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Is xTool as Good as Glowforge?

Laser cutting and engraving machines like xTool and Glowforge allow makers and creatives to cut, engrave, and etch designs into various materials. But with so many options on the market, it can be Tough to decide which brand is right for you. Two of the most popular desktop laser cutter brands are xTool and Glowforge. But is xTool as good as Glowforge?

In this article, we’ll compare the key features and specs of xTool & Glowforge Laser Cutters to help you determine which is the better option for your needs and budget.

Overview of xTool

xTool is a company founded in 2015 that manufactures laser cutters and engravers. Their machines use diode laser technology and come in several different models to suit different needs and budgets. 

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Some of xTool’s most popular models include:

  • xTool D1 – A versatile enclosed 13W laser cutter and engraver.
  • xTool D1 Pro – An upgraded version of the D1 with interchangeable 10W and 20W laser modules.
  • xTool M1 – A unique 2-in-1 machine that combines a 10W laser with a blade cutter.
  • xTool S1 – A high-power 40W enclosed diode laser cutter. 
  • xTool P2 – xTool’s flagship CO2 laser cutter.

Is xTool as Good as Glowforge? All xTool models include features like auto-focus, built-in cameras, and proprietary software called xTool Creative Space. The devices are made to be easy to Operate, even by beginners.

Overview of Glowforge

Glowforge is another well-known brand in the desktop laser cutter space. They currently offer three models:

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  • Glowforge Basic – An entry-level 40W CO2 laser cutter.
  • Glowforge Plus – A mid-range 40W CO2 laser with upgraded features. 
  • Glowforge Pro – The most powerful Glowforge model with a 45W CO2 laser.

Glowforge laser cutters include automatic laser alignment, smart material detection, cloud-based software, and other beginner-friendly features. The machines only work when connected to the internet.

Now that we’ve introduced both brands, let’s take a closer look at how they compare across some key factors:

Laser Type

One of the biggest differences between xTool and Glowforge is the laser technology used:

xTool D1 Pro 20w's Fiber Laser Color Marking Settings
  • xTool uses diode lasers – Diode lasers are compact, efficient, and typically lower maintenance than CO2 lasers. However, they cannot match the raw power of a CO2 laser. xTool’s diode lasers range from 10W to 40W. Is xTool as Good as Glowforge?
  • Glowforge uses CO2 lasers – CO2 lasers are capable of higher power levels, up to 45W in the Glowforge Pro. This allows them to cut thicker and harder materials than a comparable diode laser. However, CO2 lasers have more maintenance requirements.

So in summary, diode lasers offer efficiency & Convenience while CO2 lasers offer maximum cutting power. xTool has an advantage for more casual users while Glowforge is better suited for heavy workloads with tough materials. Is xTool as Good as Glowforge?

Cutting Power

As mentioned above, the type of laser determines the maximum cutting power. Here’s how they compare:

  • xTool’s most powerful model is the 40W S1 – This enclosed diode laser can cut up to 18mm wood, 15mm acrylic, and 0.1mm stainless steel.
  • Glowforge Pro has a 45W CO2 laser – This enables it to cut up to 1/2″ (12.7mm) of most materials including wood, acrylic, leather, rubber, and some metals.

The extra 5 watts on the Glowforge Pro gives it approximately 30% more cutting power compared to xTool’s flagship S1 model. However, for softer materials like wood, leather, and plastic, an xTool diode laser should still be sufficient for most applications. Is xTool as Good as Glowforge?

Cutting Area

The cutting area determines the maximum size of materials you can work with. Here is how they compare:

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  • xTool’s largest model is the P2 with 26.8 x 14.2 inches – This is over 50% larger than Glowforge‘s printable area.
  • Glowforge machines have a cutting area of approximately 20 x 12 inches – The 12 inch depth can be expanded to unlimited length using the Pro Passthrough feature, but width is still limited.

Is xTool as Good as Glowforge? xTool has the advantage here for larger individual pieces. The P2’s extra-large work area is better for projects like signs, plaques, and furniture parts up to 26 inches wide.


The software plays a big role in the user experience. xTool and Glowforge take different approaches:

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  • xTool Creative Space – xTool’s free proprietary software with a desktop app. It works offline and has lots of built-in design tools. Is xTool as Good as Glowforge?
  • Glowforge Cloud Software – Glowforge uses cloud-based software accessed through a web browser. An internet connection is required.

Is xTool as Good as Glowforge? xTool’s standalone desktop software offers more flexibility for those with unreliable internet. Glowforge’s web app enables easy Sharing & Collaboration. It’s a matter of preference based on workflow.


Pricing is another area where major differences emerge:

ModelLaser PowerPrice
xTool D120W$1,199
xTool S140W$2,199
xTool P255W$4,499
Glowforge Basic40W$2,995
Glowforge Plus40W$3,995
Glowforge Pro45W$5,995

For comparable laser power, xTool’s machines are 50-70% cheaper than the equivalent Glowforge model. The price gap becomes more dramatic for the higher-end models. Is xTool as Good as Glowforge?

Of Course, pricing isn’t everything. But xTool offers excellent Value, especially for hobbyists & smaller businesses.

Material Compatibility

Both xTool and Glowforge can cut and engrave a wide variety of materials like wood, leather, acrylic, paper, fabric, rubber, and some metals. Here are some key differences:

  • xTool can engrave metal more easily – The diode laser’s shorter wavelength is better absorbed by reflective metals like stainless steel or aluminum.
  • Glowforge excels at thicker, harder materials – The higher power CO2 laser can slice through materials up to 1/2″ thick with ease.
  • xTool supports clear acrylic better – Diode lasers are compatible with both colored and clear acrylic whereas CO2 lasers can only engrave colored acrylic.

So xTool may have an edge for metal crafts and clear acrylic. Glowforge pulls ahead for tough materials requiring maximum laser power. Is xTool as Good as Glowforge?


For production environments, cutting and engraving speed is an important consideration.

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  • xTool machines engrave up to 600 mm/s – Their optimized motors and motion systems allow very fast engraving for improved throughput.
  • Glowforge advertises speeds up to 24x – However, maximum top speed depends on the model – 12x for the Pro and 10x for the Plus.

Real-world speeds will depend on the application, but xTool appears to have the advantage for pure engraving work. Glowforge speeds are still respectable though. Is xTool as Good as Glowforge?

Safety Features

Working with lasers requires proper safety precautions. Here are some of the key safety features:

xTool P2 Review: The Smartest Laser Cutter We've Ever Tested
  • xTool – Class 1 certification, flame detector, emergency stop button, automatic lock during operation. Some models offer additional auto fire Prevention.
  • Glowforge – Air filter, onboard smoke extractor, integrated vacuum hold-down. Lacks an enclosed design or advanced fire prevention capabilities.

Is xTool as Good as Glowforge? xTool seems to put a greater emphasis on safety certifications and features like fire prevention & containment. Glowforge still has good basic safety systems but may be less suitable for unattended operation.


How you control and connect to the machine is also worth considering:

  • xTool – Offers both USB and WiFi connectivity. Can work offline. Some models have onboard Cameras for monitoring.
  • Glowforge – Requires an internet connection via WiFi. Includes integrated cameras for monitoring and precise engraving.

Glowforge’s mandatory internet connection may be a limitation for some. xTool gives you more flexibility to connect how you want. Is xTool as Good as Glowforge?

Customer Support

With complex devices like laser cutters, customer service is vital:

  • xTool – Provides email, phone, and live chat support. Very responsive based on reviews. Offers remote troubleshooting.
  • Glowforge – Limited phone support for basic questions. Primarily uses email tickets for support issues. Response times are slower. Is xTool as Good as Glowforge?
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Overall, xTool receives much better feedback regarding their helpful & responsive customer support team. This level of service can provide great peace of mind. Is xTool as Good as Glowforge?


To wrap up, here are some key points on how xTool and Glowforge compare:

  • xTool offers excellent value, with similar specs at a much lower price point.
  • Glowforge machines have greater raw cutting power with their high-powered CO2 lasers.
  • xTool’s diode lasers are more efficient, compact, and require less maintenance.
  • xTool has the advantage for larger individual work pieces. Glowforge wins for unlimited length.
  • xTool has faster maximum engraving speeds but Glowforge is still reasonably quick.
  • xTool appears to prioritize safety features and certifications more than Glowforge.
  • Connectivity and offline use is more flexible with xTool machines.
  • xTool receives praise for having responsive, helpful, and fast customer service.

While both companies make high-quality laser cutters and engravers, xTool stands out for offering an impressive balance of Value, versatility & cutting power. Their excellent reputation for customer Service is also a big advantage. Is xTool as Good as Glowforge?

Is xTool as Good as Glowforge? For hobbyists, small businesses, and casual users who don’t require the maximum cutting thickness, xTool’s cheaper pricing and welcoming user experience make their machines a great choice to consider.


Is xTool or Glowforge better for beginners?

xTool machines are generally considered better for beginners due to their lower cost, intuitive software, and wealth of beginner-friendly features like auto-focus and built-in cameras.

Does xTool or Glowforge have better quality?

Both companies produce high-quality machines, but xTool uses industrial-grade components and has more rigorous quality control during manufacturing according to reviews.

Can xTool models cut as thick as Glowforge models?

Glowforge’s 45W CO2 laser can cut thicker and harder materials than xTool’s 40W diode laser. But for soft materials under 1/4 inch, xTool has sufficient cutting power.

How accurate is xTool’s engraving compared to Glowforge?

Engraving precision is similar, within a couple hundredths of a millimeter for both. Glowforge may have a slight edge, but xTool accuracy is more than sufficient for most applications.

Which has better software, xTool or Glowforge?

xTool’s standalone software offers more built-in design features and flexibility. Glowforge’s cloud-based software enables collaboration but requires an internet connection. User preference will determine which is better.

Is xTool as Good as Glowforge? Is xTool as Good as Glowforge? Is xTool as Good as Glowforge? Is xTool as Good as Glowforge? Is xTool as Good as Glowforge? Is xTool as Good as Glowforge? Is xTool as Good as Glowforge?
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