/s (vector)
Cutting Bed Size385 x 300 mm
Supported Material ThicknessLaser Cutting: 8mm basswood, 3mm acrylic
Blade Cutting: 1.5mm paper/vinyl/leather
Positioning Accuracy0.01mm
Laser Wavelength10.6μm
Safety MeasuresClass 1 FDA safety rating
Lid auto-pause
Dust exhaust port
Machine Weight9.8 kgs
SoftwarexTool Creative Space (Windows & Mac supported)

As evident from the xtool m1 review, this pioneering 2-in-1 laser engraving and vinyl cutting machine offers incredible value for casual hobbyists and professional artisans alike based on their application needs and budget priorities.

Over 300 materials, tens of free designs and automatic functions for simplicity make the xtool m1 review unit easy to recommend for novices too!


Is the xtool m1 good for beginners?

Yes, the xtool m1’s enclosed design, intuitive camera positioning, user-friendly software, and over 300 free projects make this an excellent beginner laser machine.

What thickness can the xtool m1 cut?

The 10W laser can cut up to 8mm basswood, 3mm acrylic, 1.5mm leather in a single pass. The blade cutter handles softer materials up to 1.5mm like paper, vinyl, fabrics.

Can I engrave metal with the xtool m1?

Yes, the 10W laser of xtool m1 can engrave coated metals like stainless steel, anodized aluminum, titanium, and brass plates up to 0.5-1mm thickness.

Is there software for custom design on the xtool m1?

Yes, the xTool Creative Space software bundled with xtool m1 provides extensive design capabilities along with hundreds of free templates.

Does the xtool m1 work with iPad or iPhone?

Yes, xTool offers iOS apps to connect via WiFi and control the xtool m1 unit remotely from your iPhone, iPad or Android devices.

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