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Is xTool S1 the Best Tumbler Laser Engraver Machine in 2024?

The xTool S1 has quickly become one of the most popular enclosed diode laser engraver machines since its release in 2022. With its class 1 laser safety features, powerful 40W laser, and range of add-ons like the RA2 Pro rotary attachment, the xTool S1 enables high-quality engraving and customization on a variety of materials.

But a key question many potential buyers have is – how well does the xTool S1 work as a tumbler laser engraver machine? Can it Compete with more Specialized rotary Engraving machines? This article takes an in-depth look at the S1’s rotary engraving Capabilities to determine if it truly is the best option for tumblers, mugs & other Cylindrical objects in 2024.

xTool S1 Overview

Before analyzing the S1’s rotary engraving prowess, let’s take a quick look at some of its key features:

Is xTool S1 the Best Tumbler Laser Engraver Machine in 2023?
  • Interchangeable laser modules – Choose from 40W, 20W, or 2W IR lasers
  • Class 1 certified for safety
  • Auto-focus for one-click high precision engraving
  • 600mm/s high-speed movements
  • Large 610x385mm bed to handle bigger projects
  • User-friendly software with intuitive controls
  • Add-ons like rotary attachment, riser base, air assist etc.

This combination of power, safety, precision, and customization makes the xTool S1 a versatile Tumbler Laser Engraver Machine right out of the box. But adding the RA2 Pro rotary attachment is what unlocks its capabilities as an exceptional tumbler laser engraver.

RA2 Pro Rotary Attachment for S1

The xTool RA2 Pro is a 4-in-1 rotary designed specifically for the S1 enclosed laser tumbler laser engraver machine. It attaches seamlessly to the S1 bed and uses the machine’s existing laser module to enable 360-degree engraving on cylindrical items.

Is xTool S1 the Best Tumbler Laser Engraver Machine in 2023?

Key RA2 Pro features:

  • 4-in-1 design – neatly houses tumblers, mugs, pens etc.
  • Rotates objects up to 110mm diameter
  • Delivers precise alignment every time
  • Easy to setup and detach from S1 bed

This specialty rotary attachment, combined with the S1’s auto-focus, high precision capabilities unlocks a whole new world of custom engraved drinkware and decor pieces.

Why xTool S1 is the Best Tumbler Laser Engraver Machine

Taking into account all of its features, the xTool S1 is hands-down the best tumbler laser engraver machine option currently available. Here’s a breakdown of why it beats out dedicated rotary laser tumbler laser engraver machines:

1. Cost Savings

Purchasing the S1 base model plus the RA2 Pro rotary comes out to less than $2500. Comparable all-in-one rotary Laser engravers Cost almost double.

The S1 doesn’t compromise power or quality while being priced extremely competitively. This makes it very budget-friendly for small businesses and hobbyists wanting professional-grade custom drinkware capabilities.

2. Ease of Use

Between the user-friendly xTool software and simple RA2 Pro setup, the overall workflow for cylindrical engraving on the S1 has a gentle learning curve.

The auto-focus feature also eliminates much of the precision Adjustment needed with other rotary Tumbler Laser Engraver Machines. One-click engraving makes it beginner-friendly.

3. High Engraving Quality

The 40W laser paired with auto-focus engraves deeper and with sharper resolution compared to lower-powered diode laser rotary Tumbler Laser Engraver Machines.

It can tackle detailed designs on stainless steel and make crisp, clean etchings on glass drinkware. The S1 + RA2 Pro combo beats outcomparable options delivering stunning custom tumbler engraving quality.

4. Expanded Functionality

Even specialized rotary laser engravers can only handle cylindrical objects. The beauty of the S1 is its Incredible Versatility going beyond just drinkware customization.

It can handle large flat projects like acrylic signs with its ample work area. Switch to the IR laser to etch metal decals or jewelry. Snap off the RA2 Pro to free up the enclosed laser bed. This flexibility is unmatched at the S1’s affordable price point.

5. Reliable Brand Reputation

xTool has made a name for itself by delivering high-performing, safety-focused laser Tumbler Laser Engraver Machines that excel in both power and precision. S1 reviews from customers and industry experts have been overwhelmingly positive.

Unlike some other Chinese rotary laser brands, xTool is trusted globally for its product quality and responsive customer service. The S1 + RA2 Pro has been vetted thoroughly making it a smart hassle-free investment.


What Materials Can You Engrave With S1 as a Tumbler Laser Engraver Machine?

The xTool S1 supports engraving an incredibly wide range of materials, especially popular options for custom drinkware, with fantastic results:

Is xTool S1 the Best Tumbler Laser Engraver Machine in 2023?
And many more!
  • Stainless Steel Tumblers
  • Glassware + Pint Glasses
  • Plastic Beverage Bottles + Yetis
  • Ceramic Mugs
  • Wooden Cups/Tankards
  • Leather Coasters
  • Metallic Travel Mugs

The removable RA2 Pro attachment is designed to keep cylindrical items up to 110mm diameter securely in place during high-speed engraving. It rotates the object 360 degrees allowing you to etch detailed custom designs seamlessly around curved surfaces.

Combined with the S1’s class-leading 40W laser power, even advanced multi-layered engravings on stainless steel drinkware are achievable in minutes. The xTool S1 is built for efficiency and creative flexibility as the best tumbler laser engraver machine.

What Else Can You Do With an S1?

While it clearly dominates as the top option for tumbler laser engraver needs, an S1 machine opens up far more revenue-generating possibilities thanks to xTool’s incredible add-ons and modular build:

Is xTool S1 the Best Tumbler Laser Engraver Machine in 2023?
  • Interchangeable laser modules – alternate between IR, 20W and 40W
  • Conveyor attachment for long 3+ meter projects
  • Riser base for engraving large 130mm tall items
  • Air assist for smoother cuts
  • Fume extractor and air filter for workspace safety
  • Specialty materials like brass and gold-plated coatings

These expansions let you tackle everything from custom phone cases, awards and plaques to branded leather goods, jewelry pieces, mass production line work and everything in between!

What Do Customers Say About the S1 Tumbler Laser Engraver Combo?

Actual user reviews highlight just how well the xTool S1 performs as a Tumbler Laser Engraver Machine in real-world applications:

Is xTool S1 the Best Tumbler Laser Engraver Machine in 2023?

“I make customized tumblers and the quality of engraving with the ceramic tumblers is fantastic. Auto focus makes it simple. Best rotary attachment on the market in my opinion.”

“This tumbler laser engraver machine is perfect for starting a mug customization business. The engraving is clean and it saves me so much time with the quick auto focus and high speed.”

“As a new laser user for engraving drinkware, the xTool S1 + RA2 Pro attachment has been easy to learn on. I use it to personalize Yeti cups, beer glasses etc. and it handles them all perfectly.”

These first-hand experiences reaffirm that the xTool S1 + RA2 Pro rotary setup consistently delivers exceptional professional-grade outcomes with ease – making it the undisputed leader as the best Tumbler Laser Engraver Machine choice available today.

XTOOL S1 vs Glowforge vs FSL Muse vs OMTech Rotary

How does the xTool S1 stack up against some of the biggest names in the hobbyist/small business laser cutter space? Here’s a quick comparison on key factors:

Is xTool S1 the Best Tumbler Laser Engraver Machine in 2023?
MachineLaser PowerRotary CompatiblePrice
xTool S1 + RA2 Pro40WYes$2400-$3000
Glowforge Basic40WNo$2500-$3000
Full Spectrum Muse40WYes*$3500+
OMTech Zing-S Rotary Attachment16WYes$2400-$2800

*Muse Rotary add-on sold separately $500+

It’s clear the xTool S1 provides the best balance of power, rotary engraving capabilities and affordability out of premium hobbyist laser cutter options. Glowforge machines lack native rotary support, while the Full Spectrum Muse forces you to pay extra for addon.

OMTech’s rotary option features a smaller work area and lower power laser that struggles to match the S1’s engraving depth and quality on metals/glass. Overall, the xTool S1 clearly outpaces or matches tumbler laser engraver machines double its price as the top tumbler laser engraver choice for small businesses.


Why Should You Buy an xTool S1 for Tumbler Engraving?

After reviewing all its features and performance factors, the xTool S1 emerges as an easy top recommendation for anyone looking invest in a Tumbler Laser Engraver Machine in 2024. Here are the key reasons why:

Cost – Exceptional quality and reliablity at just 2400-$3000 with the RA2 Pro rotary attachment

Simplicity – User-friendly workflow from intuitive software to easy cylindrical item setup

Precision – Auto-focus + precise RA2 Pro attachment guarantees stunning results

High Engraving Quality – Unmatched detail and depth enabled by 40W power

Versatility – Handles all materials with interchangeable laser modules

Expandability – Conveyor, riser base, air assist and more to grow your business

Rave Customer Reviews – Loved by hobbyists and pros alike

Is xTool S1 the Best Tumbler Laser Engraver Machine in 2023?

Quite simply, there is no better option than the xTool S1 if you are looking for power, safety, reliability, and flawless custom rotary engraving capabilities without breaking the bank. It dominates the “sweet spot” for small businesses requiring exceptional tumbler laser engraver performance to create branded merchandise, customized gifts and unique decor pieces.

Where Can You Buy an xTool S1 Machine?

xTool S1 machines are sold through authorized resellers to ensure you get authentic products, warranties, and access to support.

You can purchase S1 units from:

  • Amazon
  • Etsy – Limited quantity listings
  • xTool Direct – Special discounts and bundling options

The base S1 40W model starts at $2199. Bundles with the essential RA2 Pro rotary attachment begin from $2399 but frequently are discounted to $2100 or lower.

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Be sure to buy from reputed sellers and compare bundle options to maximize value. All editions of the S1 can work as exceptional tumbler laser engraver machines – just make sure to add the RA2 Pro to enable flawless cylindrical engraving.

Step-By-Step Guide to Engrave a Tumbler on the xTool S1

Thanks to the well-designed RA2 Pro rotary attachment, engraving tumblers and other cylindrical objects on the xTool S1 is an easy 3 step process:

Step 1) Attach the RA2 Pro securely to the S1 laser bed. Use the appropriate inserts for holding your tumbler or glass in place.

Step 2) Load your design file into the xTool software. Position and scale it to fit around the circumference of the tumbler. Set the laser parameters like speed, power etc. depending on the material.

Step 3) Carefully place the tumbler in the RA2 attachment, ensure its stable and click auto-focus. Hit start and let the S1 flawlessly engrave away with precision!

The quick auto-focus ability combined with high engraving speeds makes customizing stainless steel and glassware extremely efficient on the xTool S1, cementing its status as the premier tumbler laser engraver machine.

Follow these basic operating procedures for exceptional custom etched tumblers and pint glasses every time. Reach out to xTool’s caring customer support if you have any other questions on setup, design or material settings.

Verdict: Best Tumbler Laser for Every Need and Budget

The xTool S1 continues to dominate the prosumer laser cutter market in 2024 as the premier powerhouse Tumbler Laser Engraver Machine available for less than $2500. Between its high quality components, versatile design and stellar software, no other device packs as much sheer value.

While it can handle an incredible variety of engraving, marking and cutting applications with precision and efficiency, adding on the tailored RA2 Pro rotary attachment is what propels the S1 into a class of its own as the outright best tumbler laser engraver machine choice too.

Whether you are looking for the perfect affordable Tumbler Laser Engraver Machine to start a custom branded drinkware business or want to expand your offerings as an established engraving studio, the xTool S1 accompanied by the RA2 Pro simply can’t be beat.

From ease of use to exceptional engraving depth even on stainless steel, exceptional customer support and an thrive ecosystem of third party add-ons, the S1 remains future-proof while delivering today. For less than $2500 no other laserTumbler Laser Engraver Machine comes close to offering such a compelling balance of reliability, power and unlimited revenue-generating potential.


Does the RA2 Pro rotary attachment come included with the S1?

No, the RA2 Pro must be purchased separately for 9 to enable cylindrical engraving capabilities on the xTool S1 laser cutter.

What file formats does the S1 software support for tumbler engraving?

The xTool S1 is compatible with SVG, DXF, JPG, PNG and other common design files for both flat and rotary engraving.

Is there size limit for tumblers and mugs I can engrave on the S1?

The RA2 Pro supports a max diameter of 110mm, letting you engrave everything from shot glasses to large insulated water bottles on the xTool S1.

How long does it take to swap the RA2 Pro attachment on/off the S1 laser bed?

Attaching and removing the RA2 Pro takes just seconds with convenient thumbscrews allowing you to alternate between flat and cylindrical engraving.

Can I use third party software like LightBurn to engrave tumblers on the S1?

Yes, while LightBurn lacks some advanced features, you can engrave tumblers on the S1 using it with simplified configuration and the RA2 Pro add-on.

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