XTool D1 Pro vs Sculpfun S30 Pro Max 20w Find Ultimate Beast
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In todays creative world, Laser engravers are increasingly in demand. Two popular choices that hobbyists often consider are the XTool D1Pro and the Sculpfun S30 Pro Max 20W. These engraving machines have been highly applauded for their performance, Versatility & Easy of use. Let’s dive deeper into their Comparison & Understand what sets them apart.

XTool D1 Pro

XTool D1Pro vs. Sculpfun S30 Pro Max 20W: H2H Comparison

The XTool D1Pro stands out as an upgrade to its previous model, XTool D1. With exceptional build upgrades, advanced laser module, refined software and new-gen electronics, this is one of the most impressive among diode laser engravers.

One of D1Pro’s main highlights is its 20W laser module. While being robust, it also provides proficient results on various materials, including 5mm pine, 6mm plywood, steel, aluminum and glass among others.

The device delivers a generous work area of 16.93″ x 15.35″ x 2″, supported by an all-metal build making it sturdy & durable. It incorporates a manual laser focus with a spot size of 0.08 x 0.1 mm (20W), compatible with materials like wood, leather, paper, acrylic, fabric, ceramic and glass etc.

With a maximum speed of 400mm/sec, D1Pro gives you Considerable Speed for your engraving needs. Moreover, it supports connectivity via USB, WiFi and comes with software such as xTool Creative Space and LightBurn. The device also provides support for rotary engraving, adding to its Versatile Functionality. A 12-month Warranty with this tool gives users a sense of security & assurance.

Sculpfun S30 Pro Max 20W

XTool D1Pro vs. Sculpfun S30 Pro Max 20W: H2H Comparison

Now let’s talk about the Sculpfun S30 Pro Max 20W. This laser engraver, just like the XTool D1Pro, is popular among Hobbyists & Professionals aiming for top-notch engraving performance.

The cutting capability of the S30 Pro Max’s powerful 20W laser, which was created by fusing four 6W lasers, is unmatched. Because of its wide cutting range, it can quickly cut through 15 mm of wood, 10 mm of acrylic in a single pass, and even 0.05 mm of metal with pinpoint accuracy. It is therefore the best option for individuals looking for exceptional cutting speed and ability.

With Top Engraving Speeds of up to 25,000mm/min, the S30 Pro Max is excellent for efficient mass production for experts, businesses, and factories. This significantly reduces work time.

The S30 Pro Max is all about precision, due to its industrial-grade precision sliding linear rail. This results in a solid and smooth surface, as well as great precision in engraving and cutting. As a consequence, engraved pictures and text are perfectly reproduced, and cuts are completed flawlessly.

The S30 Pro Max combines durability and cost-effectiveness since it has a 10 times longer laser service life. The cutting power of the machine may be restored simply replacing the lens, effectively doubling its lifespan & removing the need for a new machine or laser module. To top it all off, the bundle includes a complimentary lens.

XTool vs Sculpfun Comparison CHATRT

XTool D1ProSculpfun S30 Pro Max 20W
Laser Power20W20W
Engraving Area16.93″ x 15.35″ x 2″Standard, expandable to 935 mm x 905 mm
Engraving Accuracy0.08 x 0.1 mmIndustrial-grade precision sliding linear rail
Material CompatibilityWood, Leather, Paper, Acrylic, Fabric, Ceramic, GlassWood, Acrylic, Metal
SpeedMax. 400mm/secMax. 25,000mm/min
Air AssistNot specifiedAutomatic air-assist functionality
ConnectionUSB, WiFiNot specified
SoftwarexTool Creative Space, LightBurnNot specified
Additional FeaturesRotary Engraving SupportAbility to cut 15mm Wood and 10mm Acrylic, Free lens to extend laser’s lifespan
Warranty12 months12 months

With the D1Pro’s key features in focus, it’s clear it offers varied material compatibility, high movement speed and versatile functionality. These features will prove pivotal when compared directly with Sculpfun S30 Pro Max 20W‘s attributes.

As soon as we get a detailed rundown of Sculpfun’s features, a full comparison can be Conducted between these two top-notch engravers. Factors like engraving precision, speed, material compatibility, software compatibility and customer service will be key areas of comparison.

XTool vs Sculpfun Speed Specification

Speed SpecificationXTool D1ProSculpfun S30 Pro Max 20W
Maximum Engraving SpeedUp to 24000mm/minUp to 25000mm/min

While the XTool D1Pro is certainly a powerhouse, the Sculpfun S30 Pro Max 20W has its own merit. More details about Sculpfun’s feature and capabilities would give potential buyers a better understanding of these two engravers. XTool vs Sculpfun

These engravers are paving the way for more Inclusive, functional and versatile creators to Venture into the engraving space, opening a whole new world of possibilities.

So, whether you select XTool D1Pro or Sculpfun S30 Pro Max 20W, the first-step is to identify your needs and envision how these machines can cater to them. Make Sure to refer to reviews, not just on their functionalities but also on their customer service & after-sales support. Happy engraving!

XTool vs Sculpfun Features & Price

Laser Engraver ModelFeaturesPrice
XTool D1Pro 20W– 20W high power laser output$959.99 – $1399.99
– High accuracy & speed laser engraver
– Safe & easy to use
– High quality, long service life
– xTool Creative Space Software support
Sculpfun S30 Pro Max 20W– Powerful 20W laser (four 6W lasers fused)$1,199.99
– Wide cutting range with pinpoint accuracy
– Top engraving speeds up to 25,000mm/min
– Industrial-grade precision sliding linear rail
– 10 times longer laser service life


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XTool vs Sculpfun Material Options

XTool D1ProSculpfun S30 Pro Max 20W
Material OptionsWood, Leather, Fabric, Rock, Ceramic, Stainless Steel, Plywood, Glass, Paper, PlasticWood, Acrylic, Metal, MDF, zigzag, cardboard, plastic, leather, PCB board, aluminum oxide, 304 stainless steel, ceramic and dark stone


What is the difference between XTOOL and Sculpfun laser engravers?

XTOOL & Sculpfun are both popular brands of laser engravers. XTOOL engravers are known for their high accuracy and ease of use, while Sculpfun engravers are known for their affordability & versatility.

Which Laser Engraver is better for beginners?

Both XTOOL and Sculpfun engravers are good for beginners. However, XTOOL engravers are generally easier to use, thanks to their more intuitive software and user-friendly features.

Which laser engraver is better for cutting?

XTOOL engravers are generally better for cutting than Sculpfun engravers. This is because XTOOL engravers have higher laser power and more precise cutting controls.

Which laser engraver is better for engraving?

Both XTOOL and Sculpfun engravers are good for engraving. However, XTOOL engravers are generally better for engraving fine details, while Sculpfun engravers are better for engraving larger areas.

Which laser engraver is better value for money?

Sculpfun engravers are generally better value for money than XTOOL engravers. This is because Sculpfun engravers are more affordable, while still offering good performance.

XTool D1 Pro vs Sculpfun XTool D1 Pro vs Sculpfun XTool D1 Pro vs Sculpfun XTool D1 Pro vs Sculpfun

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