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Is xTool P2 All in 1 Bundle Best Laser Engraver Module Ever?

Are you an artist, crafter, or small business owner looking for a versatile & high-performance laser engraver? Look no further than the xTool P2 All in 1 Bundle, Laser Engraver Module. With its unmatched accuracy, efficiency & versatility, this all inclusive bundle promises to improve your creative pursuits . In this in depth review, we’ll explore the features that make the xTool P2 All in 1 Bundle a game changer in the world of laser engraving.

Introducing the xTool P2 All in 1 Bundle, Laser Engraver Module

The xTool P2 All in 1 Bundle is a complete solution for all your laser engraving needs. It includes the powerful xTool P2 55W CO2 Laser Cutter, along with a range of accessories & freebies designed to enhance your experience and productivity. Let’s take a closer look at what’s included in this comprehensive bundle:

The Centerpiece: xTool P2 55W CO2 Laser Cutter

At the heart of the bundle is the xTool P2 55W CO2 Laser Cutter, a smart desktop laser engraver and cutter machine. This intelligent device is equipped with dual 16MP panoramic & close-range cameras, enabling it to automatically construct 3D models of curved objects for flawless curved surface engraving. It can also intelligently recognize shapes, allowing you to fill patterns on multiple objects & engrave them in a single batch.

Unmatched Cutting and Engraving Performance

The xTool P2 boasts a powerful 55W laser tube, capable of cutting through 18mm black walnut and 20mm acrylic in just one pass. It can also engrave at an impressive speed of 600mm/s, thanks to its superior motor & sturdy construction. With such cutting-edge performance, this laser engraver module will significantly boost your productivity & efficiency.

Automatic Delivery and Impeccable Accuracy

The xTool P2 is bundled with an Automatic Conveyor Feeder, which, combined with the smart camera’s intelligent algorithms, ensures that materials are transferred automatically and accurately. With the help of this capability, you can easily engrave on materials up to 39 inches long and eliminate annoying accuracy discrepancies.

Expand Your Engraving Possibilities

The included Riser Base enables you to engrave on ultra-thick materials up to 8.4 inches, such as trunks and briefcases. The accessory gives you endless processing options & makes it simple to batch process several thick things at once.

Bonus Accessories and Freebies

The xTool P2 All in 1 Bundle doesn’t stop there. It also includes several bonus accessories and freebies to enhance your laser engraving experience:

FREE Fire Safety Set ($189 Value)

Safety is a top priority with this bundle. The included Fire Safety Set offers auto fire detection & fire extinguishing capabilities, ensuring a secure working environment for your laser engraving projects.

FREE Material Kit ($50 Value)

To get you started on your creative journey, the bundle includes a FREE Material Kit worth $50. It contains basswood, cardboard, and transparent acrylic, allowing you to experiment with different materials right out of the box.

RA2 Pro Rotary Attachment

For laser engraving, the RA2 Pro Rotary Attachment is revolutionary. This 4 in 1 rotary attachment helps you process different objects, expanding the range of products you can create with your xTool P2.

Smoke Purifier

Create a silent and safe working area with the included Smoke Purifier. Its advanced filtration system can eliminate 99.97% of particles, ensuring a clean and healthy environment for your laser engraving projects.

20 Crafting Full Courses ($500 Value) and 20% Off Material Card

To help you unleash your creativity, the bundle includes 20 Crafting Full Courses (valued at $500), providing you with in-demand skills and guidance from laser engraving experts. You’ll also get a 20% Off Material Card, which will let you get discounts on all of your next material purchases.

Key Features of the xTool P2 All in 1 Bundle, Laser Engraver Module

Flawless Precision and User-Friendly Preview

The xTool P2 All in 1 Bundle, Laser Engraver Module, boasts incredible precision and user-friendly features that set it apart from the competition. The close-range camera syncs with the laser head, ensuring distortion-free imaging & allowing you to master minute details with impeccable accuracy. Additionally, the panoramic camera provides an unprecedented view of your workspace, enabling you to effortlessly visualize your bed & material arrangement for a smooth and confident workflow.

Curved Surface Engraving and Larger Bed Size

One of the standout features of the xTool P2 is its ability to engrave on curved surfaces. Easily engrave on curved items to increase your creative options with automated 3D model generation. Furthermore, the xTool P2 offers a 50% larger bed size compared to competitors, with a vast working area of 23.6×12.1 inches, allowing you to embrace endless possibilities for your masterpieces.

EngraverBed Size
xTool P226 X 14 inches
Competitors20 X 12 inches

Seamless Engraving and Increased Working Height

The Automatic Conveyor Feeder (purchased separately) ensures seamless processing of materials up to 118 inches long, eliminating annoying interruptions and misaligned extra-long projects. Additionally, you can engrave anything up to 8.4 inches tall with the Riser Base (included in the bundle), which expands your creative options.

Professional Software and Cross-Platform Compatibility

The xTool P2 All in 1 Bundle, Laser Engraver Module, comes with free professional software (XCS) that simplifies the engraving process. With one-click operations for image import, outline addition, engraving and cutting settings, and material settings, you’ll be able to master the software in just three easy steps. The software also receives monthly updates, adding advanced features like AI drawing & image tracing functions.

Additionally, the software ensures a seamless workflow across devices, allowing you to work on your projects from PCs, iPads or mobile devices, thanks to its Wi-Fi, USB & Ethernet connectivity options.

Safety First: Prioritizing Your Well-being

The xTool P2 All in 1 Bundle, Laser Engraver Module, prioritizes your safety with a range of features designed to provide a secure working environment. The enclosed design and light-filtering lid prevent light and smoke leakage, while the automatic lock ensures the lid remains securely closed during processing, making it an extremely safe machine for families with children or pets.

The bundle also includes an emergency stop button for quick shutdown in case of emergencies & a multiple-warning system that alerts you to any potential issues, such as overheating or lack of cooling water.

For environments with elevated safety requirements, xTool offers a Class 1 laser variant of the P2, ensuring top-tier safety without compromising performance.

Breathe Easy with Efficient Smoke Exhaust

The xTool P2 All in 1 Bundle, Laser Engraver Module, features an excellent smoke exhaust system to keep your workspace fresh and clean. With a built-in 145CFM exhaust fan, you can simply place the exhaust pipe outside a window, and the machine will efficiently remove smoke from your work area.

For indoor settings where smoke exhaust may be challenging, the bundle includes a smoke purifier with an advanced filtration system that can effectively eliminate 99.7% of particles, ensuring a cleaner & healthier environment.

Why Choose the xTool P2 All in 1 Bundle, Laser Engraver Module?

FeaturexTool P2Competitors
Power55WPower not specified
Bed Size26.8″ x 14.2″20.1″ x 11.8″
MAX. Engraving Speed600mm/s500mm/s
Max. Working Height72mm / 275mm with Riser Base51mm
Camera16 MP x 25 MP
Vision Precision0.3mm1mm
Rotary Engraving Diameter0-180mm30-74mm
Curved Surface EngravingYesNo
Price$5,805.00not specified

As the comparison table shows, the xTool P2 All in 1 Bundle, Laser Engraver Module, outperforms its competitors in several key areas, including power, bed size, engraving speed, working height, camera quality, vision precision, rotary engraving diameter, auto-passthrough capabilities, and curved surface engraving. With its comprehensive feature set and unmatched performance, the xTool P2 All in 1 Bundle is a worthy investment for artists, crafters & small business owners seeking a reliable and versatile laser engraving solution.

Pros and Cons of the xTool P2 All in 1 Bundle


  • Powerful 55W laser for fast and precise cutting and engraving
  • Intelligent features like curved surface engraving and automatic batch processing
  • Expanded engraving capabilities with Riser Base and Rotary Attachment
  • User-friendly software with regular updates and cross-platform compatibility
  • Prioritizes safety with enclosed design, automatic lock, and fire safety features
  • Efficient smoke exhaust system and air purification
  • Comprehensive bundle with valuable freebies and accessories


  • Higher price point compared to some competitors
  • Additional accessories like Conveyor Feeder and Smoke Purifier sold separately
  • Potential learning curve for beginners with advanced features


The xTool P2 All in 1 Bundle is priced at US $5,805.00. This comprehensive bundle includes the xTool P2 55W Co2 laser Cutter, Automatic Conveyor Feeder (39″), Riser Base, Smoke Purifier, RA2 Pro Rotary Attachment, FREE Fire Safety Set ($189 value), FREE Material Kit ($50 value), 20 Crafting Full Courses ($500 value), and a 20% Off Material Card.

Conclusion: A Comprehensive and Unbeatable Solution

The xTool P2 All in 1 Bundle, Laser Engraver Module, is a truly remarkable package that offers unparalleled performance, versatility, and value. With its powerful laser cutter, intelligent features & a wealth of accessories and freebies, this bundle is poised to revolutionize the way you approach laser engraving.

Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a passionate hobbyist, the xTool P2 All in 1 Bundle promises to elevate your Creative endeavors to new heights. From flawless precision & curved surface engraving to seamless material handling and a safe working environment, this bundle ticks all the boxes and more.

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So, if you’re in the market for a top-of-the-line laser engraver module that offers unmatched capabilities and a comprehensive solution, the xTool P2 All in 1 Bundle is undoubtedly the best choice available. Embrace the future of laser engraving today & let your creativity soar with this cutting-edge bundle.

My Opinion: Is the xTool P2 All in 1 Bundle Worth the Investment?

After thoroughly evaluating the xTool P2 All in 1 Bundle, Laser Engraver Module, I firmly believe that it is a worthwhile investment for anyone serious about laser engraving and cutting. While the initial cost may be higher than some competitors, the bundle’s comprehensive features, intelligent design & unmatched performance justify the investment. The powerful 55W laser, coupled with the intelligent automation features and expanded engraving capabilities, set the xTool P2 apart from the competition.

The ability to engrave on curved surfaces, batch process multiple objects & work with ultra-thick materials opens up a world of creative possibilities that were previously unattainable with many other laser engravers. Moreover, the user-friendly software, cross-platform compatibility & regular updates ensure a seamless and future-proof experience, allowing you to focus on your creativity without worrying about compatibility issues or outdated software.

While the learning curve for beginners may be steeper due to the advanced features, the bundle includes valuable resources like crafting courses & material samples to help ease the transition. Overall, the xTool P2 All in 1 Bundle, Laser Engraver Module, is a comprehensive & high-performance solution that delivers on its promises. If you’re serious about taking your laser engraving and cutting game to the next level, the xTool P2 All in 1 Bundle is undoubtedly worth the investment.


What materials can the xTool P2 laser cutter and engraver work with?

The xTool P2 can cut wood, acrylic, leather, MDF, rubber, and fabric. It can also engrave on glass, ceramic, slate, coated metal & anodized aluminum, among other materials.

How does the curved surface engraving feature work?

The dual 16MP cameras automatically construct 3D models of curved objects, allowing the laser to engrave on curved surfaces with the same precision as flat surfaces.

Can the xTool P2 handle extra-long materials?

Yes, with the optional Automatic Conveyor Feeder (sold separately), the xTool P2 can seamlessly engrave materials up to 118 inches (3 meters) long without interruptions.

What safety features does the xTool P2 offer?

It has an enclosed design, automatic lid lock, emergency stop button, fire safety set (included), and multiple warning systems for overheating and cooling issues.

Is the xTool P2 suitable for beginners?

While the advanced features may have a learning curve, the bundle includes 20 crafting courses and a material kit to help beginners get started.

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