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xTool D1 Pro 40W vs Sculpfun SF-A9: Which is Best in 2024?

Laser engravers have become increasingly popular for personal & professional use. Two of the top contenders on the market are the xTool D1 Pro 40W and the Sculpfun SF-A9. But which one is the best buy for 2024?

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll compare the key features and performance of the xTool D1 Pro 40W and Sculpfun SF-A9 to help you determine which laser engraver is the right fit for your needs and budget.

Overview of the xTool D1 Pro 40W vs Sculpfun SF-A9

The xTool D1 Pro 40W and Sculpfun SF-A9 have many similarities, but also some key differences:

  • Both offer 40W laser power and fast engraving speeds
  • The xTool has a slightly larger work area while the Sculpfun is more portable
  • The Sculpfun comes fully assembled while the xTool requires some installation
  • The xTool utilizes higher-end components while the Sculpfun aims to provide value

We’ll explore the specs and capabilities of each model in more detail throughout this guide. First up is a closer look at each laser.

xTool D1 Pro 40W Laser Engraver

xTool D1 Pro 40W vs Sculpfun SF-A9

The xTool D1 Pro 40W touts itself as the “mightiest cutting and ultrafine engraving machine.” It’s an upgrade from xTool’s original D1 model, now featuring a 40W laser module that can cut up to 18mm thickness in hardwood.

Laser Power

The xTool D1 Pro 40W laser engraver lives up to its name with 40 watts of laser power. This enables it to cut thicker materials than lower wattage lasers. For example, the D1 Pro 40W can slice through 18mm hardwood, 15mm black acrylic, or 0.1mm stainless steel in a single pass.

The 40W laser module is proprietary technology developed by xTool. It provides best-in-class cutting while still maintaining a small 0.1 x 0.15mm spot size for ultrafine engraving work.

XTool D1 Pro 40W review: Is it Best for the performance?

Work Area Size

The xTool D1 Pro 40W laser engraver has a work area of 430 x 348mm (16.9 x 13.7 inches). This can be expanded up to 909 x 430mm (35.8 x 16.9 inches) by adding xTool’s optional extension kit accessory.

The generous work space suits most personal laser cutting and engraving projects. However, users needing to work with very large materials may want to consider an industrial model instead.


Thanks to closed synchronous belts and all-steel wheels, the xTool D1 Pro 40W laser can operate at rapid speeds up to 400mm/s. This yields higher productivity than comparable machines.

For example, xTool found that their D1 Pro 40W could engrave a 100mm slate tile in just 5 minutes 47 seconds. Other 20W laser engravers took over 13 minutes to complete the same task.


In addition to speed, the D1 Pro 40W also excels in accuracy and precision. Engraving/cutting accuracy reaches 0.0004 inches while repeatable positioning accuracy goes down to less than 0.0007 inches.

This Incredible precision stems from multiple factors:

  • All-steel wheels & shaft (3X longer lifetime, 100,000x sliding capacity)
  • Closed synchronous belt (minimizes sliding deviation)
  • High-performance stepper motors and drivers

As a result, users can have complete confidence when working on intricate designs or projects requiring many repeated laser passes. This Engravers Accuracy really makes it remarkable.

Hardware & Design

The xTool D1 Pro 40W utilizes high-quality hardware for maximum durability:

  • Aviation-grade aluminum frame – robust yet lightweight
  • Industrial 32-bit mainboard
  • Brand name components like Omron switches and Meanwell power supply
  • Multi-point sensor suite (limit switches, smoke sensor, tilt sensor, temp sensor, emergency stop)

Despite the premium internals, xTool manages to keep the overall footprint compact for a 40W laser. The D1 Pro measures 635 x 447 x 322mm and weighs 14.5kg. Optional extending feet provide clearance for engraving tall objects up to 140mm in height.

While reasonably portable, the xTool does require some assembly out of the box. But following the video guides makes setup straightforward for even novice DIYers. All necessary tools are included in the package. xTool D1 Pro 40W vs Sculpfun SF-A9

Connectivity & Software

For connectivity, the D1 Pro 40W includes USB, Wi-Fi, and a TF card slot. Compatible software options are:

  • xTool Creative Space (free, user-friendly interface)
  • LightBurn (popular advanced laser control software)

The engraver supports all common file formats like SVG, DXF, JPG, PNG, BMP, etc.


With premium capabilities and components, the xTool D1 Pro 40W does command a higher price point.

As of this writing in February 2024, pricing stands at:

  • xTool D1 Pro 40W: $1,768.98 USD
  • Additional accessories like air assist, honeycomb work mat, and enclosure drive the total investment even higher.

However, many users find the performance and reliability well worth the price. xTool also offers excellent customer service via 24/7 email and social media support channels. xTool D1 Pro 40W vs Sculpfun SF-A9

Next let’s examine how the Sculpfun SF-A9 compares to the flagship xTool model.

Sculpfun SF-A9 Laser Engraver

Sharing the same 40W laser power, the Sculpfun SF-A9 positions itself as a value-focused alternative to premium engravers like the D1 Pro 40W. xTool D1 Pro 40W vs Sculpfun SF-A9

xTool D1 Pro 40W vs Sculpfun SF-A9

The SF-A9 delivers competitive cutting thickness and speed alongside good engraving finesse. While utilizing more budget-friendly components, Sculpfun didn’t cut corners on safety – the SF-A9 contains extensive sensor and security features. xTool D1 Pro 40W vs Sculpfun SF-A9

Laser Power

Like the xTool, the Sculpfun SF-A9 is equipped with a 40W laser module. In fact, this may be the same OEM diode laser incorporated in both engravers. xTool D1 Pro 40W vs Sculpfun SF-A9

In any case, the SF-A9’s 40W laser provides muscle for slicing through thick materials. Sculpfun states the engraver can cut 30mm basswood, 10mm MDF, or 30mm black acrylic in one pass.

For more delicate tasks, users can dial the laser module down to 20W output. Having this adjustable power range helps handle both heavy-duty cutting & finer engraving jobs.

Work Area Size

The Sculpfun SF-A9 has a 400 x 400mm (15.7 x 15.7 inches) work zone – marginally smaller than the xTool model. For many users, 400mm capacity will easily accommodate needed engraving and cutting duties. xTool D1 Pro 40W vs Sculpfun SF-A9

Those needing more space can look toward industrial machines or consider adding an extension kit (if Sculpfun offers one). But the included area suits most personal laser applications.


Sculpfun designed the SF-A9 for speed…up to 36,000mm/min fast! By optimizing motion control & equipment response times, they achieved blazing engraving velocities.

7 Best Laser Engraver for Small Business in 2024

A high-velocity mode delivers that top-end rate for quickly tracing outlines or marking patterns. Or operators can shift to precision mode for slower, more accurate cutting to yield better edge quality when fabricating parts. xTool D1 Pro 40W vs Sculpfun SF-A9


The Sculpfun SF-A9 engraver produces competitive accuracy for its class thanks to thoughtful engineering:

  • Sturdy metal framing prevents vibration issues leading to etching errors
  • High-performance stepper motors and adjustable roller system maintain precise nozzle positioning
  • Focus lever and large adjustment knobs allow dialing-in proper depth for flawless focus

Specs aren’t explicitly stated by the manufacturer, but users report engraving resolution down to about 0.01mm -completely sufficient for most applications. xTool D1 Pro 40W vs Sculpfun SF-A9

The xTool still wins outright on pure cutting/engraving precision. But the SF-A9 satisfices the accuracy needs of many buyers.

Hardware & Design

Sculpfun constructed the SF-A9 engraver from metal for durability along with several well-considered design traits:

  • Levelling pillars and industrial-grade rails enhance stability
  • Adaptive wheels auto-tension for smooth motion
  • Extra support stands allow adjusting height to 140mm clearance
  • Fixed focus lever improves laser high consistency

The resulting engraver remains compact while delivering rugged performance. And unlike the xTool, the SF-A9 ships fully pre-assembled so buyers can use it immediately out of the box.

Connectivity & Software

For connectivity, the Sculpfun SF-A9 laser engraver provides USB, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth options. This allows using either:

  • Sculpfun’s own mobile app
  • Popular third party software like LightBurn or LaserGRBL

Support for a diversity of programs and connection methods enhances flexibility for operators.


By utilizing more cost-effective hardware rather than premium components, Sculpfun manages to offer the SF-A9 at a very appealing price point:

  • Sculpfun SF-A9 40W: $1,599 USD

This aggressive pricing sets the SF-A9 hundreds below the wealthy xTool D1 Pro 40W. And you still get the key functionality of 40W output laser power plus rapid 4000mm/sec engraving potential in a complete ready-to-operate package. xTool D1 Pro 40W vs Sculpfun SF-A9

For buyers watching their wallets yet unwilling to sacrifice core performance, the SF-A9 deserves a hard look. xTool D1 Pro 40W vs Sculpfun SF-A9

Now that we’ve covered the basics of each laser engraver model, we can compare them head-to-head across the most important evaluation criteria.

Sculpfun SF-A9 vs xTool D1 Pro 40W: Detailed Comparison

In this head-to-head comparison breakdown, we’ll declare a “winner” in each category to highlight which laser engraver model carries the edge. xTool D1 Pro 40W vs Sculpfun SF-A9

Laser Power

  • xTool D1 Pro 40W Power: 40W proprietary laser module (0.1 x 0.15mm spot)
  • Sculpfun SF-A9 Power: 40W diode laser (adjustable 20W or 40W output)

Winner: Tie

Both the xTool and Sculpfun are evenly matched with 40 watts of laser power. The two machines can cut to virtually the same thickness in materials like wood and acrylic. And they both can finely engrave at the critical lower intensities. xTool D1 Pro 40W vs Sculpfun SF-A9

The xTool’s custom laser shape may provide advantages in focus consistency & efficiency. But in real world use, operators are unlikely to perceive much difference between these two capable 40W modules.

Work Area Size

  • xTool D1 Pro 40W Work Area: 430 x 348mm (up to 909 x 430mm extended)
  • Sculpfun SF-A9 Work Area: 400 x 400mm

Winner: xTool D1 Pro 40W

With a work zone up to 909 x 430mm (over 35”), the xTool D1 Pro 40W can accommodate very large engraving and cutting tasks. The standard work area is also a healthy 16” x 13” right out of the box.

Meanwhile, the fixed 400 x 400mm capacity on the SF-A9 is sufficient for most users but more limited if wanting to scale up later. Although the 15″ square can handle many tasks, the xTool has the advantage due to its broad reach. xTool D1 Pro 40W vs Sculpfun SF-A9


  • xTool D1 Pro 40W Speed: 400mm/sec max
  • Sculpfun SF-A9 Speed: 36,000mm/min max (600mm/sec)

Winner: Sculpfun SF-A9

The Sculpfun SF-A9 boasts a “high velocity mode” pushing an incredible 600mm/sec engraving rate. While xTool is no tortoise at 400mm/sec, the SF-A9 claims the speed crown here.

Faster tracing times lead directly to greater hourly production capacity. For businesses engraving large volumes, these velocity improvements quickly add up to recouped profits.

Even hobbyists benefit engraving their projects in less time while still achieving superb quality. The SF-A9’s potential for blistering 6000mm/minute speeds make it a winner.

XTool D1 Pro 40W review: Is it Best for the performance?

Accuracy & Precision

  • xTool D1 Pro 40W Accuracy: 0.0004” positioning, 0.0007” repeatability
  • Sculpfun SF-A9 Accuracy: 0.01mm engraving resolution spec (unconfirmed)

Winner: xTool D1 Pro 40W

This contest isn’t even close. The xTool D1 Pro 40W offers phenomenal 0.0004” engraving accuracy and 0.0007” repeat positioning precision. That’s impressive even among top tier professional machines.

Sculpfun doesn’t release specific precision metrics for the SF-A9. Users report achieving down to 0.01mm consistency on engravings – not too shabby. xTool D1 Pro 40W vs Sculpfun SF-A9

But for applications demanding the absolute highest accuracy like complex PCB etching or micron-scale manufacturing, the xTool clearly triumphs. It wins because of its extraordinary accuracy Capabilities.

Hardware Quality

  • xTool D1 Pro 40W Build: Aviation aluminum, brand name components
  • Sculpfun SF-A9 Build: Steel framing, generic components

Winner: xTool D1 Pro 40W

The xTool D1 Pro 40W utilizes higher-end construction including aircraft-grade aluminum and name-brand electronics like Omron and Meanwell. This professional-level hardware enhances durability & reliability. xTool D1 Pro 40W vs Sculpfun SF-A9

Conversely, Sculpfun relies on generic imported stepper motors, power supplies, and wiring. To hit affordable pricing, they skipped the premium materials leveraged by xTool engineers.

Inexpensive doesn’t necessarily mean “cheap” here though. The SF-A9 remains ruggedly built – most buyers don’t require aviation specifications! xTool D1 Pro 40W vs Sculpfun SF-A9

But for professionals where uptime and long-term robustness are priorities, the D1 Pro 40W provides confidence thanks to quality internals. xTool D1 Pro 40W vs Sculpfun SF-A9

Ease of Use

  • xTool D1 Pro 40W: Requires assembly, connectivity via USB/WiFi/card
  • Sculpfun SF-A9: Ships fully built, touchscreen controls

Winner: Sculpfun SF-A9

Out of the box, the plug-and-play nature of the Sculpfun SF-A9 makes it the most beginner-friendly option here. Just unwrap, place on a table, and immediately start engraving within minutes.

Conversely, purchasing the xTool engraver is only the beginning. Expect a good hour or longer for assembling the frame, mounting the laser bridge, wiring up electronics, installing software, and dialing in calibration. Certainly doable even for novices but more hassle. xTool D1 Pro 40W vs Sculpfun SF-A9

Long-term the xTool likely operates with less headache thanks to rigid construction and high-end components. But initial setup definitely goes easier on the SF-A9.

Software Compatibility

  • xTool D1 Pro 40W Software: xTool Creative Space, LightBurn
  • Sculpfun SF-A9 Software: Mobile app, LightBurn, LaserGRBL

Winner: Tie

Both the xTool and Sculpfun laser engravers work with LightBurn software for advanced computer control. They also include free proprietary apps – xTool Creative Space or Sculpfun’s mobile interface.

And the machines support common design files like SVG, BMP, PNG plus standard GCode instructions for CNC compatibility. xTool D1 Pro 40W vs Sculpfun SF-A9

XTool D1 Pro 40W review: Is it Best for the performance?

With no gap in software compatibility or third party program options, this category is too close to pick a definitive winner. Users can leverage their preferred software tools regardless of choosing the xTool or Sculpfun model. xTool D1 Pro 40W vs Sculpfun SF-A9

Customer Support

  • xTool Support: Technical assistance email & social media, video guides
  • Sculpfun Support: ????

Winner: xTool D1 Pro 40W

xTool shines regarding post-purchase customer service. If you have any concerns or need help troubleshooting a laser engraver, technicians are reachable via email or social media.

The company also provides extensive setup tutorial videos & manuals online to smooth the initial use experience. Maintaining engaged support demonstrates xTool’s commitment to buyers beyond just the sale. xTool D1 Pro 40W vs Sculpfun SF-A9

Unfortunately Sculpfun doesn’t promote any comparable support programs for the SF-A9. As an imported niche product with language barriers, getting assistance down the road could prove frustrating. This hands the win to xTool for standing behind their machine. xTool D1 Pro 40W vs Sculpfun SF-A9

Price & Value

  • xTool D1 Pro 40W Price: $1,768.98 (accessories extra)
  • Sculpfun SF-A9 Price: $1,599 (all accessories included)

Winner: Sculpfun SF-A9

Sitting around $1,600, the complete feature-packed Sculpfun SF-A9 bundle costs over $150 less than the baseline xTool D1 Pro 40W machine. And the SF-A9 package includes air assist, exhaust fan, switches, and other components as standard. xTool D1 Pro 40W vs Sculpfun SF-A9

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With xTool, adding desirable accessories like air assist, ventilation, camera kits, etc can easily tack on another few hundred dollars. The advertised discount quickly evaporates.

When taking into account the maximum “out the door” cost, the SF-A9 offers amazing value at an enticing price. The savings over the premium xTool make the Sculpfun the value winner.

xTool D1 Pro 40W vs Sculpfun SF-A9 comparison chart

SpecsxTool D1 Pro 40WSculpfun SF-A9
Laser Power40W (0.1 x 0.15mm spot)40W (20/40W adjustable)
Work Area430 x 348mm (upgradable to 909 x 430mm)400 x 400mm
Max Speed400mm/sec36,000mm/min (600mm/sec)
Positioning Accuracy0.0004 inches0.01mm
Build QualityAviation aluminum, name-brand componentsSteel frame, generic components
Ease of UseRequires assemblyShips pre-assembled
SoftwarexTool Creative Space, LightBurnMobile app, LightBurn, LaserGRBL
Customer SupportEmail & social media support???
Price$1,768.98 + accessories$1,599 all-inclusive

To summarize:

  • The xTool D1 Pro 40W wins on precision, build quality, work area size
  • The Sculpfun SF-A9 is faster, cheaper, and more beginner-friendly
  • Both engravers pack formidable 40W cutting power

So choose based on your budget, performance needs, and application!

Verdict: Which Laser Engraver Do We Recommend in 2024?

In this head-to-head evaluation between two of the top-rated 40W laser engravers on the market, does a definitive winner emerge – the xTool D1 Pro 40W vs Sculpfun SF-A9?

Here is my take on which laser engraver I would recommend in 2024:

The xTool D1 Pro 40W edges out the Sculpfun SF-A9 – but only slightly.

The xTool justifies its higher price through best-in-class accuracy and overall robust build quality. For professional applications where tolerances and reliability are paramount, the D1 Pro 40W represents a sound investment that will churn out flawless engravings for years. xTool D1 Pro 40W vs Sculpfun SF-A9

Casual hobbyists don’t necessarily benefit from such obsessive precision however. And they may balk at the xTool’s price tag swelling further once adding “required” accessories. xTool D1 Pro 40W vs Sculpfun SF-A9

That’s where the Sculpfun SF-A9 shines as an alternative. The SF-A9 delivers tremendous value with very capable 40W engraving talents bundled at a bargain cost around $1600. Beginners appreciate the pre-assembled delivery and intuitive controls too. xTool D1 Pro 40W vs Sculpfun SF-A9

While we declare the xTool as technically “superior” thanks to its engineering pedigree, the difference becomes negligible for many real-world users. And the SF-A9’s blend of power, speed, and affordability should satisfy most buyers. xTool D1 Pro 40W vs Sculpfun SF-A9

In summary, our 2024 recommendations are:

  • Best Overall: xTool D1 Pro 40W
    The D1 Pro 40W claims top honors for unmatched precision paired with pro-grade construction. Top choice for commercial applications.
  • Best Value: Sculpfun SF-A9
    Budget-friendly SF-A9 delivers ultra-fast engraving with 40W abilities comparable to pricier competitors. Ideal frugal option for hobbyists. xTool D1 Pro 40W vs Sculpfun SF-A9

We hope this detailed comparison of features, capabilities, strengths, and weaknesses helps identify which 40W laser engraver appropriately matches your needs and budget for 2024 and beyond! Kindly inform us if you have any other queries. xTool D1 Pro 40W vs Sculpfun SF-A9


How long is the warranty for each machine?

The xTool D1 Pro 40W includes a 2-year warranty covering defects or damage not caused by users. Sculpfun provides 1 year of warranty coverage for the SF-A9 under normal operating conditions.

Can these models engrave and cut transparent or colored acrylics?

No, both the 40W laser modules installed in these engravers can only cut opaque materials like black, white, or natural acrylic plastic up to 15mm thickness. Colored transparent acrylics absorb less laser energy and will not melt cleanly.

What thickness of stainless steel can they engrave?

The maximum stainless steel engraving capacity for both engravers is around 0.1 to 0.15mm thicknesses for optimal results. Thicker steel overstrains even the 40W laser power levels.

What file formats can I use for engraving and cutting designs?

These laser engravers are both compatible with all standard design files types including SVG, JPG, PNG, GCode, DXF, and more. This flexibility allows preparing layouts with any common CAD and graphics software.

Can the firmware or control board software be upgraded or customized?

Unfortunately no, the mainboard firmware and hardware interfaces in both the xTool and Sculpfun models cannot be modified from the factory default settings. Options for customization are limited compared to open-source laser cutter systems.

xTool D1 Pro 40W vs Sculpfun SF-A9 – In-depth comparison of two 40W laser engraver models to determine which is best for cutting performance, precision, ease of use, price value, and hardware quality in 2024.

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