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Is OMTech Polar 350 50W better than Glowforge and xTool p2?

Laser engravers & cutters are versatile tools that can be used by hobbyists, small businesses, schools & more to engrave designs and cut materials like wood, acrylic, leather, fabric, paper, glass, and more. Three popular desktop laser engraving and cutting machines on the market are the OMTech Polar 350 50W, Glowforge & xtool p2. But how do these three Machines compare to each other? This comprehensive article will analyze the key specs and features of the OMTech Polar 350 50W, Glowforge & xtool p2 to determine which one comes out on top.

Laser Power

Laser power is one of the most important factors when comparing laser engravers and cutters. More power means faster cutting speeds & the ability to cut thicker materials.

Is OMTech Polar 350 50W better than Glowforge and xTool p2?

The OMTech Polar 350 50W lives up to its name with a powerful 50W CO2 laser tube. This enables it to cut materials up to 10mm thick at speeds up to 500mm/s.

The Glowforge comes in three models. The basic Glowforge model has a 40W laser, while the Glowforge Plus and Pro have 45W lasers. So the standard and Plus models have a bit less power than the OMTech Polar 350 50W, but the Pro model matches it at 45W.

The xtool p2 has a 55W laser tube, giving it an edge over both the standard Glowforge models and rivaling the Polar’s power output.

So when it comes to laser power, the xtool p2 takes the win with 55W, followed closely by the OMTech Polar 350 50W and Glowforge Pro at 50W and 45W respectively. The standard Glowforge trails at 40W. More power means faster & deeper cutting.

ModelLaser Power (W)
OMTech Polar 350 50W50
Glowforge (Basic)40
Glowforge Plus45
Glowforge Pro45
xtool p255

Cutting/Engraving Area

The cutting/engraving area determines the maximum size of materials you can work with in the machine.

Is OMTech Polar 350 50W better than Glowforge and xTool p2?

The OMTech Polar 350 50W has a generous processing area of 20.1 x 11.8 inches.

The Glowforge machines have a cutting area of 11 x 19.5 inches and an engraving width of 20 inches. The difference is that the Pro model has unlimited material length via its passthrough slot.

The xtool p2 leads the pack with a bed size of 26.8 x 14.2 inches, over 50% larger than competitors. An optional conveyor attachment can support materials up to 39 inches long.

For work area, the xtool p2 is the winner, followed by the OMTech Polar 350 50W then Glowforge models. The xtool p2’s extra-large bed gives you flexibility to take on bigger projects.

ModelCutting/Engraving Area (inches)
OMTech Polar 350 50W20.1 x 11.8
Glowforge (Basic)11 x 19.5 (Cutting) / 20 (Engraving)
Glowforge Plus11 x 19.5 (Cutting) / 20 (Engraving)
Glowforge ProUnlimited Length (Passthrough)
xtool p226.8 x 14.2

Cutting/Engraving Thickness

The maximum thickness of materials each machine can handle is important for cuttingapplications.

Is OMTech Polar 350 50W better than Glowforge and xTool p2?

The OMTech Polar 350 50W can cut up to 10mm material thickness with its 50W laser. Engraving depth is not specified.

The Glowforge Plus is limited to 12.7mm (0.5 inch) thickness, while the Glowforge Pro has unlimited thickness thanks to its pass-through slot for continuous printing. Both have a maximum engraving depth of 50.8mm (2 inches).

The xtool p2 can cut materials up to 25.4mm (1 inch) thick and engrave up to 72mm (2.8 inches) deep, or up to 8.4 inches with the included riser accessory.

For cutting thickness, the OMTech Polar 350 50W and xtool p2 support up to 10mm/1 inch respectively. But the Glowforge Pro pulls ahead allowing unlimited material length via the passthrough slot. For depth of engraving, the xtool p2 is the deepest at 8.4 inches with the riser.

ModelMax Cutting Thickness (mm/inch)Max Engraving Depth (mm/inch)
OMTech Polar 350 50W10mm / 0.4 inchNot specified
Glowforge Plus12.7mm / 0.5 inch50.8mm / 2 inches
Glowforge ProUnlimited via passthrough50.8mm / 2 inches
xtool p225.4mm / 1 inch72mm / 2.8 inches (8.4 inches with riser)


Operation speed determines how quickly your machine can complete engraving and cutting tasks. The Machine is more productive at high speeds.

The OMTech Polar 350 50W touts an impressive maximum processing speed of 500mm/s.

Glowforge does not disclose specific speed ratings, but claims their laser is 10-12x faster than the entry-level Aura model (which likely means 100-120 mm/s).

The xtool p2 boasts the fastest top speed at 600mm per second.

So for speed, the xtool p2 wins with 600mm/s maximum, beating out the Polar’s 500mm/s rating. The Glowforge is vaguely faster than 100mm/s. Faster speeds equal greater productivity.

ModelMaximum Processing Speed (mm/s)
OMTech Polar 350 50W500
Glowforge (Estimated)100-120
xtool p2600

Supported Materials

A wider range of materials you can cut or engrave expands the machine’s Versatility for different applications.

Is OMTech Polar 350 50W better than Glowforge and xTool p2?

The OMTech Polar 350 50W can handle materials like wood, acrylic, fabric, cork, rubber, slate, and glass.

Glowforge claims compatibility with wood, acrylic, leather, paper, fabric, and food like chocolate among other materials.

xtool p2 touts an ability to cut and engrave materials including wood, acrylic, leather, MDF, rubber, fabric, glass, ceramic, metal, and more.

All three machines have a Wide range of material Compatibility. But xtool p2 explicitly claims specialty materials like ceramic, metal, and food that the others do not specify, giving it a marginal advantage.

Camera & Software

An onboard camera shows a preview of the work area and engraving in progress. Software Controls the laser’s operation.

The OMTech Polar 350 50W has a built-in 5MP camera for work area monitoring. It includes the RDWorks software but is also LightBurn compatible for added functionality.

Glowforge printers integrate a live camera preview system showing engraving work in action. Cloud-based software gives control and design features.

xtool p2 stands out with dual 16MP cameras with close-up and panoramic views plus AI and 3D mapping functions. It comes bundled with XCS engraving software.

The xtool p2 camera resolution beats the 5MP OMTech Polar 350 50W and unspecified Glowforge cams. XCS software plus AI features also give it an edge as the most technologically advanced.

Connectivity & Control

Connection options like Wi-Fi, wired LAN, USB, and device compatibility enable remote control flexibility.

Is OMTech Polar 350 50W better than Glowforge and xTool p2?

The OMTech Polar 350 50W has Wi-Fi, USB, and Ethernet connections for communicating with RDWorks software on a connected Windows PC.

Glowforge utilizes cloud-based software enabling project management and control from a variety of devices with web access like PCs, Macs, tablets, and smartphones.

Similarly, xtool p2 gives connection options for USB, Ethernet, Wi-Fi, and their proprietary XCS app with support for Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android devices.

Both the xtool p2 and Glowforge stand out for robust system control from PCs to mobile devices thanks to cloud/app-based software integration that the OMTech Polar 350 50W lacks. The open device compatibility is convenient for managing projects remotely. However the Polar’s software may offer deeper laser control features.

Design & Safety

Sturdy mechanical design paired with appropriate safety features minimizes risk of fires or other hazards when operating powerful lasers. Sensors should power down the laser if errors or fires occur.

Is OMTech Polar 350 50W better than Glowforge and xTool p2?

The OMTech Polar 350 50W touts a sealed metal enclosure for durability along with various sensors that power down the laser if the system overheats or other faults are detected. Air assist blows away flammable gases and fumes. Additionally improving safety by preventing overheating is the Water Cooling System.

Glowforge printers also have onboard smoke/fume removal along with fire prevention that detects abnormal operation. The printer head retracts down and laser shuts off if a problem is sensed. The filtration system filters out microscopic particles for cleaner Indoor air quality during operation.

xtool p2 similarly comes equipped with a built-in filtration system to remove smoke, debris, and odors. It has a fire sensor system available to detect abnormal heating and automatically extinguish fires for safety. The machine lid also locks automatically during operation to block accidental laser exposure. Like the Polar, it includes air assist to suppress flammable fumes.

All three machines appear to incorporate good sets of safety mechanisms like fire prevention, filtration systems, and automatic power down technology to reduce risk. The Glowforge filtration may work a little better than the others for indoor use. But they are comparable overall on the safety front based on their listed features.

ModelSafety Features and Mechanisms
OMTech Polar 350 50WSealed metal enclosure, sensors for laser power down on overheating or faults, air assist for flammable fumes, water cooling system.
GlowforgeOnboard smoke/fume removal, fire prevention with laser shutdown and printer head retraction on abnormal operation, filtration system for indoor air quality.
xtool p2Built-in filtration system for smoke, debris, and odors, fire sensor system for automatic fire extinguishing, automatic lid locking during operation, air assist for flammable fumes.

Cost Comparison

Pricing often comes down to your budgetary constraints when investing in a laser cutting and engraving system for hobby or business applications. Machines range from just under $1000 for very basic models up to $100,000 for industrial machines. The table below Compares prices for the models discussed:

OMTech Polar 350 50W$2,999
Glowforge Plus$4,995
Glowforge Pro$6,995
xtool p2$4,499

To summarize, the OMTech Polar 350 50W is the most affordable option at $2,999. The xtool p2 comes in closely behind at $4,499. The Glowforge Plus costs slightly more at $4,995, while the top-of-the-line Glowforge Pro is the premium choice at a steep $6,995.

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So if your budget is under $3,000, the Polar 350 50W provides excellent value. But the xtool p2 adds smarter cameras and larger work area for just $500 more. The Glowforge models entail more cost but pitch powerful software and design capabilities into the mix as well. You get added features & functionality as you climb the pricing scale.

OMTech Polar 350 50W vs Glowforge vs xTool p2

specifications chart

SpecsOMTech Polar 350 50WGlowforgextool p2
Laser Power50W40-45W55W
Cutting Area20.1 x 11.8 in11.0 x 19.5 in (Glowforge Pro unlimited length)26.8 x 14.2 in
Engraving AreaNot specified20 in width26.8 x 14.2 in
Max Cut Thickness10mm12.7 mm (Glowforge Pro unlimited)25.4 mm
Max Engraving DepthNot specified50.8 mm72 mm (up to 8.4 in with riser)
Max Speed500 mm/s100-120 mm/s (estimated)600 mm/s
Camera Resolution5MPUnspecifiedDual 16MP
SoftwareRDWorks + LightBurn compatibleCloud-basedProprietary XCS
Wireless ConnectivityWi-FiYes, Wi-FiYes, Wi-Fi
Price$2,999$4,995+ (Glowforge Basic to Pro)$4,499


Evaluating critical specifications like laser power, work area, speed, materials handling, safety mechanisms & more shows that each laser machine has particular strengths and advantages.

For those on tight budgets, the OMTech Polar 350 50W packs professional performance and durability into a sub-$3,000 machine with its 50-watt power output and fastest top speed in this comparison at 500mm per second.

Is OMTech Polar 350 50W better than Glowforge and xTool p2?

Crafters who want more intelligent assistance via high-resolution cameras and AI may appreciate what the feature-packed xtool p2 brings to the table for $4,499. Large work pieces can also be accommodated with its oversized bed or add-on conveyor accessory.

Creators who want to print from anywhere through slick mobile and cloud software plus unlock specialty capabilities like infinitely long continuous printing via passthrough slot may find the Glowforge Pro worth its premium $6,995 price tag. But less ambitious hobbyists can still benefit from 40W-45W power and rapid speeds offered by the more affordable Glowforge and Glowforge Plus models priced from $4,995.

So while the OMTech Polar 350 50W laser cutter and engraver carries an advantage with its bargain pricing combined with 50 watts of power, the xtool p2 and Glowforge products both have unique technological perks that also make them compelling options for different needs. Any of these three desktop laser machines can capably handle an array of professional-grade cutting, engraving, and marking applications for home, educational, and small business settings.

The choice comes down to your particular project requirements, budget & desired feature set. But buyers can feel confident investing in these machines knowing they are backed by quality engineering and customer service. Whichever model fits your work ambitions and resources, upgrading from manual tools to an automated laser engraving machine opens new doors for unleashing creativity or boosting production efficiency when working with an array of materials.


Which laser engraver has the largest work area?

The xtool p2 has the biggest bed size at 26.8 x 14.2 inches.

Which one has the highest engraving depth capacity?

The xtool p2 reaches up to 8.4 inches of engraving depth with its included riser accessory.

Which laser cutter is the fastest?

The xtool p2 has the fastest maximum engraving speed specification at 600 mm/s.

Which one has the best camera setup?

The xtool p2 features high-resolution dual 16MP cameras for detailed work area previews.

Which is the most affordable option?

The OMTech Polar 350 50W is priced lowest at $2,999.

Do these laser engravers require special venting or airflow?

Yes, all three options need additional ventilation or airflow setups using included or recommended exhaust fans and ducting to remove fumes.

Can these machines engrave food items like chocolate?

The Glowforge and xtool p2 claim compatibility with engraving chocolate. The OMTech Polar 350 50W does not explicitly mention food engraving capability.

What materials can these lasers not cut or engrave?

They cannot mark or cut metal or stone, only engrave coatings on those materials. Transparent substances like glass generally do not work either.

What software is included or compatible with these laser engravers?

The OMTech Polar 350 50W uses RDWorks software and LightBurn. Glowforge has custom cloud-based software. xtool p2 includes XCS and also supports LightBurn.

Do these machines require special training or skills to operate safely?

Yes, proper training is highly recommended to understand laser hazards and machine operation. None should be used by untrained personnel.

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