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xTool D1 Pro Blue & Infrared Laser Bundle Review

The xTool D1 Pro is an advanced hobbyist-grade laser engraving and cutting machine with two main configurations – a blue or infrared laser module. The blue laser module uses a 455nm wavelength diode and is designed for engraving and cutting materials like wood, acrylic, leather, and some metals. The infrared laser module uses a 1064nm wavelength and specializes in engraving onto metals.

xTool offers the D1 Pro in a bundle that includes both the blue and infrared laser modules, providing users with an extremely versatile machine capable of engraving and cutting a wide range of materials. In this xtool d1 pro blue & infrared laser bundle review, we’ll take a close look at the features and performance of the xTool D1 Pro blue and infrared laser bundle.

xTool D1 Pro Blue & Infrared Laser Bundle Overview

The xTool D1 Pro bundle includes the D1 Pro laser engraving machine along with both a 20W 455nm blue laser module and a 10W 1064nm infrared laser module. This allows you to easily swap modules depending on the application.

TypexTool D1 Pro-20WxTool D1 Pro-10W
Machine Power120W60W
Laser Electric Power84W40W
Laser Module Output Power20W10W
Laser Spot0.08 x 0.10 mm0.08 x 0.06 mm
Routing Speed400 mm/s400 mm/s
Working Area430 x 390 mm (16.93 x 15.35 inches) Expandable to 920 x 430 mm (36.22 x 16.93 inches) with xTool Extension Kit430 x 400 mm (16.93 x 15.75 inches) Expandable to 930 x 430 mm (36.61 x 16.93 inches) with xTool Extension Kit
Max. Workpiece Height50 mm (2 inch)50 mm (2 inch)
Max. Workpiece Height with X risers50mm + X x 45mm (each set riser height column)50mm + X x 45mm (each set riser height column)
MaterialsWood, leather, paper, cardboard, acrylic (black, brown, red, yellow, green), stone, paint glass, paint ceramics, stainless steel, titanium, iron, aluminium oxide.Wood, leather, paper, cardboard, acrylic (black, brown, red, yellow, green), stone, paint glass, paint ceramics, stainless steel, titanium, iron, aluminium oxide.

Here are some quick specifications on the D1 Pro bundle:

  • Laser Modules: 20W 455nm blue diode laser & 10W 1064nm infrared fiber laser
  • Work Area: 430x400mm (16.9×15.7 in)
  • Max Workpiece Height: 50mm (2 in)
  • Positioning Accuracy: 0.01mm
  • Laser Spot Size:
  • Blue – 0.08×0.1mm
  • Infrared – 0.03×0.03mm
  • Cutting Speed: Up to 400mm/s
  • Supported Materials:
  • Blue – Wood, acrylic, leather, paper, glass, ceramics, paints
  • Infrared – Metals including steel, aluminum, titanium, etc.
  • Supported Software: XCS, LightBurn, etc.
  • Dimensions: 750x590x310mm
  • Weight: 35kg

As you can see, the xTool D1 Pro bundle is feature-packed and ready to handle a wide variety of laser engraving, marking, and cutting applications. The blue laser module excels at organic materials while the infrared laser is perfect for metals.

Unboxing and Setup

The xTool D1 Pro ships in a single large box containing the laser engraver itself along with all accessories and components needed, including both laser modules. Unboxing is straightforward but will require two people since the entire machine weighs around 35kg.

Inside the box you’ll find:

  • Assembled D1 Pro laser engraver
  • 20W blue laser module
  • 10W infrared laser module
  • Exhaust fan and ducting
  • Power cords
  • Water cooling pump
  • Set of tools and hardware
  • USB flash drive with software and manuals

Assembly takes 30-60 minutes depending on experience level. The process involves:

  • Installing the laser modules
  • Attaching the exhaust system
  • Connecting water cooling lines
  • Loading the XCS software
  • Adjusting belt tensions
  • Checking laser alignment

The included instructions walk through each step with photos and diagrams. No special tools are required beyond what’s included.

Overall, setup is quick and easy thanks to the pre-assembled design. The laser just needs to be placed on a stable surface, plugged in, and connected to your computer.

Software Options

The xTool D1 Pro works with both the included XCS software as well as popular third-party options like LightBurn.


How To Download Xtool D1 Pro Laser Engraver Software

XCS is xTool’s own software with an easy-to-use interface and plenty of features:

  • Intuitive layout for importing, arranging, editing, and engraving designs
  • Tools for managing projects and design libraries
  • Customizable laser parameters for different materials
  • Camera module for locating workpieces
  • Supports PNG, JPG, BMP, DXF, and more
  • Tabbed workflow from Model to Laser to Console

XCS gets you up and running quickly thanks to built-in settings for common materials like wood, acrylic, leather, and metals. There are also useful utilities for tasks like printing registration marks, estimating job times, simulating engraving, and more.

Overall, XCS provides a polished user experience ideal for beginners but with enough advanced functionality for experienced users.


LightBurn is a popular third-party option used by many laser engraving enthusiasts. It’s known for its intuitive interface, robust feature set, and smooth integration across different laser cutter brands.

Key features of LightBurn include:

  • Easy layout and editing tools
  • Presets for common materials and machines
  • Support for photos, vector art, CAD files, and more
  • Variable power, speed, passes for fine-tuned control
  • Supports line art, raster, and vector operations
  • 3D perspective preview
  • Estimates job times based on machine settings

LightBurn also makes it easy to drive lasers directly from the software for streamlined operation without needing the manufacturer’s included interface. There’s a one-time license fee but the software is very affordable compared to the cost of the laser machine itself.

Between XCS and LightBurn, users have access to beginner-friendly yet powerful driver options for the xTool D1 Pro.

Blue Laser Performance

The included 20W blue diode laser module is capable of engraving and cutting a wide assortment of organic materials like wood, leather, acrylic, paper, and more.

Its 455nm wavelength is absorbed well by materials with darker pigments, resulting in clean and consistent laser etching. The high 20W power rating also provides very fast cut speeds compared to lower powered competitors.

Here’s an overview of how the blue laser performs with some common materials:


xTool D1 Pro Blue & Infrared Laser Bundle Review
  • Wood – Produces nice dark marks on wood up to 10mm thick. Great for making signs, plaques, decorations. Hard woods like walnut yield best contrast.
  • Leather – Allows shading and etching detailed patterns into leather. Easy way to label, customize, or add artful designs to leathercrafts.
  • Anodized Aluminum – Dark aluminum engraves to reveal a lighter etched color underneath. Ideal for labeling and scaling custom aluminum parts.
  • Painted Metal – Removes paint from metal surfaces to expose bare metal. Makes custom metal signs or labels.
  • Plastics – Works on softer plastics like ABS, PLA, and acrylic. Best results on darker tinted plastics.


  • Plywood – Clean cuts up to 8mm thickness in a single pass. Good edge quality with minimal charring.
  • Acrylic – Able to cut high-quality edges in acrylic up to 8mm thick. Cuts are smooth with heat-affected edges.
  • Paper/Cardboard – Cuts very fast – can slice through stacks of paper or card stock.
  • Leather – Delicate leather cutting up to 3-4mm thick with excellent precision.

Overall, the 20W blue laser provides professional-quality engraving and cutting on organic materials. The engraving quality is very good, allowing for detailed designs with sharp lines, logos, or images. The high power enables fast single-pass cutting up to 8mm material thickness.

Infrared Laser Performance

The included 10W infrared fiber laser specializes in metal engraving and marking applications. Its 1064nm wavelength is highly absorbed by metals, resulting in strong, clean marks.

xTool D1 Pro Blue & Infrared Laser Bundle Review

Here are some examples of materials that can be processed using the infrared laser:

  • Stainless Steel – Creates dark marks for labeling, scaling, or adding logos to stainless steel components.
  • Aluminum – Engraves aluminum with a lightly oxidized finish. Great for control panels, nameplates, tags.
  • Anodized Aluminum – Selectively removes anodized coating to expose bare aluminum underneath. Allows complex aluminum etchings.
  • Painted Metal – Removes paint coatings from metal to reveal bare substrate. Used to create custom designs or text on metal parts.
  • Titanium – Provides high contrast marks on bare titanium while maintaining material integrity. Useful for medical implants.
  • Precious Metals – Engraves gold, silver, and platinum for jewelry etching or inscriptions.

The infrared laser produces clean, highly defined marks across this range of metals, even at high engraving speeds. It can mark small text cleanly down to about 0.5mm height. The laser can also lightly etch the metal surface up to approximately 100 microns depth.

Overall, the 10W infrared laser makes short work of detailed metal engraving jobs with excellent results. It’s a versatile solution for medical and industrial labeling, jewelry making, prototyping, and engineering labs.

Build Quality

Beyond just the laser modules themselves, the overall xTool D1 Pro engraver demonstrates good build quality and thoughtful design:

  • Rigid Metal Frame – Built on a heavy-duty steel frame for stability and vibration resistance during high-speed laser operation. Provides a precise and squared base for the motion system.
  • Reinforced Gantry – Critical laser gantry includes metal braces and corner joints. Prevents flexing or alignment issues when moving heavy laser modules.
  • Belt-Driven Motion – Closed-loop belts provide smooth motion with minimal backlash compared to leadscrews. Easier to service than a rack and pinion drive.
  • Hardened Rails – Linear motion guided by hardened steel rods and bearings. Supports heavy laser modules consistently over long term usage.
  • Precise Stepper Motors – High-torque NEMA 23 stepper motors drive the axes for excellent precision and repeatability. Closed-loop control prevents lost steps.
  • 4-Way Limit Switches – Mechanical stop triggers prevent laser crashing into the workpiece or frame edges along both axes.
  • Active Cooling – Integrated water cooling system keeps laser modules from overheating during sustained usage. Quieter than air cooling.
  • Enclosed Design – Clear acrylic doors fully enclose the work area for safety. Includes lid interlock switch to prevent lasering with a door open.
  • EMI Shielding – Protects electronics from electromagnetic interference caused by high-power laser modules. Improves reliability.

Attention to these mechanical and electrical details ensures the xTool D1 Pro provides robust and reliable operation over years of use. The build quality lives up to the price point and target market as an advanced hobbyist machine.

Safety Features

Working with powerful CO2 lasers requires diligent safety measures. The xTool D1 Pro incorporates a range of features to promote safe and compliant operation:

  • Total Enclosure – Laser compartment includes interlocked acrylic doors and lid to fully contain any stray reflections during operation.
  • Emergency Stop – Bright red push button immediately cuts power to laser modules if activated. E-stop can also be triggered via software.
  • Smoke/Flame Detection – Onboard sensors monitor for smoke and flames during laser jobs and power down laser automatically if detected. Prevents accidental fires.
  • Crash Prevention – Limit switches in X/Y axes minimize likelihood of laser head crashing into frame or workpiece. Software also prevents moving outside work area.
  • Current Monitoring – Laser power supply is actively monitored for under/over current events and will cut power if out of bounds. Prevents damage to laser diode.
  • Thermal Management – Integrated water cooling and temperature monitoring protects laser modules from overheating and extends diode lifetime.
  • Interlocks – Doors feature keyed interlock switches to disable laser power if opened during operation. Same for the top lid.
  • Training xTool provides safety manuals and getting started guides to educate users on proper laser usage. Ongoing support available for advice.

xTool clearly prioritizes operator safety given the high-powered lasers in this system. Users absolutely must complete training, read the safety guides, and use appropriate precautions when operating this machine. Never disable any of the safety features.

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Pros and Cons

To summarize, here are the key benefits and tradeoffs of the xTool D1 Pro blue and infrared laser bundle:


  • Versatile engraving and cutting with dual laser modules
  • Excellent results on organic materials with 20W blue laser
  • High-quality metal engraving with 10W infrared laser
  • Large 16” x 16” work area
  • High speeds up to 400 mm/sec
  • Rigid metal frame with quality components
  • Streamlined setup and user-friendly operation
  • Safety features like e-stop, fire detection, enclosure
  • Compatible with XCS and LightBurn software


  • High initial cost over $2500
  • Requires training on laser safety procedures
  • May require ventilation/filtration setup
  • Software has learning curve for new users
  • Only compatible with xTool laser modules

Overall, the xTool D1 Pro laser bundle is a top-tier choice for makers, hobbyists, artists, and small businesses seeking a highly capable and versatile desktop laser cutter. The addition of both infrared and blue laser modules make it stand out from competitors by allowing it to process a huge range of materials.

xTool D1 Pro Blue & Infrared Laser Bundle Review Specifications

Laser TypeDual laser bundle with 20W 455nm blue diode laser & 10W 1064nm infrared fiber laser
Recommended Use CasesVersatile machine for organic material engraving/cutting (blue laser) and metal engraving (infrared laser). Ideal for advanced makers, hobbyists, artists, jewelry businesses, small manufacturing, and more.
MaterialsBlue Laser: Wood, acrylic, leather, paper, cardboard, glass, ceramics, plastics, etc. Infrared Laser: Metals including stainless steel, aluminum, anodized aluminum, titanium, precious metals, etc.
Work Area430 x 400 mm (approximately 16.9 x 15.7 in)
Max Workpiece Height50 mm (2 in)
Laser Spot SizeBlue – 0.08 x 0.1 mm Infrared – 0.03 x 0.03 mm
Positioning Accuracy0.01 mm
Cutting SpeedUp to 400 mm/sec
Supported File TypesPNG, JPG, BMP, DXF, NC, and more
Software CompatibilityXCS (included), LightBurn, etc.
Frame & ChassisRigid steel frame with reinforced gantry. High stability and vibration resistance.
Motion SystemHigh-precision screw-driven stages. Hardened steel guide rods and bearings. Closed-loop control.
Safety FeaturesTotal enclosure, emergency stop button, smoke/flame detection, crash prevention limit switches, door interlocks. Designed for safe operation.
Cooling MethodIntegrated water cooling system to protect laser modules from overheating.
Setup DifficultyEasy assembly in 30-60 minutes. Intuitive software interface allows quick start on projects.
Included in BundleAssembled D1 Pro laser engraver, 20W blue laser, 10W infrared laser, exhaust system, water cooling components, tools, XCS software, manuals.
Dimensions750 x 590 x 310 mm
Weight35 kg
VerdictExcellent dual laser bundle from xTool providing both organic material and metal processing capabilities in one machine. Top choice for advanced hobbyists. Read our full xtool d1 pro blue & infrared laser bundle review for an in-depth analysis.


The xTool D1 Pro blue and infrared laser bundle provides professional-level laser engraving and cutting performance in a desktop package suitable for home, office, or workshop use.

Combining a powerful 20W blue laser with a 10W infrared laser enables both organic material and metal processing capabilities within the same reasonably-priced machine. It’s a versatile production tool for makers and businesses.

Build quality is excellent with a rigid steel frame, precision components, and thoughtful safety features. The easy assembly and included software also make it accessible for first-time laser users. Experienced operators will appreciate the cutting-edge performance.

For under $3000, it’s hard to find another laser engraver/cutter on the market that matches the xTool D1 Pro bundle’s blend of cutting power, engraving finesse, diverse material compatibility, and overall versatility. The cutting edge performance makes it a great long-term investment for advanced makers looking to step up their game.

After reading through this in-depth xtool d1 pro blue & infrared laser bundle review, you should have a strong understanding of the capabilities and value proposition of this dual-laser machine. It provides professional-level performance at a price accessible to serious hobbyists and small businesses. If you’re looking for an extremely versatile laser cutter and engraver, the xTool D1 Pro bundle deserves strong consideration.


What materials can the xTool D1 Pro laser bundle cut and engrave?

The blue laser can cut organic materials like wood, leather, acrylic up to 8mm. The infrared laser engraves metals like steel, aluminum, titanium.

Does the xTool D1 Pro laser bundle require special setup?

Basic assembly takes 30-60 minutes. Just add the laser modules, connect cooling and exhaust, then plug into a PC.

What work area size does the xTool D1 Pro laser bundle have?

Its work area is 16.9 x 15.7 inches (430 x 400 mm). Big enough for most hobbyist and small business uses.

What software is compatible with the xTool D1 Pro?

It includes XCS software but also works with popular options like LightBurn.

Is the xTool D1 Pro laser bundle safe to operate?

Yes, it includes many safety features like enclosures, smoke detection, e-stops, and training guides.

  • xTool D1 Pro Blue & Infrared Laser Bundle Review

    xTool D1 Pro Blue & Infrared Laser Bundle Review

    The xTool D1 Pro is an advanced hobbyist-grade laser engraving and cutting machine with two main configurations – a blue or infrared laser module. The blue laser module uses a 455nm wavelength diode and is designed for engraving and cutting materials like wood, acrylic, leather, and some metals. The infrared laser module uses a 1064nm…

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