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LaserPecker 4 vs XTool F1: Finding the Best Portable Laser


LaserPecker 4 vs XTool F1: The rise of portable laser engravers has opened up creative possibilities for DIYers, crafters & small business owners. With the ability to engrave designs on materials like wood, acrylic, metal and more, portable laser engravers allow you to customize and personalize products on-the-go. Choosing the right Laser device is Important to suit your needs & budget. In this article, we’ll take an in-depth look at two of the top options – the Pecker 4 and XTool F1. LaserPecker 4 vs XTool F1

The LaserPecker 4 and XTool F1 are both compact, lightweight laser engravers with the ability to engrave on a wide variety of materials. However, each device has significant distinctions that make it more appropriate for particular users & applications. To assist you with making the Ideal decision for your requirements, we’ll compare each engraver’s features, usability & user evaluations. LaserPecker 4 vs XTool F1

LaserPecker 4 – In-Depth Analysis

LaserPecker 4 vs XTool F1: The Pecker 4 builds upon previous LaserPecker models with enhanced laser power, speed, precision & capabilities. Here are some of the key features:

xtool f1 vs laserpecker 4: Watch This Before You Buy!!

Key Features

Laser Power and Capabilities

  • Dual laser system – 10W blue diode laser and 2W infrared laser
  • Powerful enough to engrave and cut many materials up to 8mm thickness
  • Dual lasers allow for multi-material and multi-layer engraving

Size and Portability 

  • Compact size – 241 x 82.1 x 139.7mm laser head
  • Total weight under 1kg with lightweight design
  • Built-in battery for cordless operation

Material Compatibility

  • Expansive material capabilities – wood, acrylic, metal, leather, glass, stone, plastic, paper, and more
  • Dual lasers expand the range of engravable materials

Pros of the LaserPecker 4

  • Very fast cutting and engraving speeds up to 2000mm/s 
  • High precision down to 0.003mm engraving accuracy
  • Intuitive touchscreen interface and easy software
  • Large 160 x 300mm engraving area with slide extension
  • Safety features like auto shut-off and enclosed cover

Cons of the LaserPecker 4

  • High price point around 99 USD
  • Battery life up to 1 hour, less than some competitors
  • Software could be more robust for advanced users

User Experiences and Reviews

Users praise the XTool F1 for its unique enclosed design, speedy performance, and value. It’s noted for good precision and ease of use out of the box. Some limitations exist with material capabilities since it has lower laser power. While the software takes more learning, it provides high customization. Overall reviews indicate it’s an excellent entry-level laser perfect for hobbyists. LaserPecker 4 vs XTool F1

Performance Comparison

LaserPecker 4 vs XTool F1: Now that we’ve covered an overview of each device, here’s a direct comparison of their performance in key categories:

xtool f1 vs laserpecker 4: Watch This Before You Buy!!

Laser Power and Precision

  • LaserPecker 4 has more powerful dual lasers resulting in faster, deeper cutting and engraving.
  • XTool F1 has sufficient power for engraving but lower capabilities for cutting thicker materials.
  • Both deliver excellent precision and detail down to very small fractions of mm.

Ease of Use and Software

xtool f1 vs laserpecker 4: Watch This Before You Buy!!
  • LaserPecker 4 has simpler software with an intuitive touchscreen.
  • XTool F1’s software is more complex but provides more customization.
  • Both allow wireless connectivity and import common file formats.

Material Versatility

  • The dual lasers on the LaserPecker 4 enable greater material capabilities.
  • XTool F1 is limited in some materials like metal and thick plastics.
  • LaserPecker 4 can cut and engrave a wider range of materials.

Battery Life and Portability

  • XTool F1 battery lasts slightly longer at 1.5 hours vs 1 hour for Pecker 4.
  • Both are highly portable and lightweight for mobile use.
  • LaserPecker 4 is a bit larger in size but still compact.

Price Point and Value for Money

  • LaserPecker 4 costs about $200+ more than the XTool F1.
  • XTool F1 provides greater value for hobbyists and light users.
  • Pecker 4 is a premium device better suited for frequent professional use.

LaserPecker 4 vs XTool F1 comparison chart

SpecsLaserPecker 4XTool F1
Laser PowerDual laser: 10W blue diode + 2W infrared2W infrared + 10W blue diode
Engraving SpeedUp to 2000mm/sUp to 4000mm/s
Engraving Accuracy0.003mm0.00199mm
Engraving Area160 x 300mm (with slide extension)130 x 80mm
Supported MaterialsWide range – wood, acrylic, metal, leather, glass, stone, plastic, paper, etc.Metals, wood, acrylic, some plastics, and leather
Cutting ThicknessUp to 8mm balsa wood, 5mm acrylicLower cutting capabilities
Battery LifeUp to 1 hourUp to 1.5 hours
SoftwareIntuitive touchscreen, simpler softwareMore complex software with full customization
Price$1799 USD$1599 USD
LaserPecker 4 vs XTool F1

Choosing the Right Portable Laser Engraver

LaserPecker 4 vs XTool F1: With the comparisons covered, what are the most important factors in choosing between the Pecker 4 and XTool F1? Here are some key considerations: LaserPecker 4 vs XTool F1:

Identifying Your Needs and Budget

  • Think about your planned applications and material needs. Will you regularly engrave metal or thick materials?
  • Consider how frequently you plan to use the engraver. Is it for a full-time business or occasional hobby projects?
  • Set a budget that aligns with the value you will get from the investment.

Understanding the Key Features

  • Look at laser power, speed, precision and capabilities to handle your required materials and applications.
  • Consider size, battery life and portability if you plan to transport the engraver.
  • Review ease of use and software options for your skill level and needs.

Considering Long-Term Durability and Support

  • Research product build quality and durability from user reviews.
  • Look at warranties and support provided by the manufacturer.
  • This is especially important for an investment you plan to use for years.

Personal Preferences and Aesthetics

  • While less critical, form factor and design may also influence your satisfaction.
  • Make sure you find the look and feel of the device appealing.

LaserPecker 4 vs XTool F1 matarial soupport

xtool f1 vs laserpecker 4: Watch This Before You Buy!!
MaterialLaserPecker 4XTool F1
WoodEngrave and cut up to 8mmEngrave and cut thinner pieces
AcrylicEngrave and cut up to 5mmEngrave and cut thinner acrylics
MetalEngrave and cut with 10W diode laserLimited cutting, better for engraving
Stainless SteelEngraves wellEngraves well
AluminumEngraves and cutsLower cut thickness
LeatherEngraves and cutsEngraves leather
GlassEngraves transparent and tinted glassNot compatible
PaperGood paper engravingGood paper engraving
PlasticsMany plastics, depending on typeSome plastics but limited
StoneEngraves stone materialsEngraves stone materials
CeramicsEngraves ceramicsEngraves ceramics


LaserPecker 4 vs XTool F1: To wrap up this comparison between two excellent portable laser engravers:

The LaserPecker 4 is the best choice if you:

  • Need to engrave or cut thick and dense materials
  • Will use the engraver frequently or for professional purposes
  • Appreciate state-of-the-art performance with premium price

The XTool F1 is the best choice if you:

  • Are on a tighter budget or engraving occasionally as a hobby
  • Primarily work with wood, acrylics, light metals and plastics
  • Value fast engraving speeds and enclosed safety features

Whichever portable laser engraver you choose, understanding these key considerations will ensure you select the right device to meet your needs and bring your creations to life! Check the reference links below for additional details on the Pecker 4, XTool F1 and other top laser engravers on the market. LaserPecker 4 vs XTool F1

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xtool f1 vs laserpecker 4: Watch This Before You Buy!!
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Resources and References

LaserPecker 4

Offical laserpecker site

XTool F1

Offical xtool site

User Reviews


How are the LaserPecker 4 and XTool F1 powered?

Both engravers have built-in batteries for cordless operation. The LaserPecker 4 battery lasts up to 1 hour while the XTool F1 lasts up to 1.5 hours on a charge.

What materials can they engrave?

The LaserPecker 4 can engrave and cut a wide range of materials like wood, acrylic, metal, glass and more. The XTool F1 has more limited capabilities focused on metals, wood, some plastics and acrylics.

Can I connect wirelessly to my computer?

Yes, both engravers have wireless Bluetooth connectivity to allow controlling and transferring files from a Bluetooth-enabled computer.

Do they require special ventilation or exhaust?

The enclosed design and built-in fans of both units allow using them without any additional ventilation or exhaust setup.

What software do they use?

The LaserPecker 4 uses its own software plus supports LightBurn. The XTool F1 uses XCS software and also supports LightBurn.

LaserPecker 4 vs XTool F1

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