xtool f1 vs laserpecker 4: Watch This Before You Buy!!
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:xtool f1 vs laserpecker 4:

Laser engravers like the xTool F1 and LaserPecker 4 allow you to permanently engrave designs and text onto various materials like wood, metal, acrylic, leather, and more. They utilize laser technology to quickly and precisely mark materials in high resolution.

When looking at the xTool F1 vs LaserPecker 4, there are some key differences between these portable laser engraving machines to consider. In this in-depth Comparison, we’ll look at the specs, features, performance, software, applications & more to help you determine which is the right option for your needs.

Overview and Specs

The xTool F1 and LaserPecker 4 are both compact, portable laser engravers released in 2022. They are designed to be easy to use & transport so you can engrave in different Locations.

Here is an overview comparison of the basic specifications for the xtool f1 vs laserpecker 4:

SpecxTool F1LaserPecker 4
Laser Type10W 450nm diode laser
2W 1064nm infrared laser
10W 450nm diode laser
2W 1064nm infrared laser
Max Engraving Area410 x 290 mm160 x 300 mm (with extension)
Max Engraving SpeedUp to 4000 mm/sUp to 2000 mm/s
Engraving Resolution0.003 mm0.003 mm
ConnectivityUSB, BluetoothUSB, Bluetooth
SoftwareXCS, LightBurnLaserPecker software, LightBurn
Size438 x 290 x 260 mmLaser head: 241 x 82 x 140 mm
Base: 260 x 218 x 284 mm
Weight16 kg5.5 kg

The xTool F1 has a notably larger max engraving area of 410 x 290 mm compared to 160 x 300 mm on the LaserPecker 4 (with slide extension accessory). The F1 also has faster advertised max engraving speeds.

However, the LaserPecker 4 is much more compact and portable with its segmented design and lower 5.5 kg weight.

Dual Laser Technology

A key feature that both the xTool F1 and LaserPecker 4 share is the integration of dual laser diodes:

  • 10W 450nm blue diode laser – Engraves materials like wood, acrylic, leather, stone, ceramic, etc. Can also cut thin materials.
  • 2W 1064nm infrared laser – Engraves metals like stainless steel, aluminum, gold, and plastics.
xtool f1 vs laserpecker 4: Watch This Before You Buy!!

Having both laser wavelengths in one machine allows you to engrave a wider range of materials without needing separate setups. The blue diode provides more power for cutting, while the infrared is better for sensitive metals.

The dual lasers have similar 10W and 2W power levels on the xTool F1 and LaserPecker 4. This gives them comparable engraving performance across materials like wood, acrylic, steel, and more when comparing the xtool f1 vs laserpecker 4.

Engraving Performance

When it comes to engraving performance, the xTool F1 boasts faster top speeds versus the LaserPecker 4:

  • xTool F1 – Up to 4000 mm/s engraving speed
  • LaserPecker 4 – Up to 2000 mm/s engraving speed
xtool f1 vs laserpecker 4: Watch This Before You Buy!!

However, both engravers offer exceptional accuracy down to 0.003 mm thanks to high precision galvo laser control. This allows for incredibly detailed results with tiny details and small text engraved legibly.

The xTool F1’s faster maximum engraving speeds can help improve workflow efficiency when processing multiple designs or batches. But both models still perform engraving tasks very quickly compared to manual processes.

In terms of laser cutting power, they have similar capabilities:

  • Up to 8 mm cutting depth on balsa wood
  • Up to 5 mm on darker acrylic

This allows you to cut all the way through many materials after the engraving is complete. Thicker materials may require multiple passes to cut through.

Overall, the xTool F1 holds the edge in terms of raw laser engraving and cutting performance when comparing the xtool f1 vs laserpecker 4. But both engravers produce excellent high-quality results across a variety of materials.


These laser engravers are designed for easy portability to use anywhere:

The xTool F1 has a durable metal housing with a suitcase-style handle for carrying. It weighs 16 kg.

The LaserPecker 4 features a modular design with a separate compact laser head unit that connects to the base. This helps reduce its weight to just 5.5 kg.

For moving between locations, the LaserPecker 4’s lighter-weight segmented build may be easier to transport when comparing the xtool f1 vs laserpecker 4. But both engravers still offer good portability for their laser power levels.


User-Friendly Design

Ease of use has also been a priority in the designs of the xTool F1 and LaserPecker 4:

  • Both have touchscreen interfaces to control laser settings and workflows.
  • They offer camera-based auto focus features to quickly focus the laser at the material surface. This avoids tedious manual adjustments.
  • Real-time engraving previews allow you to preview the laser path on the workpiece to confirm positioning before starting engraving.
  • Safety features like emergency stop buttons and housing sensors help make operation safe for users.

Overall, the engravers have been made to be simple to set up and use for novices. The embedded lasers’ full power might also be utilized by inventive users. The user-friendly designs are quite comparable when looking at the xtool f1 vs laserpecker 4.

Software Compatibility

You can create designs and control engraving using the included software or third party programs:

xtool f1 vs laserpecker 4: Watch This Before You Buy!!
  • The xTool F1 comes with XCS software with design, editing and machine control features. It also works with the popular LightBurn laser software.
  • The LaserPecker 4 includes the LaserPecker Design Space app for iOS/Android tablets and computers. It is also compatible with LightBurn.
  • Both support common design files like JPEG, PNG, SVG, DXF, etc.

Having compatibility with LightBurn gives you more advanced and precise control over laser settings and processes. But the included apps offer easy and beginner-friendly options too.

The xtool f1 and laserpecker 4 are evenly matched when it comes to software compatibility and options.


The xTool F1 and LaserPecker 4 are versatile for all kinds of laser engraving and marking applications:

xtool f1 vs laserpecker 4: Watch This Before You Buy!!
  • Personalizing and customizing everyday items like gifts, decor, accessories, keepsakes, and more
  • Adding customized branding to products or packaging
  • Engraving customized industrial tags, labels, plaques, badges, and signage
  • Artistic projects like photo engraving, drawings, logos, portraits and landscapes
  • Marking and personalizing metal items like knives, tools, keychains, jewelry, bottles, etc.
  • Prototyping circuit boards
  • Educational projects in schools, makerspaces, labs, etc.

Their compact size makes the engravers convenient to use in homes, offices, workshops, classrooms, craft booths, and other settings.

The combination of diodes allows engraving on wood, acrylic, metals, leather, stone, plastic, and many other material types with both the xtool f1 and laserpecker 4.


Price Comparison

Here is a look at the pricing options for the xtool f1 vs laserpecker 4 (as of February 2023):

xTool F1

  • Basic Package – $1599
  • xTool F1 laser engraver
  • Roll of craft paper
  • Exhaust fan
  • US power cable
  • 1 month LightBurn license
  • Pro Package – $1699
  • Adds air assist compressor for cleaner engraving

LaserPecker 4

  • Early Bird – $1799
  • LaserPecker 4 laser engraver
  • Power adapter
  • 1 month LightBurn license
  • Super Early Bird – $1679
  • Same as above but limited quantity

The going rates are very similar at around the $1600 to $1800 range when comparing the xtool f1 vs laserpecker 4. Lower pricing may be offered on limited pre-order batches.

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Additional accessories like rotary attachments and material upgrades are also available. Both companies offer financing options as well to split up payments.

Verdict: xTool F1 vs LaserPecker 4

In summary, the xTool F1 stands out with its larger engraving area and superior max engraving speed of 4000 mm/s. It also has a higher 10W infrared laser power level for increased cutting depth. The robust metal housing improves durability.

However, the LaserPecker 4 is easier to transport thanks to its modular design and lighter 5.5 kg weight. It offers smaller but still decent engraving area of 160 x 300 mm. Performance is highly competitive too, just a notch below the F1.

Both engravers provide exceptional performance for on-the-go engraving tasks with their dual diode lasers. Ease of use for beginners and software expandability are also big advantages.

For light portable use, the LaserPecker 4 may be the best fit when comparing the xtool f1 vs laserpecker 4. But the xTool F1 takes the edge for raw power and performance capabilities. Consider which factors are most important for your applications to decide between the xtool f1 and laserpecker 4.


Which laser engraver has the faster top speed?

The xTool F1 has a faster max engraving speed of 4000 mm/s compared to 2000 mm/s for the LaserPecker 4.

Which engraver is easier to transport?

The LaserPecker 4 is lighter at 5.5 kg with a modular design, making it easier to move than the 16 kg xTool F1.

What materials can they engrave?

Both can engrave wood, acrylic, metals, leather, stone, plastics, and more thanks to the dual laser diodes.

What software do they use?

They both come with their own engraving/design apps but also work with LightBurn for advanced controls.

Are these engravers safe to use?

Yes, they have multiple safety features like emergency stop buttons and sensors to detect opened housings.

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