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XTOOL F1 vs LaserPecker 3 Review: Which One is Best ?

Portable laser engravers allow you to bring laser engraving capabilities with you anywhere. Two of the most popular portable laser engravers on the market are the XTOOL F1 and the LaserPecker LP3. But which one is better for your needs?

In this XTOOL F1 vs LaserPecker 3 Review (comperison), we’ll look at the key features, performance, software, supported materials, and other factors to help you determine which is the best portable laser engraver for you. LaserPecker 3 Review

Overview of XTOOL F1 and LaserPecker LP3

The XTOOL F1 and LaserPecker LP3 have some similarities but also key differences that set them apart:


  • Features dual laser system with 10W blue diode laser and 2W infrared laser
  • Designed for laser engraving and cutting
  • Very fast engraving speed up to 4000mm/s
  • Engraving accuracy down to 0.00199mm
  • Works with XTOOL Creative Space software or LightBurn

LaserPecker LP3

  • Uses a 1W infrared laser
  • Specialized for engraving metals and plastics
  • Engraving speed up to 800mm/s
  • Engraving accuracy down to 0.01mm
  • Works with LaserPecker mobile app or LaserPecker Design Space software

LaserPecker 3 Review So at a high level, the XTOOL F1 offers faster speed and the ability to cut, while the LaserPecker LP3 provides higher engraving precision optimized for metals and plastics. But let’s look at the details…

Laser Power and Supported Materials

One of the biggest differences between these engravers is their laser type and power, which determines the materials they can engrave. LaserPecker 3 Review

XTOOL F1 Laser Types

The XTOOL F1 has an incredibly unique dual laser system:

  • 10W blue diode laser – For cutting and engraving materials like wood, acrylic, leather, paper, glass, and more
  • 2W infrared laser – For fine engraving on metals like aluminum, stainless steel, platinum, gold, and silver

This combination gives the XTOOL F1 the ability to engrave and cut a very wide range of materials with excellent results. LaserPecker 3 Review

LaserPecker 3 Review (Laser)

The LaserPecker LP3 has a single 1W infrared laser. This wavelength is Specifically designed for engraving metals & plastics. LaserPecker 3 Review

According to LaserPecker, the LP3 can engrave on:

  • Metals: Stainless steel, aluminum, gold, silver, copper, titanium, etc.
  • Plastics: Acrylic, ABS, silicone, PVC, acetate, etc.

So the LP3 laser is optimized for precision engraving on metals and plastics, though it can work on some other materials like stone or leather too.

Winner: XTOOL F1 supports a broader range of materials with both engraving and cutting capabilities. But the LaserPecker LP3 offers optimized performance for metals and plastics. LaserPecker 3 Review

Engraving Speed

Engraving speed determines how quickly you can produce projects, which is especially Important for businesses.

  • The XTOOL F1 has an amazingly fast engraving speed of up to 4000mm/s.
  • The LaserPecker LP3 maxes out at 800mm/s.

The XTOOL F1 leverages advanced galvanometer technology to reach engraving speeds that are 5x faster than the LP3. LaserPecker 3 Review This makes the XTOOL F1 highly productive for churning out laser engraved products.

Winner: XTOOL F1 for its blazing fast max engraving speed.

Engraving Accuracy and Resolution

Precision and attention to detail are important for laser engraving. Here is how the engraving accuracy and resolution compare:

  • XTOOL F1: 0.00199mm engraving accuracy and up to 4000 DPI resolution
  • LaserPecker LP3: 0.01mm engraving accuracy and up to 4K resolution

Both offer exceptional engraving precision at the fraction of a millimeter level. The LaserPecker LP3 has a slight edge in maximizing engraving detail. LaserPecker 3 Review

But the XTOOL F1 still produces stunningly detailed and accurate engravings. So most users will be very satisfied with the XTOOL F1 in this regard. LaserPecker 3 Review

Winner: LaserPecker LP3 for its higher maximum engraving accuracy and 4K resolution capability. But both Produce excellent detailed Engravings. LaserPecker 3 Review

Size and Portability

Being portable is the key advantage of these laser engravers. Here are the dimensions:

  • XTOOL F1:
  • Laser head: 240 x 150 x 115 mm
  • Base: 330 x 240 x 35 mm
  • LaserPecker LP3:
  • Laser head: 168.6 x 62.1 x 169.5 mm
  • Stand: 194 x 153.5 x 261.1 mm

The LaserPecker LP3 is a bit more compact, with a smaller laser head and overall size. This makes it generally easier to transport and set up in tight spaces.

But the XTOOL F1 is still a very portable machine. It comes with a carrying case with handle and is easy to pack up in a vehicle. LaserPecker 3 Review

Winner: LaserPecker LP3 is slightly more portable. But the XTOOL F1 remains highly transportable for a laser engraver.

Ease of Use

LaserPecker 3 Review; Both engravers are designed for easy, user-friendly operation:

  • The XTOOL F1 has auto-focusing and a live preview function to simplify setup.
  • The LaserPecker LP3 has an “intelligent double dots” system for easy focusing and previewing.

Additionally, their Software helps make the engraving process Smooth:

  • XTOOL F1 works with XTOOL Creative Space or LightBurn software for streamlined workflow.
  • LaserPecker LP3 uses the LaserPecker mobile app or LaserPecker Design Space software.

Overall, the user experience is simple and intuitive with both the XTOOL F1 and LaserPecker LP3. They minimize the learning curve for new laser engraver owners.

Winner: Tie – Both offer easy setup and robust software for a great user experience.

Safety Features

LaserPecker 3 Review Since these are high-powered laser engraving machines, adequate safety features are essential.

The XTOOL F1 and LaserPecker LP3 both provide:

  • A fully enclosed cover to contain laser light, smoke, and fumes
  • Integrated fans and filters to extract exhaust

Additionally, the XTOOL F1 includes extra safety components:

  • Acrylic top cover, metal bottom cabinet, and safety sensors
  • Air purifier accessory available for enhanced fume removal

The LaserPecker LP3 seems to offer sufficient safety for consumer use. But the XTOOL F1 goes above and beyond with extra protection. LaserPecker 3 Review

Winner: XTOOL F1 for the most robust safety system.


Software Compatibility

Having compatible software to run the laser engravers is key. Here are the options:

XTOOL F1 Software:

  • XTOOL Creative Space – Free software with robust features
  • LightBurn – Third party advanced software (additional purchase)

LaserPecker LP3 Software:

  • LaserPecker App – Free mobile app for iOS/Android
  • LaserPecker Design Space – Free desktop and mobile software

Both engravers work with free software tailored for that specific machine. The XTOOL F1 offers the additional ability to work with the more full-featured LightBurn software. LaserPecker 3 Review

So if you want advanced design, editing, and laser control capabilities, the XTOOL F1 paired with LightBurn is a great option.

Winner: XTOOL F1 for also being compatible with LightBurn software.


Pricing plays an important role when comparing laser engravers. Here are the current retail prices:

  • XTOOL F1: ,599
  • LaserPecker LP3: ,399

The LaserPecker LP3 is around 0 cheaper than the XTOOL F1. LaserPecker 3 Review

For the extra speed, dual laser abilities, and compatibility with LightBurn software, the XTOOL F1 still offers strong value despite the slightly higher price point. But the LP3 gives you solid metal/plastic engraving at a more budget-friendly cost.


Winner: LaserPecker LP3 for the lower price. But XTOOL F1 still offers great value.

XTOOL F1 vs LaserPecker LP3 Comparison Chart

Here is a helpful comparison chart summarizing the key differences between the XTOOL F1 and LaserPecker 3 Review:

FeatureXTOOL F1LaserPecker LP3
Laser(s)10W blue diode + 2W infrared1W infrared
MaterialsWide range including metals, plastics, wood, acrylic, paper, leather, glassOptimized for metals and plastics
Max Engraving Speed4000mm/s800mm/s
Engraving Accuracy0.00199mm0.01mm
Max Resolution4000 DPI4K
DimensionsLaser head: 240 x 150 x 115 mm Base: 330 x 240 x 35 mmLaser head: 168.6 x 62.1 x 169.5 mm Stand: 194 x 153.5 x 261.1 mm
Ease of UseAuto-focus, live previewDouble dot focus, live preview
Safety FeaturesEnclosed cover, air filtration systemEnclosed cover
SoftwareXTOOL Creative Space, LightBurnLaserPecker App, LaserPecker Design Space

Which is Better: XTOOL F1 or LaserPecker LP3?

With this detailed comparison, which portable laser engraver is better for you? Here are some key factors to help you decide:

Pick the XTOOL F1 if you want:

  • To laser engrave and cut materials
  • Extremely fast engraving speed
  • To work with advanced LightBurn software
  • The highest safety protections

Pick the LaserPecker LP3 if you want:

  • Specialized metal and plastic engraving
  • Compact and lightweight machine
  • Simple free software options
  • The lowest price point

In the end, if you want adaptability for quickly engraving and cutting a wide variety of materials, the XTOOL F1 is your best choice. But the LaserPecker LP3 is ideal if you mainly work with metals and plastics and value the smaller form factor and budget price.

Both LaserPecker and XTOOL are high-quality portable laser engravers. By Assessing your particular needs & priorities, you can determine Which model fits you the best.

Try a Portable Laser Engraver Today!

You can bring high-precision laser engraving skills with you wherever you go with portable laser engravers like the XTOOL F1 and LaserPecker LP3. or produce products for your business, having a compact laser machine expands your possibilities.

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Evaluate whether the lightning-fast and highly versatile XTOOL F1 or the specialized metal/plastic engraving LaserPecker LP3 is the best fit. Both options provide exceptional engraving Quality in Portable packages. Bring laser engraving with you by getting one of these incredible devices today!


What materials can the LaserPecker LP3 engrave on?

The LaserPecker LP3 is optimized for engraving metals like stainless steel, gold, aluminum, and plastics such as acrylic, ABS, and silicone without pretreatment. It can also work on some other materials like leather and stone.

How precise is the XTOOL F1’s engraving accuracy?

The XTOOL F1 offers an exceptional 0.00199mm engraving accuracy. This precision produces stunning detail in engravings even for intricate designs and small text.

Is the LaserPecker LP3 app easy to use?

Yes, the LaserPecker app has an intuitive interface that makes it simple to design projects, set parameters, and control engraving right from your smartphone.

Does the XTOOL F1 software work on Macs?

The XTOOL Creative Space software works on both Windows and Mac operating systems. You can also use the LightBurn software on Mac.

Can you engrave cylindrical objects with the LP3?

Yes, the LaserPecker LP3 can engrave cylindrical objects when paired with the sold-separately Versatile Electric Roller accessory.

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