How To Set Up Xtool D1 Pro 40w Laser Engraver 2023
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The Xtool D1 Pro 40W laser engraver is a versatile machine that can be used for cutting, engraving, and marking a variety of materials. This step-by-step guide will walk you through the entire setup process, including connecting to a PC and wifi.

Unboxing and Parts Overview

How To Set Up Xtool D1 Pro 40w Laser Engraver 2023

When you first unbox the laser engraver, you’ll find the following key components:

  • Base unit with 10W laser module
  • Set of frame pieces and rails
  • Power cords and cables
  • Air assist pump (for US models)
  • Tool kit with screws, wrenches, etc.

You’ll also receive manuals, a sample materials pack, protective glasses, and other accessories.

Assembling the Xtool D1 Pro 40W Frame

How To Set Up Xtool D1 Pro 40w Laser Engraver 2023

The first step is to assemble the frame and rails that the laser module will move on. Here are the key steps:

Attach Side Rail with V-Wheels

Using the provided screws, attach the rail with pre-installed v-wheels to the bottom of one of the long frame sides. Ensure the v-wheel side faces inward.

Add Top and Side Supports

How To Set Up Xtool D1 Pro 40w Laser Engraver 2023

Attach the smaller top bar to the opposite side from the v-wheels. Next, attach the side support bar with holes on one side. Leave the screws slightly loose for now.

Install Laser Mounting Plate

Attach the large mounting plate to the top of the frame using the longest screws. This is where the laser module will be installed.

Mounting the Laser Module

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With the frame assembled, it’s time to install the laser module. Be very careful when handling the module.

  • Connect power and air assist cables to the rear of the laser module.
  • Use the large wrench to securely bolt the laser module to the mounting arm.
  • Attach the air pump to the rear of the unit.
  • Connect the air tube from the pump outlet to the laser module.

Connecting to a PC

To control and send jobs to the laser engraver, you’ll need to connect it to a PC:

  • Use the included USB cable to connect the motherboard to your computer.
  • Install the Xtool D1 Pro 40W engraving software on your PC. This allows you to design projects and control the laser. How To Download Xtool D1 Pro Laser Engraver Software
  • In the software, select your engraver model and set the communication port.

Once connected, you’ll be able to send engraving and cutting jobs directly from your computer to the laser.

Connecting to WiFi

To connect your engraver to WiFi:

  • In the Xtool D1 Pro 40W engraving software, go to the “System Settings” section.
  • Select “WiFi Settings” and choose your wireless network.
  • Enter the password when prompted and click connect.

Connecting to WiFi allows you to access your laser engraver remotely from other devices. This gives you more flexibility when managing projects.

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Xtool D1 Pro 40W Completing Setup

To finish the initial setup:

  • Plug in all power and USB cables to the motherboard.
  • Power on the machine and home the laser to the front.
  • Test fire the laser on a sample material.
  • Attach the extension kit (if applicable).
  • Add the support feet to the bottom of the frame.

Refer to your manuals for full details. And with that, your Xtool D1 Pro 40W laser engraver is ready to start projects!

Tips for Getting Started

Here are some tips as you start using your new laser engraver:

  • Place the machine on a sturdy, level work surface. Avoid flammable areas.
  • Master the software and controls – practice with line drawings first.
  • Test at low power on scraps first to dial in settings.
  • Use proper ventilation – lasers produce fumes.
  • Wear the safety glasses to protect eyes from reflections.
  • Clean the lens regularly for best cut quality.
  • Ask questions in Xtool user forums if you need help!

With some practice running sample materials, you’ll be creating incredible laser cut and engraved projects in no time! Xtool D1 Pro 40W

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