You are currently viewing XTool P2 Cost: Is It Really Worthwhile Investment In 2023?

XTool P2 Cost: Is It Really Worthwhile Investment In 2023?

XTool P2 cost: The XTool P2 is a powerful and versatile desktop CO2 laser cutter and engraver with many advanced features. With a price tag of $4499, it is considered a high-end hobbyist or entry-level professional machine. In this article, we will analyze the XTool P2 cost’s and features to determine if it provides good value for the price.

XTool P2 Key Features

Some of the standout features of the XTool P2 include:

XTool P2 Cost: Is It Really Worthwhile Investment In 2023?
  • 55W CO2 laser tube – Can cut through 18mm wood and 20mm acrylic with ease. Significantly more powerful than entry-level diode lasers.
  • Dual 16MP smart cameras – Allow automated focus, 3D mapping for curved surfaces, and batch engraving. Major upgrade over single low-res cameras.
  • 26 x 14″ work area – 50% larger than competitor models. Allows bigger projects.
  • 600mm/s max engraving speed – Very fast. Good for productivity.
  • 8.4″ max material height – With optional riser base, can engrave thick objects.
  • Automatic conveyor feeder – For continuous operation on long materials up to 118″.
  • Enclosed design – Increased safety with enclosed laser compartment.
  • Compatible accessories – Rotary attachment, smoke purifier, fire safety set available.

This impressive suite of capabilities makes the P2 stand out from lower-cost hobby lasers. The automation features in particular help simplify operation and expand the possibilities for complex jobs. But how does the price measure up?

XTool P2 Cost Analysis

The XTool P2 cost currently retails for $4499. Here is an overview of what is included in the standard bundle:

XTool-P2 laser cutter/engraver55W CO2 laser, dual cameras, 26 x 14″ bed
Automatic conveyor feeder39″ long, for continuous operation
Riser baseRaises max material height to 8.4″

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Compared to other popular CO2 laser cutters in the $3000 – $6000 range, the XTool-P2 has a very competitive price:

ModelPowerBed SizePrice
XTool P255W26″x14″$4499
Glowforge Basic40W20″x12″$2995
Flux Beamo30W12″x8″$2199
OMTech 60W60W24″x18″$5999

Although the Glowforge Basic is cheaper, it has less power and a smaller work area. The OMTech 60W is more expensive for comparable capability. So the XTool provides strong value compared to other options.

Cost of Consumables

Aside from the upfront XTool P2 cost, operating expenses are also a consideration. Like all CO2 lasers, the P2 requires certain ongoing consumable costs:

  • CO2 Laser Tube – Rated for 2000 hours. Replacement tubes cost ~$200.
  • Air Assist Nozzle – Focusing air nozzle. ~$15 for 5-pack.
  • Exhaust Filters – Help filter smoke/debris. ~$20 per set.
  • Cooling Water – Distilled water to prevent damage. ~$5 per gallon.

Most hobby users can expect around $300 – $500 per year in operating consumable costs. The total cost of ownership averages to $200 – $300 per month over the laser’s usable lifespan. High-volume professional use will incur higher costs. XTool P2 cost

Additional Accessories

XTool offers various accessories that enhance the P2’s capabilities but add to the total XTool P2 cost:

XTool P2 Cost: Is It Really Worthwhile Investment In 2023?
  • Fume extractor – For indoor air cleaning. ~$350
  • Rotary add-on – For etching cylindrical items. ~$299
  • Rocker add-on – For angled etching. ~$199
  • Camera positioning add-on – For precision etching. ~$99
  • Additional conveyor – Extends auto-feed length. ~$350

While not mandatory, these accessories empower the XTool-P2 to take on advanced jobs like etching wine glasses or marking curved surfaces. Users can purchase add-ons selectively depending on their needs.

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Value Over Time

Like any major machinery purchase, the value of the P2 needs to be weighed against how much use it will realistically get. For professional production shops, the productivity gains quickly offset the upfront cost. But hobbyists may struggle to make back their investment if they only use it occasionally.

Some ways the XTool-P2 holds its value over time:

  • Supports side business – Can be used for small custom jobs/Etsy products. Pays back cost.
  • High-demand features – Smart cameras, large bed size keep it relevant.
  • Expandable functionality – Add-ons allow tackling advanced jobs.
  • Long laser tube life – 2000+ hour rating maintains utility.

While the CO2 laser and mechanics may eventually need repair/replacement, P2’s sturdy build quality and future-proof features should provide many years of reliable service. XTool P2 cost

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Is the XTool P2 Worth the Cost?

For hobbyists and small businesses needing an advanced desktop cutter/engraver, the XTool P2 provides excellent value at $4499. Here are some final pros and cons to consider:


  • Powerful 55W laser and large work area
  • Automated focus and capabilities
  • Sturdy metal chassis and linear rails
  • Good technical support from XTool
  • Very competitively priced vs performance


  • Requires learning curve to master software
  • Add-ons add to total cost for full functionality
  • Consumable costs if running high production
  • Overkill for very light/occasional use
XTool P2 Cost: Is It Really Worthwhile Investment In 2023?

In summary, the standout combination of power, performance, automation, and price make the XTool P2 a great value laser cutter for hobbyists or small businesses with the need for real capabilities. While not the cheapest option, it delivers excellent quality and features for the investment. XTool P2 cost


The XTool P2 desktop CO2 laser cutter and engraver carries a $4499 price tag but justifies it well with professional-level cutting power, innovative dual camera capabilities, and robust construction. Compared to competitors, it packs more performance per dollar. While ongoing consumable costs must be factored in, the P2’s automated production features can pay back the initial cost through custom projects. For users who need the power to cut thicker materials, precision etching ability, and large work area, the XTool P2 is an excellent cutter that provides strong value for money. XTool P2 cost


Is the XTool P2 worth it for a small business?

Yes, the productivity features like dual cameras, large bed size, and rotary add-on help small businesses scale up their capabilities. The fast engraving speed improves throughput. It can support small custom jobs, prototypes, and Etsy products cost-effectively.

How does XTool P2 compare to Omtech, Atomstack, and other brands?

The XTool P2 matches or exceeds equivalent 60-80W models from Omtech, Atomstack, and others in power and bed size, while costing $1000-$2000 less. It provides professional quality at a hobbyist price point. XTool P2 cost

Can the XTool P2 pay for itself?

For hobby businesses creating and selling custom engraved/etched products, the increased production abilities of the P2 compared to entry-level lasers allow it to pay for itself within a year or two. Its automated features make the operator more efficient.

What projects is the XTool P2 not suitable for?

The P2 is overkill for very occasional home crafts/DIY due to its higher cost. Very high-volume production shops may need a more heavy-duty industrial CO2 laser. But it hits the sweet spot for most small shops.

Does the XTool P2 hold resale value?

Yes, the P2 maintains good resale value due to its robust metal construction and upgraded features like dual cameras. Discontinued first-generation models still sell for 60-70% of original price. It holds value better than cheaper import lasers. XTool P2 cost

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