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xTool d1 Pro Review – Is Buying It Just a Waste of Money?

Laser engravers and cutters have become incredibly popular for hobbyists & small businesses in recent years. Their ability to precisely engrave & cut materials opens up a world of possibilities for creative projects and customizable goods. One laser that has been gaining attention is the xTool d1 Pro, a feature-packed laser engraver & cutter that promises professional-quality results.

In this xTool d1 Pro review, We’ll take an in-depth look at the specs, capabilities, pros & cons of this laser to help you decide if it’s the right Choice for your needs & budget.

Overview of the xTool d1 Pro Laser Engraver

The xTool d1 Pro is a 20W laser engraver and cutter with a work area of 16.9 x 15.4 inches. It is an upgrade from xTool’s original 10W d1 model. The d1 Pro’s higher laser wattage provides faster cutting speeds and the ability to cut through thicker materials like acrylic and wood.

Is Xtool D1 Pro 20w the Best Laser Engraver for Metal?

Some of the key features and specs of the xTool d1 Pro include:

  • Laser Power: 20W
  • Work Area: 16.9 x 15.4 inches
  • Laser Spot Size: 0.08 x 0.10 mm
  • Max Speed: 24,000 mm/min
  • Cutting Thickness: Up to 10mm wood, 8mm acrylic
  • Supported File Types: SVG, JPEG, PNG, DXF, BMP
  • Connectivity: USB, WiFi, Ethernet (with add-on module)
  • Software: xTool Creative Space, LightBurn, LaserGRBL
  • OS Compatibility: Windows, Mac, iOS

The d1 Pro is considered an excellent balance of power, cutting/engraving quality, speed, and price. It’s powerful enough for most hobbyist needs but won’t break the bank like some higher-end professional machines.

xTool d1 Pro Review: Key Features and Benefits

Here are some of the most notable benefits and capabilities of the xTool d1 Pro laser:

Powerful 20W Laser

XTool D1Pro vs. Sculpfun S30 Pro Max 20W: H2H Comparison

The 20W laser can cut through thick materials like wood and acrylic with ease. It can engrave finer details and generally works faster than lower-powered lasers. This added power makes it great for users who want to work with tougher materials or create high-volume projects.

Large Work Area

Is Xtool D1 Pro 20w the Best Laser Engraver for Metal?

The 16.9 x 15.4 inch work area provides ample space for most hobbyist and small business projects. It’s large enough to engrave full-sized tabletops or take on multiple smaller jobs at once.

High Precision and Speed

How Fast is the xTool D1 Pro 20W Laser Engraver?

This laser touts a 0.08mm laser spot for ultra-fine details. It can raster engrave at up to 24,000 mm/min for fast project completion. The precision lead screws and guide rails allow for excellent repeatability and accuracy as well.

Automatic Protection Features

The xTool d1 Pro has multiple sensors to prevent common problems and keep you safe. It has fire detection, tilt detection, over-temperature alarms, and more. The machine will shut down automatically if issues are detected.

Offline Engraving

An integrated offline controller with SD card slot allows you to work without a PC connected. Upload your designs to the SD card and you can engrave untethered.

Robust Metal Body

The aluminum and steel body is durable and designed to last. The rigid frame prevents vibration and helps maintain laser alignment for consistent results.

Active Cooling System

Its built-in cooling fans and integrated air compressor help dissipate heat and keep the laser running in top condition. This improves laser longevity and helps prevent overheating issues during long engraving jobs.

User-Friendly Software

How To Download Xtool D1 Pro Laser Engraver Software

The xTool d1 Pro is compatible with user-friendly laser software like xTool Creative Space, LightBurn and LaserGRBL. Even beginners can pick it up quickly and start engraving right away.

What Materials Can You Laser Engrave and Cut?

The xTool d1 Pro can engrave and cut a wide variety of materials:

  • Wood
  • Leather
  • Plastics like acrylic, ABS, polyethylene, PVC
  • Rubber
  • Paper/cardstock
  • Fabric
  • Coated metals (anodized aluminum, powder-coated metals)
  • Glass, stone, and ceramics (with proper setup and accessories)
  • Food like chocolate or fruit (use food-safe accessories)
xTool D1 Pro 20W vs Atomstack X20 Pro: Which suits you best?

Thinner, non-metallic materials generally won’t require any special setup – simply place them in the laser and you can engrave or etch designs right away.

Harder materials like thick wood or double-sided acrylic will require some focus adjustment, slower speed settings, and multiple passes to get clean cuts.

The d1 Pro’s 20W laser can cut through wood up to 10mm thick and acrylic up to 8mm thick in a single pass. Even thicker materials are possible with multiple passes.

Overall, it’s an incredibly versatile machine able to mark, engrave, and cut a wide range of hobbyist and craft materials.

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Ease of Use

The xTool d1 Pro is designed to be user-friendly for both beginners and experts.

  • The linear guide rails and lead screws provide smooth, precise movement. You won’t have to deal with as much calibration or dialing-in compared to cheaper flex shaft lasers.
  • It has an integrated focus gauge and red pointer diode to make it easy to visualize your work area and focus the laser properly.
  • The offline controller with SD card slot allows you to run jobs untethered without a PC once your designs are uploaded.
  • It has built-in handles and an overall compact footprint (18.9 x 16.5 x 9.4 inches) so you can easily move the 44 lb machine around your workspace.
  • The xTool software has an intuitive interface and comprehensive features designed specifically for their laser systems. LightBurn is also a beginner-friendly option.

While there is naturally some learning involved when starting laser engraving and cutting, the d1 Pro aims to make the process as straightforward as possible even for first-timers. Following the manual and online resources will have you up and running quickly.

xTool d1 Pro vs Glowforge Pro

The Glowforge Pro is one of the xTool d1 Pro’s biggest competitors that’s worth comparing.

Xtool Vs Glowforge: Finding Best Ir Laser engraver Machine
explore more about: Xtool Vs Glowforge: Which is better Glowforge or xTool?

The Glowforge Pro has a 40W laser compared to the d1 Pro’s 20W laser. This gives the Glowforge a leg up when it comes to cutting times, cutting thickness capabilities, and finishing quality. However, the higher power comes at a cost – the Glowforge Pro has an MSRP of $6,995 compared to the xTool d1 Pro’s $994.49 price tag.

Here is a side-by-side comparison of their specs:

FeaturexTool d1 ProGlowforge Pro
Laser Power20W40W
Work Area16.9 x 15.4 in11.7 x 19.7 in
Max Speed24,000 mm/minUnknown
Max Cut Thickness10mm wood, 8mm acrylic25mm wood, 10mm acrylic
SoftwarexTool Creative Space, LightBurn,Glowforge App
ConnectivityUSB, WiFi, Ethernet (optional)WiFi, Ethernet

While the Glowforge Pro excels when you need thicker, faster cuts, the xTool provides 80% of its cutting power at a fraction of the cost. The xTool d1 Pro is the better value for hobbyists and small businesses on a budget.

Pros of the xTool d1 Pro:

  • Powerful 20W laser
  • Large 16.9 x 15.4″ work area
  • Fast cutting and engraving speeds
  • Rigid metal body with active cooling system
  • Automatic protection features
  • Offline engraving capability
  • User-friendly laser software options
  • Excellent value at $994.49

Cons of the xTool d1 Pro:

  • No built-in ventilation or filtration system (must add your own)
  • Software could be more polished
  • Limited official technical support resources
  • Not compatible with Corel Laser software
  • No rotary add-on available

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While not perfect, the xTool d1 Pro’s pros outweigh its minor cons for most hobbyists and small business owners. It delivers uncompromising laser power and cutting ability at a price that’s accessible for most budgets.

Should You Buy the xTool d1 Pro Laser Engraver?

The xTool d1 Pro is a highly capable laser engraver and cutter packing robust performance and features at an affordable price point. For around $1,600, it’s hard to beat for hobbyists, small businesses, and entry-level professional use.

Its 20W laser can tackle engraving, cutting and marking tasks with ease, while advanced features like offline engraving and protection sensors make the user experience smooth and safe. Add in the large work area, fast speeds, and diverse software options, and the d1 Pro is ready to take on virtually any project you throw its way.

If your budget allows, a higher-powered laser like the 40W Glowforge Pro may make sense for you – it will provide faster and thicker cuts. However, for the price, the xTool d1 Pro offers excellent value. Its balance of power, features, work area size and overall convenience make it Editors’ Choice pick for midrange laser cutters/engravers.

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Overall, the xTool d1 Pro gets a strong recommendation as an accessible, high-performing laser cutter and engraver perfect for most hobbyists and small businesses. It earns our rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars.

The xTool d1 Pro is a great option if you’re looking for:

  • A powerful but affordable laser cutter/engraver
  • The ability to cut thicker materials like wood and acrylic
  • A large work area for bigger projects
  • Fast engraving and cutting speeds
  • User-friendly design and included software

In summary, the versatility, power and value provided by the xTool d1 Pro make it a laser worth investing in for novices and professionals alike.


What thickness of wood can the xTool d1 Pro cut?

The xTool d1 Pro can cut wood up to 10mm thick in a single pass. With multiple passes, even thicker wood can be cut.

Can I connect the xTool d1 Pro to my smartphone?

Yes, you can connect via the xTool app to monitor and control your engraving from your smartphone.

Does the xTool d1 Pro need ventilation?

Yes, the d1 Pro will require additional ventilation or air filtration to remove smoke/debris when cutting.

What software is included with the xTool d1 Pro?

It comes with xTool Creative Space software and is also compatible with LightBurn, LaserGRBL, and other laser programs.

What is the warranty for the xTool d1 Pro?

xTool provides a 1-year warranty covering defects in materials and manufacturing.

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