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Best 5 Laser 100w CO2 Engravers For Small Business in 2024

Investing in a CO2 laser engraver is an excellent way for small businesses, entrepreneurs, makers, and hobbyists to take their craft to the next level. A 100-watt CO2 laser has enough power to efficiently cut and engrave projects while still fitting within modest shop budgets.

But with so many options on the market, it can be tricky to determine which Laser 100w CO2 laser best suits your needs. This article compares five of the top contenders – the Boss Laser 100W, Nova 35 100w, Monport 100W, Laguna Tools 100W and xTool P2 55W – across critical factors like price, work area size, speed, software compatibility and more. Read on for an in-depth feature breakdown to find the perfect laser 100w CO2 engraver for your small business in 2024.

What To Consider When Buying a Laser 100w CO2 Engraver

Before diving into the specific models, here are some key considerations when investing in a laser 100w CO2 engraver:

  • Work Area/Bed Size: The larger the engraving surface, the bigger projects you can tackle. Bed sizes range from 14”x12” up to 4’x8’.
  • Laser Power: Measured in watts, this determines cutting depth/speed. 100 watts offers faster engraving than lower wattages.
  • Speed and Precision: Look for faster maximum engraving/cutting speeds for efficiency, paired with high DPI for detail work.
  • Software Compatibility: The laser 100w CO2 engraver should work with common vector and raster graphic software.
  • Materials: Make sure the laser is suitable for your chosen material like wood, acrylic, metal, leather, glass, etc.
  • Price: Laser prices run the gamut from under $500 to over $10k. Make sure your budget fits your business aims.
  • Support and Warranty: A responsive support team and at least a 1-year warranty provide peace of mind.

Keep these factors in mind as we pit five popular laser 100w CO2 engraver models head-to-head!

Boss Laser LS-3655 100W CO2 Laser Engraver

The Boss Laser LS-3655 industrial CO2 laser engraver packs a serious punch with 100 watts of power and the largest work area capacity on our list. It is a workhorse that can manage demanding jobs .

Boss Laser LS-3655 Key Specs:

Best 5 Laser 100w CO2 Engravers For Small Business in 2024
  • Laser Power: 100W
  • Work Area: 55” x 35”
  • Max Speed: Up to 2,300mm/s
  • Software: RDWorks, LightBurn (optional)
  • Price: $9,997

The LS-3655 CO2 laser engraver comes standard with Boss’s 100W X-Series laser tube, which provides both power for thicker material cutting and fine engraving resolution.

With the optional Mach 4 Servo motor drive system upgrade, it achieves blazing fast speeds up to 2,300mm/s – 6X faster than standard motors. This precision speed empowers you to produce projects much more efficiently without Sacrificing Quality.

It also has the largest work area capacity out of the machines reviewed here, with its over 4’ x 3’ worktable. This allows engraving of larger items like full sheets of plywood. For even more flexibility to pass large raw materials straight through the machine, the LS-3655 is designed with True Pass-Thru capability on 4 sides of the worktable. Laser 100w CO2

As the most expensive laser among these five options, the Boss Laser LS-3655 100W laser is best suited for small businesses planning to engraver and cut on a regular production schedule. Its workhorse design is built to handle frequent operation with speed, power and durability.

Nova 35 100W CO2 Laser Engraver

For small businesses seeking an affordable mix of work area capacity and 100-watt power, the Nova 35 100W CO2 laser engraver hits a sweet spot.

Nova 35 100W Key Specs:

Best 5 Laser 100w CO2 Engravers For Small Business in 2024
  • Laser Power: 80W or 100W
  • Work Area: 35” x 24”
  • Max Speed: Up to 1000mm/s
  • Software: LightBurn (included)
  • Price: $10,900

The Nova 35 lives up to its name with a generous 35” x 24” engraving surface powered by 100 watts of laser cutting energy. It comes equipped with fast hybrid servo motors that allow for max engraving/cutting speeds up to 1000mm/s. Laser 100w CO2

This combination of work space & speed makes the Nova 35 a highly versatile machine able to tackle anything from small custom jobs to larger production runs. It also has a very competitive price point compared to similar 100W laser engravers.

The Nova series machines are hailed for providing lots of ‘bells and whistles’ features for the money. This includes niceties like a dual-stage air assist system, auto-focus, red dot pointer, built-in crumb tray, adjustable home positioning, a CW5000 water chiller and more.

For small businesses that anticipate steadily engraving a variety of items, the Nova 35 100W laser represents one of the best values going for under $11k. From custom cutting small plank wood signs all the way up to laser engraving folding tables, the Nova 35 has the size and power to support diverse projects. Laser 100w CO2

Monport 100W CO2 Laser Engraver

Boasting the largest standard work area on our list at 40” x 24”, the Monport 100W CO2 laser engraver empowers bigger scalability for small businesses ready to think big.

Monport 100W Key Specs:

Best 5 Laser 100w CO2 Engravers For Small Business in 2024
  • Laser Power: 100W
  • Work Area: 40” x 24”
  • Max Engraving Speed: 800mm/s
  • Software: RDWorks, CorelDraw, more
  • Price: $5,099.99

In addition to its extra-large work bed capacity straight out of the box, the Monport 100W laser is packed with premium features that enhance functionality. Laser 100w CO2

This includes a built-in 3L water chiller for cooling, an enclosed aluminium rail system for smooth movement, auto-focus for one-button depth adjustments, a Ruida digital controller, red dot guidance capabilities and more. It also has a beefy 100W laser tube with 12,000 hour lifespan.

With support for all common laser cutting software plus a range of connectivity options like WiFi, Ethernet and USB, the Monport 100W CO2 laser integrates easily into any shop infrastructure.

For less than $5,500, small businesses receive an expansive, smart industrial grade laser cutter ready for limitless design possibilities right out of the box. Between its 100W power and generous work area, the Monport 100W helps turn creative visions into production-level realities. Laser 100w CO2

Laguna Tools 100W CO2 Laser Engraver

If cabinet footprint is a concern for your small business’ shop layout, the vertical space-saving design of the Laguna Tools SmartShop Laser MX packs 100 watts of power into a compact all-in-one frame with lift table.

Laguna Tools 100W Key Specs:

Best 5 Laser 100w CO2 Engravers For Small Business in 2024
  • Laser Power: 100W
  • Work Area: 36” x 24”
  • Lift Table: Up to 7” height
  • Software: N/A
  • Price: $10,995

Despite its smaller 55” x 53” footprint, the Laguna 100W CO2 laser engraver still provides a spacious 36” x 24” engraving bed. It achieves this condensed design thanks to a built-in lift table that adjusts up to 7” vertically to accommodate larger workpieces. Laser 100w CO2

Specced with a 100W Reci laser tube, precision linear guide rails, automatic focusing and more, this Laguna model balances power with thoughtful engineering. It also comes standard with both honeycomb & knife cutting table options for handling different materials.

For small business owners dealing with tight shop layouts or temporary workspaces, the efficient utilization of vertical space makes the Laguna Tools SmartShop 100W Laser a great choice. Just be aware that the integrated lift table means you lose a little bed access compared to flat engravers, so very large sheets may present challenges. Laser 100w CO2

xTool P2 55W CO2 Laser Engraver

Last but not least, the xTool P2 enters the conversation boasting unique smart features to enhance precision, convenience and safety. While technically only a 55W laser, its cutting power still compares favorably to 80W-100W engravers.

xTool P2 Key Specs:

  • Laser Power: 55W
  • Work Area: 27” x 14”
  • Max Speed: 600mm/s
  • Software: XCS (standalone)
  • Price: $4,499

What sets the xTool P2 55W laser apart is its dual 16MP smart cameras for automatic 3D mapping and engraving of curved surfaces. Using an advanced algorithm, it can sync images directly with the laser head to achieve distortion-free engravings on cylindrical items like glasses, mugs and wine bottles.

This innovative camera system also enables helpful machine vision features like automatic image tracing functions, live material previews, print & cut support and more. Laser 100w CO2

Additional capabilities like auto-focus, WiFi/Ethernet connectivity, enclosed design with integrated exhaust fan, and bundled exhaust ducting demonstrate xTool’s attention to both functionality and safety. Laser 100w CO2

And while its 55W laser tube technically limits cutting thickness compared to 100W machines, the xTool P2 remarkably cuts 18mm black walnut thanks to quality beam focus. Small businesses will be thrilled with its unique automated features and diverse support for curved surface applications right out of the box. Laser 100w CO2

Laser 100W CO2 Engraver Comparison Chart

MachineBoss Laser LS-3655Nova 35Monport 100WLaguna ToolsxTool P2
Laser Power100W 100W100W100W55W
Work Area55” x 35”35” x 24”40” x 24”36” x 24”27” x 14”
Max Speed2,300 mm/s1,000 mm/s800 mm/sN/A600 mm/s
SoftwareRDWorks, LightBurnLightBurnRDWorks, CorelDrawN/AXCS
Curved EngravingNoNoNoNoYes

Finding the Right Laser 100w CO2 Engraver – Conclusion

As this breakdown illustrates, laser engraver needs and capabilities can vary tremendously between small businesses. Factors like job volume, material dimensions, production goals, software familiarity and budget all impact the ideal 100w CO2 laser investment.

For shops that run frequent large jobs on thick materials, the raw power and mammoth work area of the Boss Laser LS-3655 justifies its commanding price tag. Custom woodworkers and sign makers focused more on fit and finish will appreciate the software-inclusive Nova 35 100W package with competitive specs. Laser 100w CO2

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Ecommerce companies or creators regularly personalizing cylindrical objects should strongly consider the xTool P2 55W and its game-changing curved surface engraving skills.

No matter your specific requirements, keep your small business goals and growth plans in mind when evaluating laser 100w CO2 engravers. An informed purchase will pay dividends for years while a laser gathering dust in the corner benefits no one. Identify how a 100W laser can uniquely support your offerings and choose the model aligning closest with that vision. Laser 100w CO2


What thickness can a 100W laser cut?

A 100W CO2 laser engraver can typically cut 0.5 inch wood, 1/4 inch acrylic, 1/8 inch steel, and thinner materials of other compositions. Exact cutting capacity varies based on factors like laser power density and focus.

What materials can you laser engrave with a 100W laser?

100W CO2 lasers are versatile for engraving wood, acrylic, glass, leather, rubber, cardboard, paper, some metals like anodized aluminum and coated steel, plastics like ABS and polycarbonate, fabrics, MDF board, veneers, and more.

What software is best to create files for a CO2 laser engraver?

Popular vector design programs like Adobe Illustrator, Inkscape and CorelDRAW work very well to create images and templates for 100W CO2 laser engravers. Many also provide plugins to directly integrate with laser cutting software like LightBurn.

Is a 100W laser engraver safe for home or office use?

With proper precautions like air assist, ventilation, enclosed design, fire preventative features and safety controls, 100W CO2 lasers can be safe for businesses, schools, makerspaces and some home shops. Always exercise caution.

How can you estimize the running cost of a 100W laser engraver?

Typical operating costs for a 100W CO2 laser include electricity, replacement laser tubes every 2-4 years, compressed air or chilling systems, exhaust filters and ventilation upgrades, beam combiner lens and mirror replacements, maintenance, and material costs.

Can a 100w CO2 laser cut metal?

No, a standard 100W CO2 laser engraver cannot cut metal. But it can engrave paint, coatings and anodization from metals including aluminum, brass, and some steels when properly processed to accept laser marking.

What can a 100w CO2 laser cut?

A 100W CO2 laser can cut through softer materials like acrylic up to 1/4 inch, wood up to 0.5 inch, cardboard, leather, paper, textiles, thin plastics like ABS, soft foams and rubbers, and more depending on composition.

How to make a 100w CO2 laser?

Making a DIY 100W CO2 laser requires complex electrical, optical and mechanical engineering knowledge and skills. Purchasing a complete commercial 100W laser system is recommended for most users’ capabilities over constructing one.

Will a 100w CO2 laser cut silver?

No, silver and other precious metals have a high reflectivity and thermal conductivity that causes most laser energy to bounce off rather than heat up the surface during cutting. A 100W CO2 laser cannot cut silver though it may be able to anneal it.

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